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September 01, 2023

Choosing the Best Study Tables With Built-in Storage Space


A good quality  study table  with plenty of room for books and stationery is a long-term partner for most students throughout their years in school and college. When you look back, the humble  study table  becomes an anchor for nostalgia if it’s still around. A well-built  study table  that is comfortable can make all the difference in how long you stay focused on studying.  Study table for students  these days has a better build and more storage space while aesthetically appealing. 


Before you  buy study table,  it is always a good idea to have a list of all the features you desire in a table and weigh it against the  study table price.  This way, you can ensure you’re getting the best features for what you pay for. This article discusses what you need to look for and the five best  study table  designs with an exciting  study table price  range for students and professionals. 


Stylish Study Table with Built-in Storage Designs


Nilkamal Genius Study Table (New Wenge/ High Pine)

At the top of our pick is this  foldable study table,  which is highly compact while still packing much room for books. The shelf is made of a 15 mm thick, durable particle board with three compartments and an open shelf on top. The compartments are ideal for storing books, documents and files. The worktop is foldable to save space when the  study table  is unused. Three additional compartments have enough room to hold stationary, a pencil stand and even a desk lamp. The bottom of the table has ample legroom for comfortable sitting and long study hours, making it a perfect  study table for students


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Nilkamal Stark Study Table (New Wenge)

The stark  study table  is a highly compact and minimalistic design that is suited for all  living rooms.  This  Nilkamal study table  is made of durable MDF wood coated with melamine to ensure water resistance and antifungal properties. It features four open shelves and one shutter compartment to store essential documents or files. Not having too many roomy compartments means you’re less likely to make clutter that can become distracting. The simple and elegant design with a wenge shade adds an excellent charm to the room. However, when you have more books than your study table can handle, it’s time to expand your storage space by getting a suitable  book shelf.


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Nilkamal Daffny Study Table (New Wenge)

If you’re looking to  buy study table online  that features plenty of compartments and shelves, then the Daffny is a great fit. The attractive design of this  study table  features three compartments and an open shelf on the top. It has a spacious worktop can accommodate a book and even a study lamp. Underneath, there’s a closed shelf space for books and two drawers for safe keeping of files. This  Nilkamal study table  also has a segregated top shelf with space for stationary and decorative items. The shelves are also designed for easy storage and accessibility of items. Being fully open at the bottom, this  study table for students  has ample legroom and can accommodate any  chair


Nilkamal Julian Study Table (New Wenge)

For people looking for a  study table online  that blends features and looks, the Juilan  study table  is a beautiful option. The table is a classy mix of modern wenge finish and classic aesthetics with curved edges, making it a very appealing piece in children’s rooms and  home offices.  The table is made of 15mm thick particle board laminated with PU, which gives it a smooth finish and some waterproofing in case of accidental spills. While the size is not as compact as the other models featured in the list, it has plenty of room for books and stationery. You can simultaneously have your laptop, documents and even a desk lamp on top of this  Nilkamal study table.  The Julien also gives you ample leg space for comfort. 


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Nilkamal Genius Study Table (new Wenge/High Pine)

The Genius is another  foldable study table  design with a worktop that folds to save space when the table is unused. It features three compartments with doors and one open shelf on the top. This  Nilkamal study table  has enough room to hold all your books, stationery, files and more. The  study table  is a 15mm thick particle board with a smooth and aesthetically pleasing wenge finish. Of all the designs covered in this post, this table has the most in-built storage space, making it suitable for people who like to consolidate all their study material in one place. It can also double as an office desk with plenty of legroom for long hours of study/work. 


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Considering the various options available and the varying  study table price,  above is the list of five study tables with storage options that match the reqiuirement any student. While most of the models go well in all homes, the space-saving designs in the  foldable study table  models are well suited for compact children’s rooms. For people living in dense cities, the  foldable study table  also offers a way to protect the stored items from dust. The open design combines modern aesthetics and complements the room’s décor. 

If you are looking for more designs of  study table online,  browse  Nilkamal Furniture.

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