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January 16, 2022

What’s a comfortable office chair all about and how do you select one?

Today, most people who have office jobs are stuck to their office chairs for an average of 10 hours a day. That makes it extremely important to have a good ergonomic office chair. A bad chair could lead to serious health issues.

In this blog, we’ll look at the characteristics of good office chairs and how you should select one for yourself.

What are the features of a supportive office chair?

  • Adjustable chair - height, backrest, armrests
  • Lumbar support for healthy posture
  • Comfortable seat depth and width
  • Comfortable and soft cushioning
  • Wide enough armrests
  • Easy to operate adjustment mechanism
  • Wheels and swivel

Multipurpose office chairs

As the name suggests, multipurpose office chairs are those that can be used for different purposes in the office. These chairs can be used for:

  • Working at the desk
  • Office visitors
  • At the office coffee table
  • For any other purpose in office


Here’s a stylish office chair that can serve multiple purposes. Made of steel, plastic and synthetic upholstery, it can be used at the desk to work or taken to the coffee table to accommodate clients.

Ergonomic office chairs

These chairs are designed to provide support to our natural posture. Ergonomicchairs help reduce the strain on our lower back when sitting for a long duration. These are adjustable chairs with features that help change the height as per individual comfort levels.


If your preference is an ergonomic chair, check out this high back chair. Featuring a mesh back with fabric upholstery, PU foam seat, adjustable headrest, arm rest and lumbar support. This chair ticks off all the key features that an ergonomic chair must have.

Work from home chairs

Most people continue to work from home - whether due to the pandemic or extra work that they bring home for the weekend. There are many options for work from home furniture available online - chairs, office desk, computer tables, etc. For work from home, you can either select an ergonomic office chair or a multipurpose chair that you can use for different purposes in your home.


Here’s a simple, minimal work from home chair. It’s basic design and sturdy structure make it useful to work on the dining table or on the work desk. Its light weight makes it easy to move it to any room in the house when needed.

Office chair materials to choose

Look for an office chair online and you’ll see many different options - chairs made of steel, plastic, and other materials. When it comes to the upholstery, the choices range from leather, leatherette, cotton, with foam upholstery. Many people prefer to use plastic chairs in the office as they are easy to maintain and multipurpose.

Back support of office chairs

Office chairs come in different shapes and sizes. They have varying back supports and you’ll find all these office chairs online.

  • High back support: suitable for tall people and those who prefer high back. It supports the complete back - from lower back to shoulders to head.
  • Medium back support: suitable for people with medium height. This height supports your shoulders and back. It may not support your head.
  • Low back support: suitable for short people or those who prefer low back support chairs. The backrest of this type of chair is quite low.

Office chair colors

Most office chairs are monochromatic in neutral colors such as black, brown or white. However, for those who like some color in their workspaces, you can also find office chairs in vibrant colors such as red, blue, and yellow.


If you’re looking to buy office chairs online, you’re in luck with the wide variety you will find on Nilkamal online furniture store. Not just chairs, you will find the best office desk and office furniture range, too.

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