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June 14, 2022

Best Work From Home Chairs for Comfort & Better Performance

It is worth spending under one of the best desk chairs since that many of us work at home for least a majority of the week. Even so, you'll spend more time at home as you seem to be in either an office building or a desktop. This is where our quality office chair guide kicks in.

We've chosen and evaluated seats that are both comfy and adaptable. Because no two individuals are the same, a  chair  should then be capable of adjusting to your needs. It should also provide support for the neck, back, shoulder, forearms, and wrist to avoid repeated pain. Explore  WFH chairs  and more from  Nilkamal.

Why are ergonomic work from home chairs important?

An ergonomically designed chair is not a luxury; it is a requirement you must purchase if you want to improve your job productivity.

These are the principal reasons why ergonomically designed desktop seats are vital.

  1. Improves maintaining a healthy spine

    - Ergonomic chairs support your body's natural alignment by ensuring you remain in the best possible posture. With enough back support or seat modifications, you may discover the ideal chair setting to help you feel considerably better.
  2. A Greater Sense of Well-Being

    - Ergonomic chairs offer great back support, which aids in treating and preventing lower back problems. Back pain is caused by sitting incorrectly for a lengthy period. Ergonomic computer seats are made to fit your back's natural curvature. Your back is correctly supported by the chair, which reduces lower back discomfort.
  3. Increased Productivity -

    Along with extra padding, the ergonomic design incorporates features such as simple entry and exit from the chair and moveable armrests, headrests, and swivel capabilities. All of these elements work together to help you be more productive at work.
  4. Muscle Stress is Reduced

     - The design of an office chair has no negative impact on your joints. Ergonomic office chairs enable you to remain in the most comfortable posture for your body. Your body is not stressed or strained in any way. You will not be in danger of experiencing any type of muscular soreness.

4 Best Chairs for Home

  1. TrentonHigh Back Office Chair by Nilkamal

The  Nilkamal chair  has a unique adjustable function that adapts to the load of the occupant. It can support a weight of up to 125 kg. The headrest, chair height, back support, and armrest are all adjustable. It includes a robust plastic base and a Polyester textile chair body, making it both comfy and durable. It boasts sturdy PU cast wheels that allow for simple mobility while operating the chair. The Trenton chair by Nilkamal provides a high-end solution for individuals who are ready to get the best bang for the buck on a good chair. Check out more fabulous options from  Nilkamal

  1. The Tilkamal AlbaHigh Back Chairs by Nilkamal

The Nilkamal Alba chair is a strong seat with a powder-coated steel base made of Nylon. It features a strong structure that will survive for a long time. It features a 120 kg maximum weight capacity and a ventilated mesh backrest and seat. It has a comfy armrest and a headrest that can be adjusted. The height, as well as the lumbar support, may be adjusted. The Nilkamal Alba chair is one of the long-lastingchairs for home with a quality body material.

  1. Nilkamal Diva Mesh Chair with Mid Back

The Nilkamal Diva seat is a substantial chair with a strong nylon base. It's designed ergonomically to give you the help and support you need while working from home. A ventilated backed  armchair  with a natural linen seat is included (PU foam base). It has back support, which helps to avoid back problems. Height, armrest, and headrest are just a few of the elements that may be adjusted. It can support 120 kg of load. The Nilakamal Diva Chair is an excellent choice for working from home since it offers great comfort at an affordable price.

  1. Nilkamal Amul Mesh Chair with Mid Back

This chair is both durable and comfortable to sit on. The seat is comprised of compressed foam to provide a comfortable sitting environment. A ventilated mesh is used on the back to cool you down as you operate. It has lumbar support to help with back problems. It has a silver base that adds to the chair's stability. It offers several characteristics that may be adjusted, including the elevated back reclining. The maximum weight limit is 120kg. The Nilakamal Amul is indeed an ergonomic design chair which claims to give you good support at your workstation.

What and how to look for in an office chair that is both comfortable and ergonomic?

Most seats on the markets label themselves as ergonomically designed, yet they don't meet all of the requirements. If you're planning to buy an ergonomically designed chair, keep the following ideas in mind to get the most out of your investment:

  1. Flexibility- What distinguishes a good ergonomics office chair is its ability to effortlessly adjust to suit needs. Because everyone is unique, each chair must be capable of adapting to its user. Consider who will use the seat and in what setting, and ensure that it is flexible to all of the functions it will do.
  2. Seat height - The seat height of a good ergonomically designed may be changed between 15 to 22 inches from the ground. This size range is appropriate for those who are 5' to 6'4" tall. The foot must be flat on the ground, and your knee should be at 90 degrees at the right height. Your knee and spinal region will be less stressed as a result of this.
  3. Lumbar support -The existence of adequate back support, as well as the capacity to alter it, is an important factor. The upper section, such as the neck and head, is supported and stabilised by the lumbar region. The back of the chair enables lower extremity mobility while also protecting the spinal cord and controlling leg motions.
  4. Backrest - The average backrest is 12 to 19 inches broad. It must accommodate the spine's inherent bend. An ergonomic office chair must encourage active seating instead of fixed posture to improve blood circulation. This must allow users to experiment with different reclining postures to ease some pressure on their low back sides.
  5. Armrests - The armrests should be changeable and, if feasible, detachable. Armrests should be 7" and 10" just above chair pan height. They must be soft enough that the wrists and elbows may rest gently on them as writing or typing on the keyboard. Both movement and steadiness are important. The chair should be able to swivel and spin freely so the user can easily access everything on their desk.
  6. Warranty from the manufacturer - Make sure your ergonomically designed chair has a decent guarantee because it will be subjected to seasons of use.


Whether the pandemic is here to remain or otherwise, the way we do things has altered forever. Now that we've had over a year to observe WFH's benefits and drawbacks, we can confidently predict that it will continue to be a viable choice for ourselves in the years ahead. To maximise productivity inside this new normal era, we must adjust ourselves, not just in terms of our viewpoint and internet resources, but also in terms of concrete characteristics such as our seats, desks, organisational units, etc. Buy the best quality  WFH chairs  from  Nilkamal  today!

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