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January 13, 2022

Dressing table ideas to make you look your best!

Call it a luxury or call it a functional essential, a dressing table with a mirror is a must-have in every home. A combination of a mirror, a table, drawers, and a chair, the dressing table makes it easy to get ready and stay organized. Let’s look at a few ideas you could consider for your vanity table.


Pick the right size

You can find dressing tables of different sizes and styles. From compact dressers featuring a mirror and a console table to decorative dressers that feature elaborate storage drawers and more, the range is wide.

To pick the right size of a bedroom dressing table, you have to first decide where you intend to place it in the room. If you have a space-crunched room, look for a dresser with a wall-mounted mirror and a compact table and chair. If you have the luxury of space, go for a large dressing table with a mirror.


Here’s a dressing table with a full length mirror and spacious drawers and open cabinets that can be kept in any corner of any room.


Does it have enough storage space?

Let’s face it, many times, it’s extremely difficult to find everything that we need in our dressing table. Keeping your dresser organized is a task. But there’s one thing that can help you keep it organized - a good vanity table for makeup.

When you look for a vanity table, make sure you consider the number of drawers and the kind of storage space it offers. Look for dressers that have both closed and open storage facility.


Get the lighting right

Whether you have a wall mounted dressing table or an elaborate vanity table, you have to get one thing correct - the lighting. This can make or break your dressing-up experience. Make sure you have a mix of both warm yellow and bright white light depending on the kind of light you need to put on your makeup and get ready.


A dressing table chair is a must

Another essential element in your dressing area set up is the chair. You could either look for a chair that specifically goes with your dressing table look and feel, or mix and match a chair from your home. An ottoman or a pouf is a good option, too - it’s compact and can snugly fit in any corner.


Here’s a dresser set with a small stool to sit on. Made of MDF, the dressing table and comes with a small stool with fabric upholstery.


Dress up the dresser with accessories

Your dressing table can be accessorized, too. A flower vase, a lampshade, a couple of photo frames, how you’d like to spruce up your vanity table is up to your taste. If you like greenery, place a plant with huge leaves next to your dresser and it’s enough to freshen up the entire room. Go creative with lights or place some figurines and decor pieces around it.


Wrap up

Now you see, it’s pretty easy to set up a beautiful dressing table in your bedroom. All you need is the right kind of dressing table with a mirror, a chair and enough storage space. If you’re looking to buy a dresser, head to Nilkamal online furniture store to explore a range of stylish options.

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