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October 28, 2022

Which is Better for You: Wood VS Glass Dining Table

The dining room, like the living room, is a wonderful space for your complete family to meet. You can host your guests, have family gatherings, and serve meals at the table. As a result, the dining room layout needs to be carefully designed and arranged. Although one can omit some pieces, the dining area is incomplete without a  dining table.  The  dining table  is the main feature of your dining room and is frequently the central focus of the space. This is why you must select the table after careful consideration. Find which is better,  wood vs glass dining table.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wood Table

Pros of a wood table

Beauty: Wood is visually appealing, and with  modern dining chairs,  it looks even more elegant. The wood gradient of the  table  adds character and makes each one distinct. While wood has a more conventional appearance, it can still be moulded into a modern and trendy table design, so if you're searching for something a little more modern, don't dismiss it before exploring your possibilities.

Long-lasting: A solid wood table's design and craftsmanship allow it to last for generations. A  wooden dining table  can be a memento to future generations.

Ability to refurbish:  The wood tables are long-lasting; hence you can expect to have one for many years. If your wood table has become obsolete or no longer matches your style, you can polish and restore it to give it an entirely new look. The flexibility to refurbish your wood table also makes it sustainable and environmentally friendly, thus making you use it longer than another form of table, which will need to be replaced.

Cons of a wood table

Damaged easily: Wood can be tough to maintain. A table cover is essential if your wood dining table isn't polished or has a rough structure, as it is more vulnerable to stains.

Heavier: High-quality wood dining tables are often heavier than most other types of  dining tables.  This can be a problem if you intend to shift your dining table to seat more visitors.

Overpowering: Wooden dining tables can be overwhelming, especially in a tiny  dining room. They are huge and dark in colour, commanding attention. Ensure that a wood table suits the room's size and does not make it feel cramped or overcrowded.

Regular Cleaning: The wood dining table will need to be cleaned on a routine basis, not just after each meal. If a wood dining table isn't routinely maintained, it will lose its lustre, so intend on cleaning or treating it at least once a week to maintain its good shape.

The wooden dining table collection at Nilkamal is unique for its magnificent, understated elegance. The hardwood table's design comes along with  modern dining chairs  and a traditional feel. These can accommodate many guests or a large family. Designs also include a bold design base made of exquisite brass pieces but complement the table and the rest of your dining area decor well. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Glass Table

Pros of a glass table

Elegant design: A glass tabletop will provide you with the style, refinement, and elegance you seek. Glass often gives a formal sense and adds style to your dining room.

Easy to maintain: A  glass dining table  is simple to clean. As the top is smooth and non-porous, a spill will not stain the table; use a mild cleanser and a towel to remove it. It will also not require regular polishing, only routine cleaning after meals.

Keeps the room spacious: The transparency of a  glass dining table  keeps light and energy flowing freely in and out of the room. The glass top will make the space light, airy, and spacious. 

Cons of a glass table

Regular cleaning is required: If you use your dining table often or if it is in a frequently used section of your home, there will be smears and smudges everywhere. It is critical to recognise that a glass table will require regular cleaning. With all the beauty a glass table may give, it can quickly become an embarrassment if not kept clean. 

Fragile and potentially hazardous: A glass dining table might be a disaster if you have kids or energetic pets. At the very least, they risk damaging the table, and at the absolute worst, they risk injuring themselves by falling on it. Furthermore, glass cracks. 

Cost: A higher-end glass dining table is more expensive. If you're considering purchasing a glass top, keep in mind that relatively low-priced models may be comprised of inferior, non-tempered glass.

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How to Choose BetweenWood VS Glass Dining Table?

Family: You are the best judge of your household's culture. Is it a little crazy and chaotic? Is it possible for a glass tabletop to survive? Are sharp corners dangerous? No matter how lovely a table is, the people who eat at it are essential in assessing whether it is a suitable fit for your home.

Design:The design of your home. Your dining table should not be a distraction if your home is packed with a bright, contemporary design. A wood table will be better if your home has a lot of wood furniture.

Price:While you can get a fantastic dining table in your price range made of glass or wood, you want to ensure that it is of excellent quality. If your wallet only permits the cheapest possible glass table but would allow for a higher quality wooden table, the wooden table may be the better choice.

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Glass and wood dining tables are elegant, practical, and visually appealing. With some help from your family and surroundings, you can decide which is ideal for you.Nilkamal  Furniture is here to help you locate the perfect pieces for the rooms in your house. We hope this post has helped you understand the best dining room table for your home, and we wish you the best of luck in your quest!
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