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November 24, 2021

Office Furniture To Design A Workspace For 10x Higher Performance

The physical space and environment we work in impacts our mental and physical health. Healthy office designs can transform your work culture and performance in ways you can’t even imagine. In this blog, we’ve put together ways in which organizations and individuals can create an office space to maximize work.

Let’s get started!

Choose the right kind of office furniture

Yes, we need to have clean and spacious bedrooms, but we also need to store a lot of things. Think of your everyday clothes, woolen clothes, going-out clothes, extra linen, bedcovers, etc. Where should you store these? Hide them in beds with storage.

Office table

One of the most important aspects of office furniture is the office table. There are hundreds of office table designs available. Here’s what you should consider when selecting work tables for your office space:

  • The size of the office table should fit well in the office space. Some offices prefer to go with modular office desks or cubicles that are evenly spread across the office.
  • The design of the office table should go well with office decor style. Most offices prefer subdued, monochromatic colors such as white, blue, and grey.
  • The style of the office table should be functional as well as aesthetically appealing.
  • The office tables should have drawers and storage space for documents, gadgets, etc.
  • When choosing an office table online or in store, make sure the height of the table is suitable for working comfortably.


For example, here’s a minimal office table made with a combination of pre laminated particle board and a melamine-finish top that gives it a neat look. The more clean and neat the work table, the better it is for work. The drawers with locks make it easy to store and reach out to important documents.

Office chair

For the office chair, you have two main options - ergonomic chair or a versatile, designer chair. While most offices prefer to go with ergonomic chairs for the office, there are many well-designed office spaces that go with versatile, designer chairs.

Both types of chairs have different benefits. An ergonomic chair provides more comfort for working long hours. Ergonomic chairs also take care of the back, neck, spine, and posture, ensuring health benefits.

Other designer chairs can be used for different purposes. They can be used at the work desk, as visitors chairs, and in leisure areas in the office. You can look for a chair based on the design of your table or you could buy a table and chair set for work from home.


Here’s a smart-looking ergonomic chair that can go well with different types of office tables.

Its fabric upholstered seat with PU foam provides comfort, mesh back with lumbar support ensures the spine gets the required support and the center tilt mechanism allows it to be altered as per different people’s needs.

Office sofa

Another key office furniture is the sofa. Most offices have it at the reception. Some open-plan offices have it inside the work areas, too, where people can sit and work comfortably. Another place where you can have a sofa is in the leisure area around a coffee table.

Here are some tips to choose the right kind of office sofa:

  • Keep it simple and minimal.
  • Keep the colors monochromatic.
  • Choose a size that fits the space - a 3 seater is ideal for most offices.
  • Choose a sofa that’s made of solid wood, is durable and can be used a little rough, as this sofa will probably see many visitors.


Here’s a sofa that lends itself well to all kinds of office spaces. A simple, minimal, black 3 seater sofa made of sofa PVC and a stainless steel body that keeps it sturdy.

Separate work and leisure spaces in the office

So what if it’s an office, it needs a space for relaxation and leisure as well. For example, it’s now common for offices to have a sleeping room where those workers who are tired can take a power nap. While you may not want to keep beds in your office, you must definitely consider having a separate leisure space. This is the space where employees come together to build a community. Here’s what it needs:

  • A bookshelf for employees who want to take a break to read a little. Or where they can pick up books to conduct research related to work.
  • A coffee table and a few lounge chairs where employees can take a coffee break and relax.
  • This leisure space can have a sofa as well. Some offices throw in bean bags, rugs, and other seating arrangements.
  • Bring in greenery with plants and pots.

Wrap up

Remember, people make places. A workplace is created by people. And so, every office should keep their employees and the people at the heart of their office design. If you’re looking for the right kind of office furniture, head to Nilkamal online furniture store.

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