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April 14, 2023

This Akshaya Tritiya Metamorphose Your Living Room Into A Cosy Haven With A Recliner Set



Akshaya Tritiya is a prominent festival in India. Every year millions of Hindus celebrate this auspicious day with enthusiasm and faith. There are pujas done at home and in temples and food distribution to needy people. This day is believed to bring prosperity, wealth, health and joy into one’s life. One of the popular traditions of Akshaya Tritiya is purchasing gold or necessary household purchase. People believe bringing something new to their homes on this day brings good luck to their lives. Therefore, to make this Akshaya Tritiya auspicious, why not transform your living room with a  recliner set?  A stylish  recliner  will not only enhance the aesthetics of your living room but also make it cosier and more comfortable for you to relax and unwind. 

Recliners are the most comfortable chairs. They are designed to provide optimum seating comfort and relaxation. The padded armchair or sofa  recliner set  has a built-in mechanism that lets one recline or adjust the  recliner  as per one’s comfort level. One can adjust the backrest to lie down or sit in a reclining position. Then the footrest can be extended to stretch the feet. All these help the person sitting on sprawling comfortably on the recliner to watch TV, read, or relax. 


Advantages Of Recliners

Before you  buy recliner sofa online,  let’s understand why it’s advantageous to  buy recliner  for your home this Akshaya Tritiya. Some of the top benefits of recliners are:



When it comes to ultimate seating comfort, everyone thinks of recliners. And they rightly do so. Recliners are designed uniquely, letting you sit or lie in whatever position you find most relaxing. Recliners are perfect for winding down at the end of the day, watching tv, reading, or just chilling out with family. Whether sitting upright, lying prostrate, half sitting, half reclining, or any other position you want, your recliner will accommodate your choice and preference. 


Posture Improvement

Recliners only offer comfort but also full body support. With an adjustable backrest, fully cushioned body and extendable footrest, it has it all. So, in whatever position you sit on the recliners, your body is fully supported, ensuring a good posture. With optimal lumbar support, you not only sit comfortably but also sit right. 


Health Benefits

When you recline on your recliner, the pressure on your spine, back, neck and joints is reduced. It is also due to the plush padding of the recliners. Reduced pressure on your spine and other joints makes you feel relieved and tension-free and may improve blood circulation. All of these improve your posture, reduce your back stiffness/pains, may alleviate arthritis or other joint issues and improves your sleep quality. So, recliners are comfortable to sit on and beneficial for your health too. 


Bonding Place

When you are with your family or friends, you need a cosy and comfortable sitting place to spend quality time together. Sitting on stiff or rigid chairs can make one uncomfortable after a long sitting duration. But with recliner sofas orchairs, you all sit in ultimate comfort and cosiness for hours without discomfort. Recliners enhance your time with your family and friends. So, you can sit and relax, watch movies or games, do whatever and improve your bonding. 


Variety Of Designs

Recliners are available in various designs, styles, sizes, materials, colours, and seating capacities. So, you can choose the recliner set for your home as per your décor, choice and needs. Recliners are also available in mechanic and manual operating systems. You can select the size of the recliners based on your need and available space. When you already have a sofa in your  living room,  you can opt for a 1 seater or  2 seater recliner.  When wanting a new sofa, go for a  3 seater recliner and pair it with  single seater recliners  to make a complete set. Single-seater recliners are also good as accent chairs for your living room, and they enhance your living space appeal and provide you with a cosy seating option. 


Suitable For Everyone

One of the best features of recliners is they are suitable for all ages. So, you don’t need to wonder if they will be comfortable and safe for children and elders in the family. Your kids will have an enjoyable time watching their favourite cartoon sitting on the recliners. And your parents or grandparents sit comfortably on them reading their books or relaxing. They sit in utmost comfort with the option of reclining back and extending the footrest. 


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Long-term Usage

Recliners offered by Nilkamal Furniture are made from quality materials with a sturdy structure and metal fittings. This is to ensure they can be used for several years. Also, the material of upholstery and cushioning are easy to maintain with minimal cleaning. So, Nilkamal recliners are long-lasting and durable.  



Recliners can be used for many purposes. They fulfil all your needs, from cosy and comfortable armchairs to a day  bed  and from  sofas  to reading chairs. The soft cushioning and reclining features make them a perfect day bed to take a short nap. You can recline and enjoy reading your favourite novel. Kids can sit to watch tv, and elders can sit with sturdy body support. All these make recliners a must-have for your home. 


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Recliner set transforms your living space into a cosy haven where you relax and bond with your family. Therefore, this Akshaya Tritiya is the best investment for your home; a recliner will enhance your home décor and provide comfort and relaxation for your whole family.  Nilkamal Furniture  offers a wide range of designs and styles of recliners to suit your home décor. You can  buy recliners online  from Nilkamal Furniture to get stylish and high-quality recliners for your home. Nilkamal has various recliners, including a 1-seater recliner,  2 seater recliner,  3 seater recliner  and recliner sofa set. You will easily find the perfect recliner for your home here. So, whenever you want to  buy recliner sofa online,  Nilkamal is the best place.

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