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April 07, 2022

Get Your Hands On Amazing Sofa Sets from Nilkamal

Purchasing a sofa set until a few years back used to be a pretty hectic task, as one had to customize the entire sofa set and make decisions regarding all important aspects, including the material and wood used, whether it is a 1 seater sofa or more, how many units to take up, and many more. Nowadays, thanks to Nilkamal and their simple yet sophisticated sofa sets, this process has been made easy and enjoyable. Here are a few popular sofa sets that you should check out.

Fabric sofa sets

Usually considered part of the contemporary design style, these sets have made a very statemental comeback in recent years. Similar to most other aspects of fashion and design, which have been reverting back to their roots and digging up gems from the past, this is also considered one such happening.

With its extensive sense of richness and the amount of attention given to intricacy and detailing, these sofa sets are perfect for adding a sense of royalty and class to your living room, as the workmanship on these sets is top-notch. All these machine-cut fabrics are sewn in perfectly, and there are zero chances of errors within the process.

The fabrics that you choose to buy sofa online play a major role in determining the overall ambience of your living space. For example, choosing a lighter shade with rather calm and serene prints can add a vibe similar to a tropical, airy, and light nature, while picking detailed dark colours with added details of gold or such can add a more conventional and periodic outlook.

These sofa sets are available in a wide range of options for colours, materials, and frames to match every individual preference of yours. According to expert opinion, they give the best impact when set up as a 2 or 3 seater sofa online, rather than single units.

Carved wood sofas

Another blast from the past, but this one tends to be a bit more soothing and welcoming. With elaborate and intricate details carved on their wooden panels, these sofas tend to bring out the best possible balance between luxury and comfort.

Often paired with comfortable and cosy cushions, these are the most homely sofa sets you could find on the market. If you are looking for a way to add a sense of comfort and warmth to your house, this might be your best option. With our computerized processes of designing, which are constantly overlooked by trained and educated personnel, we assure the best possible quality with our woodwork.

They come with various options, but their 1 seater sofa variants are usually in high demand, as they serve as the perfect choice for balcony or veranda chairs with their calm and serene vibe. Visit the Nilkamal website today to find out all the amazing options you have for buying a sofa.

Makeshift sofa sets

With the current trend where nuclear houses are the most prevalent type of living space, these sofas which can be converted into beds are in high demand. These types of sets take up a significantly lesser amount of space and can be the best choice if your living area is confined to a smaller segment.

In many cases, this drawer-like additional expansion unit comes with an in-built option for storage within itself. As someone looking for better ways to utilize the available space, this sofa cum bed adds major brownie points to the product itself and improves the overall appeal and efficiency.

This could also be a great option for house owners who constantly face guests they need to accommodate. They are often 3 seaters or 2 seater sofa, with a built-in drawer-like extension where you can place an additional cushion and make up your bed.

Corner sets

This has been a popular design in the furnishing industry for quite a while now. However, due to its well-thought ways to make use of available space in an effective yet artistic manner, its demand and popularity have allowed it to stay at the top. Take a look at these sofa sets that come as a collection of 2 seaters and 3 seater sofa sets, which are arranged mostly like an L, thereby fitting snugly into the corners of your living room.

By setting up such a furnishing unit in your living room, you are not only making use of available space but also adding a sense of uniqueness and an artistic touch to your interior design. With their high level of comfort and flexibility, these sets are highly sought after.

Most of our corner sofa sets come with multiple units which can be arranged by the customers themselves according to their living space, thereby providing them various options as far as arrangements are concerned.

Minimalistic designs

With rather on-point and simple yet elegant designs, these designer sofa sets have slowly made their way up the list of highly sought-after sofa set designs of the year.

With a sense of neatness and sophistication, these sofa sets are the most popular trend, especially in the current year, with an increased number of individuals being attracted to its normal yet captivating charm. These sets tend to balance the ratio between wood and metal perfectly, bringing out unexpectedly great synchrony even with their 3 seater sofa online.


With the current situation where a major segment of the general population has developed an increased sense of proper home designing and has taken an interest in understanding the artistic aspect of decorating one’s home, such extensive outlets and services have been a blessing in disguise for many busy individuals with fast-moving lifestyles. Currently, you can explore the Nilkamal store online to buy sofa online, making the process easier for you.

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