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January 07, 2023

Expert Guide to Buy the Best Gaming Chair in 2023

Whether you are a pro gamer or a person who spends long hours at his desk, the gaming chair is here to provide support and enhance your comfort. A gaming chair will level up your gaming sessions and allow you to play for long hours without worrying about your posture and back pain. It is not only about looks, but a gaming chair is more than aesthetics, and the  best gaming chair is a fusion of style and sturdiness. A good investment in a gaming chair will be a fantastic addition to your workstation. 

Best Gaming Chairs by Nilkamal Furniture

Nilkamal has the  best gaming chair with different features that suit your budget. The  best gaming chair under 15000, and the following options are available. 

Nilkamal Athena Gaming Chair

The grey and turquoise colour combination give it a very sophisticated and stylish look at the same time. The PU upholstery gives it a smooth leather finish and a touch of luxury. A moulded backrest and seat perfectly cushion your body and provide the proper support. The wheels at the base support the smooth movement of the chair, and you will experience easy gliding. The soft headrest and lumbar cushion are best for extra comfort and spine alignment. The  Nilkamal Athena gaming chair dimensions are 72 cm in width, 74 cm in depth and 135 cm in height. It weighs around 21kgs. You can make this gaming chair at just 14999. 

Nilkamal Razos Gaming Chair

The beautiful brown chair with beige highlights, the  Nilkamal Razos gaming chair is comparatively lightweight to Athena. It weighs just 17.5 kg. It is equipped with a butterfly and gas lift mechanism to provide easy lift and adjust the back. You can work, plan, and tilt the chair backwards for resting and reading. It offers optimum support for the neck and lowers back, which helps in relieving pain and makes your long work session comfortable. The upholstery is of PU leather in rich brown, giving it a luxurious look. The nylon base is the chair's soul; it supports the complete structure. The width and depth of 73 cm, the height of 132 cm weight are 17.5kgs, and the price after discount is 14999.   

Nilkamal Bosco Gaming Chair 

The comfy, cosy and stylish  Nilkamal Bosco gaming chair will be your best companion in long gaming sessions. The seat moulding is specially designed to fit your body frame and provide maximum support to your spine and neck. The adjustable armrest act as additional support while playing pc games. You can adjust the armrest height as per your need and enjoy an uninterrupted game. The wheels at the base provide smooth gliding from one place to another. The royal black and blue colour gets along with any interior. They are suitable for your workstation and bold enough to suit your gaming mood. It is available at a competitive price of 12999. The Bosco gaming chair is more lightweight than Athena; it weighs 18.1 kg. 

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Nilkamal Canophy Gaming Chair

If you are a lover of black colour and looking for an entirely black gaming chair,  Nilkamal Canophy gaming chair is for you. The black colour and texture in the upholstery make it elegant and classic. You can use it as your  office chair and reap all the benefits. The butterfly mechanism provides easy lift and adjustment of height. The adjustable armrest adds to the perfect relaxing pose. It keeps arm and shoulder muscles stiffness at bay. The wooden moulds with durable foam provide optimum firmness. Two soft cushions are provided at the headrest and lower back for extra comfort and support. PU leather gives a smooth finish and shines its sweat and water-resistant quality making it long-lasting and easily manageable. It weighs just 18.1kg with a height of 132 cm and a width and depth of 73 cm. 

Nilkamal Marvel Gaming Chair

In the iconic black and red colour combination, you cannot miss this gaming chair. Level up your style with the  Nilkamal Marvel gaming chair. The perfect moulds in the back perfectly fit into your back and provide cushiony support. Tilt back your chair and stretch your hands; the gas lift and butterfly mechanism will provide height and back adjustment. The easy-moving wheels make it possible to shift the chair as per your need; you don't need to lift or drag your chair with a little push. PU leather makes the cover sturdy and durable. It is easily maintainable; if you spill liquid or food crumbs, it can easily be cleaned with water and a microfiber towel. 

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Nilkamal Greta Gaming Chair

Nilkamal Greta gaming chair  is a fantastic combination of ergonomics and style, and white is elegant and stylish. This white-grey gaming chair will easily blend into your modern and minimalist interior and, in fact, add on the touch of luxury with its unique design. The specially engineered wooden back covered with best-quality foam ensures proper back support. While relaxing or reading, you can tilt the chair'schair's back and convert your gaming chair into a cosy reading nook. 

Nilkamal Vaden Gaming Chair

It is yet another black and red combination gaming chair.  Nilkamal Vaden gaming chair was developed on a polypropylene base, which is tough, sturdy and heat resistant. It provides a solid structure to the chair. The outer upholstery has a clean finish and gives a smooth feeling. It doesn'tdoesn't offer a separate headrest or lumbar support cushion, but the support is designed in the chair frame. With soft movement, the wheel gives a gliding effect to the chair. Adjustable armrests and back provide freedom to choose desired height and position for maximum support. 


Gaming chairs are in trend for their functionality and features. Investing in a good gaming chair will benefit you in the long run. The  gaming chair priceis comparatively high, but the above guide also states some of thebest gaming chair under 15000.  Nilkamal Furniture provides the best quality at a competitive price.
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