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December 16, 2023

Left or Right? Picking the Perfect Sectional Sofa for Your Space


This article shall touch upon what a  sectional sofa  is and will give some of its benefits and features. Also, you can read about the different types of sectional sofas that are available online and how to choose one that suits your requirements. There are different types of  sectional sofa  sets available online; you can try to understand different varieties like  L shape sofa  and  corner sofas.  Apart from this, you will also delve deeper into the functionalities of an RHS sofa. In addition, you will get an idea about how to choose between a LHS or RHS sofa.




A  sectional sofa  is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can keep in your house. This sofa is made up of sections that can be configured as per the layouts and other requirements of your room. A  sectional sofa  is generally available in U-shape and L-shape designs. You can also find options for pit sectionals, which are sofas that can be configured as per your personal choice. In the interest of this blog, we shall talk about the  L-shape sofa


Differentiating Between RHS and LHS Sectional Sofa


A sectional sofa is one of the most comfortable sofas available in the market. The reason is that these sofas incorporate a lounger in their design. What this means is that unlike traditional sofas, which are all majorly of the same design language allowing a person to sit comfortably, an  LHS L shape sofa  or an  RHS sectional sofa  has an additional lounger that juts out at the end of the couch. This lounger allows a person to extend their legs and recline against the back support of the sofa. This additional feature of an  L shape sofa  provides more comfort and relaxation to you. An  LHS L shape sofa  is one wherein the lounger is on your left when sitting on the couch. Similarly, an  RHS sectional sofa,  like the  Nilkamal Protean Plus Corner Right Hand Side Sofa (Brown),  is one where the lounger is on your right when sitting on the sofa. 


RHS Sectional Sofa and LHS Sectional Sofa: How to Choose?


Choosing the right  sectional sofa  can seem like a challenging task. However, you can decide between an LHS or  RHS sectional sofa  based on your room layout and personal preferences. To help you further understand how to place  corner sofas,  you can follow this little trick. The short end of your sofa should be aligned with the short wall of your room. Similarly, the long end of yoursectional sofa should be aligned with the longer wall of your room. Following these tips will help you find the right  L shape sofa  for your house. You can further enhance your room’s look by pairing your  corner sofas  with designer  coffee tables.


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Benefits of Having a L Shape Sofa


There are many benefits to this dynamic L-shaped sofa, which is favoured by many households around the world. The  L shape sofa,  with its versatility, can be a popular choice of furniture as it gives a casual yet classy vibe to your living room. 


Better Space Utilisation


With its unique design, you can choose this  sectional sofa  for its optimum space utilisation attributes. Since it has an L-shaped design, it can be adjusted against the contours of your room, releasing a lot of space that can be used to accommodate more people or try other furniture. Try out different furniture combinations by checking out the different side tables, like the  Nilkamal Taurus Marble Side Table (Natural / Honey), available online. 


More Storage Options


With an  LHS sectional sofa,  like the  Nilkamal Protean Plus Corner Left Hand Side Sofa (Brown),  you can have more storage options for your essentials. With hidden compartments and pull-out drawers, there can be more options for storage, which only adds to the functionality of your  LHS sectional sofa


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Lower Maintenance Needs


An L-shaped sofa can be found in a variety of materials. They are also commonly found in fabric materials, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. Being wrapped in fabric materials, they are soft to the touch, which is preferred by many. Due to this feature, they are very comfortable to sit or  lounge on. Also, this assists in keeping the overall maintenance costs down as small stains and spots can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth piece.

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In essence, the  L shape sofa  is a dynamic piece of furniture that many households around the world have trusted. They are exceptionally regarded for their amalgamation of style and function. Being  corner sofas,  they are very good at space optimisation and open up a lot of space to accommodate more furniture options. You can club them with different furniture like single seater sofas, like  Nilkamal Svelte Plus 1 Seater Sofa with Cushion (Dark Brown),

coffee tables, side tables and TV cabinets.  Whether it be an  LHS sectional sofa  or an RHS sofa, you may find good deals online that suit your tastes and preferences. Pick up an L-shaped sofa that fits the contours of your house. With different seat materials like polyester and leather, you can choose one as per your fancy. So go ahead and search for the  L shape sofa  and many other furniture options that meet your needs and requirements on  Nilkamal Furniture.

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