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May 13, 2022

Gear Up! Monsoon is Here! - Tips and Tricks to Care for Your Home and Furniture

The city breathes a sigh of relief as the monsoons arrive. Although bright and beautiful, summers in India are extremely torrid and leave us drained of energy. So, with the monsoon, the city sees a splurge of an ecstatic group of happy faces who want to experience the joy of rainy days to the fullest.  

Monsoons mean a lot of things. With monsoon, we associate greenery, some of our favourite fruits, drizzling rains all day, evening coffee by the window, and much more. However, with monsoon also comes humidity, leakage and moisture, all of which are the worst enemies of our home and  living room furniture 

This monsoon, with the tips we bring to you to keep your home and  living room furniture  fresh and good as new, you can bid the gloominess goodbye. Read on to savvy how you can care for your units and enjoy the monsoon without any worries. To  explore  a range of exquisite and durable furniture, visit  Nilkamal today!  


Repair All Over

One of the best ways to protect your home and  living room furniture   from the damaging effects of rain is to get all repairs done in time. Don’t wait till the monsoon is already here to fix that damp patch on the corner of your ceiling or the water damaged drainage system. It is best to ensure your home is thoroughly leakage and damp proof before the monsoon arrives, as timely repairs will save you both hours and money. 

Our Tip:  Call a plumber once before the onset of the rainy season to complete all the checks, even if no immediate issue meets the eye.  


Wooden Furniture Care

Wood tends to swell up in moisture and might also be prone to damage if the dampness persists. It is, therefore, utterly essential to care for wooden furniture in your home, like  sectional sofas,  chairs,  wardrobes,  etc. Waxing or oiling the furniture can prevent moisture absorption and help with stuck doors and  drawers  in monsoons. It is also recommended to not initiate any renovation work during this season as a lack of adequate sunlight might not render the best output. Instead, stick to thorough cleaning and regular maintenance to ensure your wooden furniture’s longevity. 


Our Tip: Naphthalene balls and camphor are great moisture absorbents, so use them abundantly. Keep them in your  cabinets,  wardrobes, and  shoe racks  to beat the clamminess and keep the freshness intact.  


Drapes and Carpets

Monsoon is not the perfect season to have your most precious drapes and carpets laid out. Infact, store them away securely in plastic sheets to avoid moisture damage during the rains. The perfect replacement for heavy rugs and carpets this season could be bamboo and acrylic mats. These mats are damp-proof and eco-friendly and will ensure your lovely feet and homes stay spry. 

As for curtains, opt for sheer, breezy ones to let all the air in. If not absolutely necessary, avoid using blinds to let the much-needed sunlight into your home. Monsoons are mostly heavily clouded, so any amount of sunlight will prove to be good for your home and furniture.  Check out  attractive furniture items that will pair well with your rugs and carpets only at  Nilkamal. 

Our Tip:  Use a good quality doormat to ensure outside slush or mud is not carried into your home. You can also shield your drapes with an additional waterproof screen to prevent them from getting soggy in the rain.  


Keep the Odour at Bay

It is no news that the dampness of the rainy season can bring in a musty odour, which nobody likes. A bad smell is not only upsetting but also indicates the accumulation of mould spores in your home. To prevent this problem, vacuum your home atleast thrice a week, and ensure there is no amount of water logging or moisture pockets anywhere. You can also install a dehumidifier in your living space to ensure the indoors stay crisp and fresh. Use floor cleaners with a natural fragrance to keep the foul smell at bay every day. 

Our Tip:  Place scented candles and incense sticks in different spots of your living space for a heavenly aroma all over the house. 


Look Out for Faulty Electrics

Electrics and monsoon definitely don’t go hand in hand. This is the season that requires you to be extra careful with exposed wires and faulty electrical appliances. It is always the best practice to get any such items checked and fixed before the rainy season arrives. The onset of monsoon also means bursts of thunder and lightning, so be double sure of insulation and keep all heavy appliances unplugged during such instances. Never delay fixing something that needs immediate attention since it is, after all, better to be safe than sorry! 

Our Tip:  Don’t keep the wires in your home exposed. Instead, get them arranged inside wire ducts that serve the purpose of both safety and tidiness. You can also get modern furniture like  TV units  with slots for wire arrangement, keeping them protected and out of sight.  

Wrapping Up

Monsoons are one of the favourite seasons of many. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy the rain to the fullest without having to worry about anything else. Spend your evenings in the most favourite corner of your house, cosying up on a  sectional sofa  with coffee and your loved ones. 

Nilkamal wishes you a happy monsoon and brings to you elegant and durable furniture that will last you a lifetime.  Buying  furniture has never been easier, and you can now do it from the comfort of your home. Visit the  Nilkamal Furniture  website and get access to an entire collection of all types of furniture at the tip of your fingers. So, get started before the rains come knocking at your door!

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