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October 27, 2022

Easy Guide to Choosing the Best Plastic Chairs for Your Home

Plastic chairs have been popular as lawn or outside furniture. For most people, once even the thought to  buy plastic chairs  for home was a big no. However, with their contemporary designs,  chairs  made of plastic are now popular ashome chairs too. With the advancement in designing and manufacturing,chairs made of plastic are now popularly used as  living room chairs.  They are lightweight, durable, low-maintenance, stylish, and come in numerous colours and designs. When you  buy plastic chairs,  you are sure that no trees were cut to make your furniture. And the best part, once discarded, they can be recycled, so they contribute very little to the carbon footprint. Therefore, it's no wonder you also want to liven your home with  plastic chairs.  So, let's go through the different types of plastic chairs and the guide to buying the best for your home.

Types of Plastic Chairs


Thermoplastic, when exposed to heat, can be softened to mould it into different shapes. The shape hardens once the plastic cools off. This type of plastic can also be reheated and reshaped many types without any harm to its chemical composition. Therefore, they are excellent for making  chairs  that can be recycled, reshaped and upcycled. These are the few types of thermoplastics:

  • Nylon- This is the most popular type of thermoplastic as it is highly solid and malleable. The chairs made of nylon are comfortable to sit and resistant to weather changes. 
  • Acrylic- Acrylic chairs are also popular as they are non-toxic, easy clean and UV resistant. 
  • PVC- PVC is a rigid, stiff and lightweight plastic. It is less moldable than other plastics. It is a popular choice for manufacturing as it is durable and economical. 
  • Polypropylene- It is the trendiest type of thermoplastic, as  plastic chairs made of it are unbreakable and lightweight. It has a natural feel and finish and is resistant to damage and weather degradation. 
  • Polythene- Polythene chairs have a waxy texture and are impact-resistant, dent-resistant, robust and rust-proof. 

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Thermosetting Plastics

Thermosetting plastics heat the chemicals to high temperatures and then cool them. However, they can't be reshaped once the thermosetting plastics are moulded or set in shape. So, they may not be recyclable. These are the few types of thermosetting plastics:

  • Bakelite- It is a sturdy and robust material used to make strong furniture pieces. 
  • Epoxy Resin- It is in the form of a paste before solidifying into a shape. It is mostly used as coating material, metal coatings, LEDs, electrical components, adhesives, etc. and not for furniture-making purposes. 
  • Melamine- Melamine is a thick, durable and intense thermosetting plastic. It can be moulded into various shapes but cannot be reshaped. Though chairs can be made of it but are more popular in making dinnerware, dry erase boards and laminate floorings. 

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Popular styles of Plastic Chairs

  • Panton Chairs- These are the trendiest style of chairs, perfect for a glam look to your home. They are in an s-shape back structure ideal for absolute comfort. 
  • Ghost Chairs- These are transparent chairs made in stylish designs. The modern look makes them ideal as  lounge chair.  A classy transparentlounge chair or two will enhance the look of your lounge by a manifold. 
  • Plasteel Chairs-These types of chairs are a unique combination of plastic with steel. Most designs of these chairs have steel legs with plastic bodies. This ensures the chairs have the sturdiness and strength of steel and the comfort and durability of plastic. Arm plastic chair  with steel legs is a rage these days as both indoor and  outdoor chairs
  • Baby Chairs- Specially designed keeping the little kids in mind, these chairs are colourful, sturdy and extremely comfortable. Though sometimes, they look like miniature versions of regular plastic  armchairdesigns. Their multipurpose usage for sitting, playing, studying, etc., makes them an excellent choice for your kids. 
  • Geometric Design chairs- These are fancy design chairs made of plastic with a backrest or seat or both with interlaced geometric patterns. 
  • Perforated chairs- These styles of chairs usually have a perforated back. However, some designs can have perforated seats as well. These are designed keeping in mind the high temperatures of tropical countries as they promote air circulation.
  • Plastic sofa chairs- For the glam of a sofa with the durability, portability, design and comfort of a plastic chair, you can go for a plastic  sofa chair. They blend in perfectly with all kinds of home decor and add a pop of style to your home. 

Guide to follow while buying plastic chairs for your home

Identify the purpose

You should know the purpose of the chairs. Whether they will beutility chairs or accent pieces in yourliving room? Depending on their purpose, you can select the designs and styles. 

Decide the Styles and quantity

Once you have finalised the purpose of your plastic chairs, you need to complete the style and number of chairs required for each style. Different styles of chairs are suitable for different rooms. Similarly, too many or few chairs will either crowd or leave you with fewer seating places. 

Chose the design and colour scheme

While purchasing plastic chairs for your home, remember to pay attention to the aesthetics. The chairs should complement your home décor. So, their size, design and colour should be in sync with your home décor or the room they are chosen for. 

Complete the look

Add other complimenting furniture to your chairs for a cohesive look for your home. For your living room, you can add a stylishcentre table or aside table for your lounge. 


Now that you have an idea on the type, style, colour and number of plastic chairs you will need for your home. All remaining is the actual purchase. To purchase the best plastic chairs and furniture for your home, you can check outNilkamal Furniture.
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