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September 17, 2022

Glamorise Your Dining Space with Tips to Invest in Picture-perfect Furniture

With the festival season approaching, you may be looking for the best ways to redecorate your home. We often spend a lot of time and effort decorating the living room and bedroom to ensure that it ticks all the boxes in terms of aesthetics and elegance. The dining room is often relegated to a space that fits the  dining table

Dining furniture  plays a significant role in increasing and enhancing the style quotient of our living space. With the pandemic, all families have realised the importance of dining together. Investing in perfect  dining room furniture  has become all the more important. If you wish to match the glamour quotient of your dining room to the rest of your home, then there are a few handy tips that will help you invest in the perfect dining area furniture. Explore options at Nilkamal that will transform your dining space into a fine dining restaurant, and you may well be the cynosure of your neighbour’s eyes.

Factors to Consider When Investing in Dining Area Furniture

When you have to furnish your dining room, there are three main things to bear: style, comfort, and functionality. Any  dining area furniture  you choose must marry all these requirements and criteria. If you select something on impulse, you may invest in something that is not worth it. Consider your options, and weigh the pros and cons before making the final decision so that you will cherish every moment you spend in your dining room. 

The dining room is a place where you build memories. You could relive dinner with family and friends, special occasions, and celebrations again and again with the right dining area furniture. If you invest in the wrong pieces, you may be largely disappointed. The furniture you choose depends on the size of the room and other factors that need to be seamlessly blended. Below are some key factors that you must give thought to before you set about investing in dining area furniture.

  • Area or Size of the Dining Room

The most crucial aspect to consider before buying  dining furniture.  You cannot dream of fitting an  8 seater dining table  in an area that can barely accommodate a 4-seater. Assess the size of your dining space and think about how many people you can host at a time. If you host many people, invest in a dinner table that can hold at least 4-6 people at a time. On the other hand, if you have limited space and do not entertain much, a smaller table is the best choice. You can even opt for the foldable ones that save space and look sleek and elegant. The table must take up 72 inches of surface area if you want to accommodate less than six guests, and your  table  must cover 96 inches for any more than six guests.

  • The Shape of the Dinner Table

The shape of the dinner table is the next step after you pick the size. The shape and form must match the architecture of the room. Square and rectangular dinner tables are best for rooms with conventional furniture. Round tables work well for small families or if your room décor is more contemporary and retro. A  dining table  with extensions will be ideal if you have a small space that can be extended when guests come over.

  • Material of the Dinner Table

The material you pick for your dining space furniture is essential in enhancing glamour and helping with durability. It adds to the visual appeal; you can choose wood, glass, marble, ceramic, or granite for your dining space furniture. A wooden table lends a classic appeal in contrast to a glass one which seems more chic and modern. You would also want to pick a material that is easy to clean and maintain, especially if you have kids.

  • Style of the Dinner Table

The style comes last in the order but is of prime importance. Choose one that complements the décor of your entire home, from traditional dinner tables to rustic-styled ones. If you are short on space, choose the Scandinavian-styled ones with a round tabletop and chairs that snuck comfortably in when you dine. 

Here are ten ways to change the look of your dining room instantly

  • Chairs

Apart from the chairs that come with the dinner table, you might want to invest in a few more if you have guests frequently. Choose  chairs  that blend well with your dinner table and are of an appropriate height to adjust with the tabletop. A set of bar stools would also be apt if you have a contemporary dining space table, and you could also quickly set them up for cocktail parties.

Learn the benefits of custom dining tables and chairs.

  • Storage

If you are lucky to have space left after you fit the dinner table, you could look at a closet or cabinet that could display your crockery collection. From wine glasses to elaborate dinner sets, you could fit in a cabinet that can be handy when you have guests over. You can even pick furniture with extensions and drawers to help you keep things neat and organised. You can also place a  corner rack  to arrange your tea set and ornamental crockery that enhances the look of your dining space.


The festive season is a great time to hop on and do a home decor makeover; deals, offers, and sales open the gateway to new furniture. If you are revamping your dining space or need ideas to make it look glamorous for your guests, explore a range of furniture available online.  Nilkamal  brings you a variety of designs and collections of dining area furniture available on their website for you to choose from. Meet your needs and preferences to make your festive season brighter, happier, and merrier — welcome prosperity and delight with customised and curated pieces of dining area furniture from Nilkamal.
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