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April 13, 2023

Easy Guide To Choose The Perfect Size Of Entertainment Unit

Once a luxury item, television has now become a necessary and common product. With the advent of technology in recent decades, the bulky tv has become thinner, bigger and smarter. Now, you don’t just watch the news, sports channels or some movies on your television. From your family’s elders to your young kids, all spend considerable time to see their favourite things on TV. At the end of the day, you also relax on your sofa, flicking through channels to watch some enjoyable. And you buy a top-notch television, to get an ultimate viewing experience. 


But, it is just not your expensive tv necessary for a good viewing experience. You need a suitable  tv unit  to display your tv to enhance your viewing experience. With the appropriate  living room tv stand,  you can place your tv at the right height, distance and safety to view your favourite movie or sports match comfortably. So, you rush to buy a  tv cabinet online.  But with so many options and sizes, you get confused about which tv unit to buy. After all, they all look great. But a good  entertainment unit  design doesn’t imply it will suit your living room. It has to suit your requirements, needs and your living space aesthetics. As all your guests will see, your  living room tv stand  will also be your lifestyle statement. A  tv cabinet furniture  is not just for placing your tv; it houses your other entertainment accessories and is a display unit to enhance your décor. Therefore, buying the perfect  tv cabinet online  is essential. So, how to  buy tv unit  that is suitable for your home? Scroll ahead to know!


Factors To Consider While Buying Entertainment Units

Purchasing a perfect  entertainment unit  and the right size for your living room is challenging, especially with so many designs available. You  tv cabinet furniture  needs to look good and be cohesive with your existing living room furniture and décor. It must also fit in the room and have space for all your entertainment gadgets. Here are the factors to remember before you buy your  tv entertainment unit  to ensure it is of perfect size and design:


Size Of Your Television

The size of your Tv is the most crucial aspect of choosing the right size tv cabinet. It will decide how big your tv unit will be as the tv will be placed in it. If the size is bigger or smaller, then either your tv can easily knock off the cabinet or will not fit into it. The right size will ensure your tv is housed securely, doesn’t wobble off or fall by itself, and is fully supported. So, measure your tv first, then check the measurement of the tv cabinet before finalising the design. 


Space Measurement

Next, decide and measure the space you want to place your tv cabinet. This will help you analyse the maximum size of the entertainment unit you can place in your  living room.  The size measurement will ensure your tv cabinet fits perfectly in your living room and doesn’t overwhelm it. A smaller tv unit may look insignificant in a large living room or with large-size furniture. A large tv cabinet may not fit into the space. So, first, take a measuring tape and measure the area. You need to measure the length, breadth and height as it will all be necessary for the size of the tv unit you plan to purchase. A too-tall tv cabinet will dominate your living space, and a tv cabinet of too-short height will hamper your viewing experience. The 70-75% height of your ceiling from the ground should be ideal for your tv cabinet. 


Viewing Height

To avoid neck strains as your tv is placed too high or low on the tv cabinet, you need to measure the viewing height. The correct viewing height will ensure you don’t get strains while watching tv. Therefore, measure the height of the couch or  sofa  you will use to watch tv. Your tv should be placed slightly lower than your couch or  chair  for a perfect viewing experience. 


Storage Requirement

The right size of your tv entertainment cabinet will also depend on the things apart from the tv you need to store in it. Your tv cabinet is not just for your tv; you can keep other entertainment products, such as speakers, sound systems, gaming consoles, DVD players, etc., on it. Your tv cabinet is also your display unit. So you may want to keep decorative, family pictures, books or travel trinkets on it. Therefore, before choosing the size or type of tv cabinet, decide what you want to keep on it. Then, select the unit with shelves, compartments and cabinets to store all of it. 


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Style Of Your Living Room

The selection of your tv cabinet also depends on the style of décor and other furniture pieces in your living room. It should be cohesive and complement the aesthetics. Depending on the layout, size of the room and other furniture, you should choose the size of your tv cabinet, so that it doesn’t look odd. If your living space is ample and all your furniture pieces are large, then a small tv cabinet will look out of place and vice-versa. Similarly, if your décor is modern, then a traditional-looking tv unit will not be suitable. You need to go for a sleek and contemporary design. 


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Choosing the right size for your  tv entertainment unit  depends on many factors, such as décor, tv size, space measurements, storage needs, etc. You can choose the right size and style of tv cabinet following our easy guide. Visit  Nilkamal Furniture  to purchase stylish entertainment units for your home. The store has entertainment units in various styles, sizes and budgets to suit your needs.

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