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December 19, 2023

Explore the Best Bedroom Furniture for Your Shagun

It is the sale season, and you might have been confused about which furniture set to buy that is both functional and stylish. This blog is here to take away that confusion and let you buy something they will cherish for years. You can explore different pieces of  bedroom furniture sets  and find out which pieces suit well for your bedroom. You can also go through some features that you need to consider for buying the right  bedroom set including the  wardrobe,  bedside table,  beds  etc. These elements will make sure that you purchase the most suitable  bedroom set.




The bedroom is a cosy haven for everyone. It offers a private space for relaxation and personal time. Also, bedrooms are like a mini home—a space where you find after a tiring day, a space that gives you comfort. So, when thinking about buying something for your bedroom at this shagun sale, it is always a good idea to opt for something functional and stylish for your cosy haven. You can find different types of furniture, like  wardrobe,  bedside table  and  beds,  such as  king size beds,  wooden bed,  metal beds  etc. Explore the durable, stylish, and comfy pieces of the  bedroom set  that you can buy for yourself or gift the young new couple.


Explore the Exquisite Furniture Pieces


Cosy Beds


Beds  are always the centrepiece of a bedroom and the cosiest spot in the room. It is the resting place that takes away all your tiredness and makes you feel refreshed to take on the tasks of the day. There are  beds  like  king size beds,  such as  Nilkamal Riva King Bed With Storage (Wenge),  that make a suitable option for families with kids. You can choose them as per the materials used to make them, such as  metal beds,  wooden bed  etc., to suit your room decor. For the couple who love a minimal vibe, you can go for a wooden bed, like the  Nilkamal Arthur Queen Bed (Walnut).  For those who love a bit of design and contrast, a plush wood like  Nilkamal Plush Max Bed with Box Storage (Walnut)  will be the right choice. You can also opt for a  modular bed  and customise it as per your style choices.


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Wardrobe  offers an organised space for clothing, shoes and other accessories, ensuring you a clutter-free living space. Beyond the practical aspect, they contribute to home aesthetics, enhancing room decor with their design and finish. A well-organised  wardrobe  can simplify your daily routines and make it easy to locate and access clothing and other essentials. Especially after marriage, it becomes difficult for the couple to accommodate all the stuff. You can buy wardrobes that can accommodate all your stuff with ease. From the single-door to 6-door cabinets, like  Nilkamal Salsa 6 Door Wardrobe (Brown),  there are many options available to choose from.


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A comfortable mattress makes for a comfortable sleep. They provide essential support to your body, promoting proper alignment and reducing discomfort. Enhanced comfort is another key benefit, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience. Additionally, mattresses can isolate motion, minimising disturbances caused by a restless sleep partner. So, it is important to choose the most suitable  beds  for your bedroom. You can opt for soft mattresses like  Nilkamal Arias Soft Dream 6 inch Foam Mattress of high quality from the collection.


Bedside Tables


Bedside table,  like  Nilkamal Eternal Nightstand (Teak)  can be an essential piece of furniture in every  bedroom furniture sets.  You can keep all the things you need, like a water bottle, night lamp or other things in handy on them. Apart from the function, they can also help enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom. With drawers or shelves, it effectively harbours your personal items, like mobile phones, chargers, books etc., maintaining an organised haven. You can find this nightstand in various styles, materials, storage spaces etc., to cater to your multiple needs. 


Dressing Tables


Dressing tables are essential furniture for a  bedroom set.  They are typically adorned with a mirror and serve as a dedicated space for your personal grooming and skincare routines. With drawers and compartments, it offers convenient storage for your cosmetics, accessories and grooming tools, keeping the space organised. You can choose from diverse designs, styles, and material options to suit your bedroom. Check out the contemporary collection of  dressers to elevate your decor.  


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How to Choose the Right Furniture


Think About the Needs


Before you decide to purchase the right  bedroom set,  make sure that what you need is and then find out the possible options available online. Decide which material you want for your  beds:  metal beds  like  Nilkamal Nova Metal queen Bed (Ivory/Walnut)  or a  wooden bed  like  Nilkamal Dexter Solid Wood King Bed (Cappucino).  Also, think about the size, including  king size beds queen-sized, single etc. You can also explore the various collections of  wardrobe,  nightstands, a complete  bedroom set,  a  bedside table  or any other piece of furniture and then decide which piece you want to buy.

Consider the Style


Now that you have decided on the right piece of furniture, it is time to think about the style. Assess if you prefer a minimalist style or more towards a detailed side. You can find a variety of design options, colours and shapes in furniture sets. Choose according to your style and preferences. 


Decor and Theme


The  bedroom furniture sets  you are planning to purchase can be selected as per their suitability with the decor and theme of your bedroom interior. This blend plays a big role in enhancing the beauty and visual appeal of your bedroom. They are available in various designer options to match your bedroom aesthetics. 



Considering the price when purchasing a  bedroom set  is crucial for your budgetary control and financial planning. You can find these sets in a wide price range to choose from based on your diverse requirements. Considering this point is a practical and responsible approach to home furnishing.


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Wrapping Up

Buying a new  bedroom set  in this shagun sale is crucial as you can find a large collection offurniture sets, including  beds  and  wardrobe,  with various offers. You can explore the diverse designs, materials, colours, styles and more to choose your bedroom decor and personal preferences. So, check out the collection of  bedroom set  from  Nilkamal Furniture now and enjoy hassle-free doorstep delivery and safe payment options. Elevate your bedroom today!


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