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May 12, 2022

What Should You Do With Your Furniture During Monsoon?

"A house with bad furniture has no need of ghosts to be haunted."

This line depicts the very importance of maintaining one's home furniture.

While one enjoys the monsoon season with a cup of tea and the flowers dance through the thin droplets of rain, some things don't get along with this season, precisely the wooden furniture. Not only does the furniture get softened with moisture, but it also loses its pristine condition. A home is where the heart wants to be, and you do not wish to pests to switch this up! While one might want to protect their  living room furniture  while others want to preserve their bedroom fittings, this article will give you expert guidance to take care of your furniture during the monsoon! So, why wait? Take out your gloves; your furniture is waiting for you!

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Being prone to water damage, wooden furniture needs to be taken care of properly. These expensive materials are to be protected, and a few ways are mentioned below:

  1. The Prerequisite: The first initial steps are much more important than the following ones! Moving your furniture, such as showcase units, bookshelves, wardrobes etc., away from leakage walls, doors and windows from where the moisture comes into contact is the fastest way possible to avoid any further damage to your  wooden furniture.  Also, move in your garden furniture to your house to avoid any loss of paint or damage. Explore quality garden furniture at an affordable price at Nilkamal.
  2. Keep the House Clean: Well, this may seem out of context, but keeping the surroundings clean will help the furniture to have the right moisture level. In fact, air humidifiers are known to keep the air clean and the temperature in check.
  3. Wet Cloth is a Big No! We often think that a damp cloth will help to clean more than a dry cloth. But it's actually the opposite. A dry cloth actually prevents dust accumulation and further absorbs moisture. It is the friendly wipe that wooden furniture needs!
  4. Naphthalene Balls, Furniture Favourite: Placing these balls in a few places such as wardrobes, cabinets etc., prevents termites and insects as well as absorbs moisture. Neem leaves or Cloves are an alternative as well. Check out quality cabinets at  Nilkamal,offering a wide range of discounts.
  5. Use Lacquer: It is recommended to coat the living room furniture, fittings in the bedroom, kitchen cabinets etc., with varnish at least once a year to avoid damage and keep a premium look on wooden furniture. Further, the life of the furniture is also increased. 
  6. Maintenance is the right choice: Avoid any new or renovation work during this season. The moisture levels will damage your furniture, and the work will not show its best results. So, sticking to regular maintenance is the optimum choice! Buy plastic coffee tables which can be moved easily to help you keep up with regular maintenance.
  7. Oil for swelling: We have heard our grandmothers say that oil is the medicine for the swelling on our skin. It is the same for furniture as well. Oil your furniture, such as drawers and doors, to avoid absorbing moisture or bulking up! Spray on wax is also an option.
  8. Moulds are no more a problem: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the moulds and wipe them with a cloth using soap water. Once done, the dry cloth should be used to remove all the moisture.

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Since we have talked about how to prevent rain damage to wooden furniture, it is of utmost importance to take care of Internal floor defects that damage our interiors and our beloved living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture and so on.

Wooden flooring adds a breath-taking appeal to interiors. It is what gives a home a natural look. Apart from these, the floors are also prone to water damage, which might ultimately affect our furniture. So, here we provide a few suggestions to clear them up.

  1. Leakages are sure if you have old wooden flooring. So, it's necessary to check for leakage spots around the corners or surface and seal them completely. Polyurethane sealants do a wonderful job at filling those hidden spots.
  2. Rubber mats to the rescue. These rubber mats are to be placed on the floors in places such as bathroom doors, passages, sofa sets etc and these work as an excellent moisture absorber.       
  3. Mopping with a dry cloth is what you might want to consider to wipe water spillages or leakages on the floor.
  4. Proper ventilation is required to keep the floor dry. So, remember keeping doors and windows shut during monsoon is not an ideal option.

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Since we are done with the topics to prevent water damage to wooden furniture, it's time to look at how to dry wooden furniture after water damage!

  1. The first and foremost thing is to wipe the water spillages with a dry cloth. Make sure to remove any stains from such spillage.
  2. When the sun comes out for a few hours, the furniture should be moved outside to dry faster.
  3. Sometimes, there might be debris left behind corners or in some specially designed furniture. Remove these with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  4. As said, using dehumidifiers help to dry water-damaged furniture.
  5. If your  living room furniture  is having upholstery, sprinkle some baking soda to remove odours.

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There you go! The journey of furniture ends here! Remember to find the cause of the damage first to avoid further ruckus and fix them before moving on to the furniture part. You literally don't want to end this as a cycle. Often, there comes a problem knocks on the door after we have taken care of the initial stage because we forget something called maintenance. So, regular maintenance is what you need to take care of. We have provided here a few tips, but in case of heavy damages, it is advised to go after professional repair services. Take care of your furniture and enjoy a cosy monsoon with a hot cup of tea! After all, the best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain!

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