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April 03, 2023

Full Lift or Three Fourth Storage Bed: Which One Should You Pick?

Most people prefer beds with storage options. But there are different storage options for different beds. If you prefer a  storage bed,  you must decide whether you want full or three-fourth lift options. Both types of  storage bed  serve other purposes, and you must choose as per your preferences. A full lift storage option lets you lift the whole mattress and the bed cover. The full-lift storage option allows you to store a more significant item. But, a three-fourth storage option will allow you to keep a smaller item. Both types of storage options benefit the customers' different needs. To know which storage option is suitable for you, you will have to know the features of each storage option. 


Features of a Full Lift Storage Bed

There are different features of a full-lift storage bed. You can choose one as per your requirement:


  • More Storage Space
  • A full-lift storage bed benefits those who have to store more items. You can have a larger storage space in a full-lift bed. A  hydraulic storage bed  with a full-lift option provides a more oversized compartment to store your items without damage. The storage option helps you to keep your items without putting much effort.


  • Easy Access to Your Stored Items
  • You can easily access your valuable items when you store them in a bed with a full-lift storage option because a  full lift storage bed base  allows you to open the base fully to access your items. You can easily find out the items for a longer period, and thus it can save you time to have your items within your reach.


  • Keep Your Bed Organised
  • When you have a bed with a full-lift storage option, you can keep the storage compartments organised by placing the items carefully. It also helps you maintain your bed properly, as you only need to manage your items a little. Thus you can also keep your bedroom free from clutter by storing most items inside your bed. It also helps your other pieces of  bedroom furniture  organised.


  • Add an Appealing Look
  • A full-lift storage bed is available in various designs. A  modular bed with storage  option adds a modern look to your bedroom decor. It helps to elevate the elegance of your bedroom. Since these beds are available in various styles and designs, you can choose one which coordinates with your  bedroom furniture.  The perfect coordination of your bed with other pieces of furniture adds an appealing look to your bedroom decor. 


  • Customizable Option
  • A  full lift storage bed base  allows you to customize the storage option of your bed as per your requirement. You can have only one storage compartment or divide it into multiple storage compartments. You can also attach drawers and shelves in the compartment. 


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    Features of a Three-Fourth Lift Storage

    The bed of the Three-fourth lift storage option is different from full lift storage. These are:


  • Suitable Size for Any Room
  • Due to the smaller size, a bed with a three-fourth storage option fits well in any room. You can also adjust the bed in any corner of the room. You do not need to worry about a spacious bedroom when you have a three-fourth lift storage option. A  hydraulic storage bed  is also available with a three-fourth storage option.


  • Less Expensive
  • The bed with three-fourths lift storage is less expensive than a full lift storage bed. Since such a bed is smaller, you can spend less. The bedsheet,  mattress  and other items will also be available at an affordable price.


  • Easy to Transport
  • Since a bed with three fourth storage option is smaller, you can carry it easily. If you have to shift home, you need not worry about the size of your bed if you have a bed with three fourth lift storage option. You can easily carry it wherever you want. 


  • Add Style
  • You can add style to your bedroom decor with the help of a bed with a three-fourth lift option. Since these beds are available in various sizes and designs, you can choose one as per your preferences and requirement. You can also choose a lift up storage bed  that complements other bedroom furniture pieces, and it will add elegance to your bedroom decor. The unique designs of these beds also add a unique look to your bedroom decor.


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    Different Types of Storage Beds at Nilkamal

    There are different types of beds with storage options available at Nilkamal, and you can choose one as per your need.


  • Nilkamal Galaxy Max Bed With Box Storage
  • Thismodular bed with storage will add an elegant look to your bedroom. It will elevate your bedroom decor by adding a modern touch. Its four spacious compartments allow you to store your items without any worry. The resilient construction of engineered wood has given a strong foundation to this bed by making it firm and sturdy.

  • Nilkamal Galaxy Premier Bed With Full Hydraulic Storage
  • This  lift up storage bed  also help you to store many valuable items and keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free. Its mattress panel is constructed with metal, providing full support to your body. Thus it helps you to have a comfortable sleep. T This bed is featured two compartments and two drawers.


  • Nilkamal Galaxy Prime Bed With Semi Hydraulic Storage 
  • This bed will give a modern look to your bedroom. Its modern headboard design will add a glimmering look due to the LED lights at the centre of the headboard. You can easily store pillows, bedsheets, etc. It has three spacious compartments and two box storage at the back.



    Whether you choose a full lift or a three-fourth lift storage bed, you must understand your requirement. When you understand your need, you can make a perfect choice. You must also understand the differences between a full lift and three fourth lift storage bed. Otherwise, you will need clarification while choosing between these two options. So, explore and find out which option will be convenient for you. To check various beds with storage options, visit  Nilkamal Furniture

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