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April 03, 2023

Essential Guide To Choose Your Perfect Recliner Chair For Living Room

Recliners, for decades, have held a coveted aspirational value for most people. Since their immediate popularity in the 1920s, recliners' popularity has still not diminished. Recliners are the synonyms of ultimate seating comfort. One sits in optimum comfort with plush seats, backrests, armrests, and footrests. The facility of reclining the back and bringing up the footrest increases sitting comfort, and one can sit in the most relaxed posture. Recliners have no competition in comfy seating, whether relaxing after a hectic day, reading a book or watching a movie. Without an iota of doubt, recliners are the best comfortable chairs. So, it's no surprise everyone wants a  recliner  in their living rooms. But choosing a good  recliner  is not an easy task. There are so many choices available that make decision-making more challenging. After all, recliners are not bought every day. Once bought, they will last for many years. So, when you  buy recliner online,  you must be sure you buy the best one. To help you make the right choice, we have here the ultimate  recliner buying guide.  Scroll ahead to learn in detail!


Easy Steps To Choose The Perfect Recliner


Your living room is your family's entertainment and relaxing zone. Whether it's the usual everyday catching-up time or a weekend movie time, your living room is your place. You host your guests here too. However, it is mainly used by your family. So, it has to be the right blend of style with comfort. And no other type of sofa set can be more stylish and comfy than a  recliner set.  These upholstered  armchairs  with tiltable backs and padded footrests that extend outward are the epitome of comfort. And their extra lumbar and neck support makes them suitable for relieving body aches and avoiding spinal issues. But, even with so many glowing qualities, you can't just buy any  recliner set  for your living room. When you  buy recliner online,  you have to be sure it is perfect for your living room. No one size or style of recliner will suit every home. This  recliner buying guide  will assist you in determining and choosing a recliner that best matches your living room. Here are the tips for selecting recliners:



Recliners occupy more space than other armchairs. They need extra space for tilting their backrest and for extending the footrest. Therefore, before purchasing recliners, you need to consider the dimensions of the space they will occupy. You wouldn't want to buy a  3 seater recliner  and then find out it doesn't fit in your living room. So, measure the spot where you wish to place your recliners with allocation for footrest extension and backrest reclining. Also, ensure it fits comfortably with your other  living room furniture.  It shouldn't be that to place your recliner; you have to huddle your other furniture to one corner, which will spoil your living room aesthetics. 


Seating Capacity

When purchasing recliners, seating capacity is also essential. As per your living room's size and space availability, choose the seating capacity. Your recliner's seating capacity will also depend on the other seating space in your living room and your preference. When you already have a sofa set, then it will only be wise to go for another  sofa set  if you have an extra spacious living room. Better to choose a  2 seater recliner  or  1 seater recliner.  If you are looking forward to buying a recliner for your family, go for a  3 seater recliner.  When you want to cuddle with your partner, a  2 seater recliner  will be perfect. For sitting alone or when you want a recliner as an accent chair in your living room, go for a  1 seater recliner.  


Design & Colour

Recliners are available in many designs and styles. Your living room aesthetics and other furniture styles will be the key factor in selecting the material and design of your recliner. If you have other living room furniture with fabric upholstery, then it's better to choose a recliner with fabric upholstery. However, contemporary leather recliners go with any décor and suit all aesthetics. You must also select the colour of your recliner to complement your living room aesthetics to get a cohesive look.


Type Of Operation

Recliners are available in both manual and electric operation. You can choose the manual or electric operation as per the comfort level you want in your recliner. Both are good. With the electric operation, you get the extra convenience of adjusting the back, armrest and footrest with a touch of a button. You need to press levers to adjust the reclining in manually operated recliners. 


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Recliners are purchased for many years of usage, and they are a long-term investment. You wouldn't want a recliner that starts to wear off or malfunction within a few years. Therefore, it's essential to choose recliners made of high-quality materials and construction. 



Recliners are available in a wide range of designs, sizes and prices. They may cost more than a traditional armchair due to their extra features. However, their multi-functionality, durability and years of usage, make the recliners a solid value-for-money investment. However, if you still find them out of your budget, you can switch from electric operation to manual operation or from three-seater to two-seater ones. Recliners are more spacious than traditional chairs. Therefore, a two-seater recliner will have more seating space. Remember not to compromise on quality to save a few bucks.


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Add comfort and elegance to your living room with  Nilkamal Furniture  recliners. With these above factors from our recliner buying guide, you can easily choose the perfect recliner for your living room. You have a wide choice of materials, colours and designs on Nilkamal furniture for recliners.

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