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February 21, 2023

Find The Best: Double Bed VS Queen Bed

The bed is the prime piece of furniture for your bedroom. You might manage your home without a sofa, but you won't be able to manage without a bed. The market offers different shapes and sizes of beds that will be suitable for other people. The popular sizes you might have listened to are a single bed,  double size bed,  queen size bed  and king bed. The significant difference is the bed size, but there is always some confusion regarding  queen and double bed size.  Some consider them the same, leading to the ever-lasting  double bed vs queen bed  debate. Let's dig deep and find  double bed vs queen  bed so that you can choose the most appropriate bed size. 

Significant Differences Between Double Bed and Queen Bed Size

Here are some significant points of  double bed vs queen  bed:

Size of the Bed

A  queen and double bed size  are very close but different. The dimension of the  double bed  is 54 inches X 75 inches, Meaning the double bed is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. At the same time, the  queen size bed  is 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. The size of the  double size bed  is larger than a  single bed  but smaller than a queen bed. The  double bed size vs queen  bed sizes seems trivial. But this 6 inches and 5 inches change in size plays a crucial role when selecting a bed. 

Number of People It Can Accommodate

The double bed is the best size if you want a bed for a single person and enjoy ample space. The  bed  is our happy place, whether enjoying our favourite novel or relaxing after a hectic day. Extra space is always welcomed; take your soft, comfy blanket and stretch out on your bed. The double bed will provide sufficient space to toss and turn at night without worrying about space. 

People need clarification on the name; generally, single beds are considered for solo people and a double bed for two. But single and double beds are designed to accommodate one person and are best for small rooms and dorms.

 But if you buy a bed for two people, it would be better to go for a  queen bed.  It provides 6 more inches in width compared to a double bed. The queen bed is specially launched with couples in mind. It is neither too large that will eat up a lot of space nor too small. It will provide around 30 inches of space for each person, whereas if couples use a double bed, it will provide only 27 inches. Thus double bed will feel suffocating for two people. There may be a few inches difference, but the double bed is better for a single person, and the queen bed can easily accommodate two people.

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Length of the Bed

You adore your height and want a bed that matches your size and provides sufficient space for you. The best fit is a  queen-size mattress;  the 80 inches length offers a comfortable length for tall people. The difference between the lengths of two-bed sizes is 5 inches. Most people can easily sleep on a double bed as its length is standard for people, but tall people will find queen-size beds more comfortable. There will be fever chances of bumping into the headboard or feet dangling outside the mattress.  

Simplicity and Luxury in One

If you wish to decorate your  bedroom  in unique ways, if you wish to add a hint of luxury or opt for a very subtle minimalist look, the queen bed will easily blend in both the interior. The appearance of the queen bed can easily alter to synchronise with the rest of the room settings. The double bed might feel out of place in delicate, luxurious settings. But a queen bed with a large headboard is a go. 

Space Saver and Affordable One

While evaluating any bed, we cannot ignore the cost factor. No matter whether a stylish bed might appear appealing, if it doesn't fit the budget or is unnecessarily overpriced, the bed loses its utility. Queen beds are specially crafted for couples and are the starting of comfy high-end bed sizes. At the same time, a double bed is an actual bed size that could easily fit in every room. Comparing both beds, a double bed saves space due to its small size. Moreover, double beds are simple in design and thus cost-effective compared to stylish queen-size bed. So if you want an affordable space-saver option, the double bed is a go-to option. 

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What Factors to Consider While Choosing Between Double Bed Size vs Queen Bed Size?

While taking sides in the debate of  double bed vs queen bed,  keep a few factors in mind. These factors will help in selecting the right bed size.  

  • The room's size you want to place the bed in. A double bed size is best for a small guest room or kid's room. 
  • The number of people sleeping on the bed. If you and your partner are planning to buy a bed better opt for a queen bed
  • The amount you planned to spend. 


Double beds and Queen beds both have their unique purposes. Declaring one best over another will not be justified. The queen bed is an unmatched luxury in space and style, but the double bed provides sufficient space and easily fits in small spaces. Shop either a double bed or a queen bed from  Nilkamal Furniture.  It gives a lot of variety and options; you can easily browse the online catalogue and select a suitable bed.
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