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November 11, 2023

Helpful Guide to Buy Premium Recliner for Upgrading Your Living Space


Of all the furniture pieces in your living area, the placement of a  premium recliner  is considered to hold the utmost importance, as it speaks volumes of sophistication and class. A recliner serves as the foundation and focal point of your home, as it sets the mood and atmosphere of your cosy corner. Plus, it elevates the guests' seating area, making investing in a premier recliner a compelling choice. The recliner you buy must guarantee cosiness and comfort, which is why the  recliner  is designed with sturdy pocket springs and snuggly upholstery. The  2 seater recliner  and  3 seater recliner  are designed with premium upholstery with exceptional softness to help you doze off instantly.




Luxury living furniture, like a  premium recliner,  is a smart investment, as it can elevate the feel and aesthetics of your home. Read on to learn about the points of consideration when you are going to buy the perfect and comfortable  recliner


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What Size of Recliner Should You Choose?

The first feature to consider before choosing a  premium recliner  is to know the right size to meet your relaxation needs. You must first measure the area of your living room where you intend to set up the recliner. There should be enough space, even after placing the  3 seater recliner,  for you to move around freely.  The  best comfortable recliner  should fit well in the designated space, even if it is in a reclining position. You can choose from compact  recliner  to spacious ones based on the space available in your living area. 

Which Recliner Size Works Best for You?

Another factor of consideration when buying a  premium recliner  is the number of people using it. Choose the  best comfortable recliner  that best fits your family member’s body shape. Consider the aspects of the recliner, like the width, height, size, and shape of the seat to enjoy optimum comfort. If you have an elderly at home, go for a  recliner  that is equipped with exceptional lumbar support to relieve the pressure from back muscles.  Choosing the  best recliner for back pain  will help your parents experience enhanced mobility. You can also choose between a  1 seater recliner,  2 seater recliner,  and a  3 seater recliner  to take care of your seating demands. 


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Which Recliner Type Should I Choose?

You can buy  premium recliner  in different types, which include:


1. Power Recliner Sofa

This type of  premium recliner  gives you complete control in terms of reclining position. This recliner sofa works with a powerful motorised system supported by button operation to make reclining a seamless affair. The footrest of this  2 seater recliner  can be elevated to enjoy a customised seating experience. Even if any of your family members has any physical limitation, they can use this  recliner easily with a gentle push of a button. 


2. Manual Recliner Sofa

If you are on the lookout for a  premium recliner  that is convenient to use and lasts a lifetime, then go for a manual recliner. This type of  recliner  is usually operated by a side clipper or a latch to release the lever to experience the reclining transition. Manual recliners are known to have a lightweight design for easy manoeuvring across the hall. They sport a sturdy wooden frame often constructed using pine wood, solid wood, and plywood for durable support. It is considered the  best recliner for back pain,  as it comes with deep seats, optimum lumbar support, plush upholstery, and soft padding on armrests for optimising comfort. This  comfortable recliner  is built with pocket springs to support excellent bounce and has backside webbing for unmatched resilience and weight-bearing ability. 


3. Swivel Recliner Sofa

This type of  premium recliner  is a must-have choice for modern living rooms, as they are comfortable and have a stylish look.  It has authentic reclining action, giving it complete control to swivel the seat from the base part. It is an apt find for people who have limited mobility and love to do a number of tasks simultaneously, as they can turn around in any direction without having to shift the  comfortable recliner  to a new location in the room. The soft and cushiony padding helps you lie, stretch your back and relax your feet and hands on the foam-filled footpads and armrests, making it the  best recliner for back pain.  This type of recliner sofa works well both for homes and offices, as it has a classy and charming look to impress the onlookers. 


4. Stationary Recliners

This type of  premium recliner  is known to have a spacious seating design with a compact footprint to save floor space. Sporting a space-conscious style, this  comfortable recliner  is set with an oversized seat, cushions on the backrest, headrest, and armrests to eliminate muscle spasms and joint pain. You can stretch your back muscles in a reclining position and elevate your feet to optimise comfort even more. The  recliner  flaunts a sophisticated look with premium  velvet upholstery that exudes luxury and class to match your room decor. 


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Which Recliner Upholstery Material Should You Choose?

When opting for a  premium recliner,  pay close attention to the upholstery material to get that luxe feel when running your fingers over it. Some of the popular upholstery options are: 

Fabric Upholstery

Most often,  premium recliner  is upholstered in high-quality fabric like velvet, polyester and polycotton blends. If you love to own a recliner with super soft upholstery, go for the ones with polyester or velvet fabric, which exude comfort. If your family members have allergies, choose a  recliner  with cotton or polyester, as they are hypoallergenic in nature. The recliners with fabric upholstery are known for their tactile nature and distinct feel. If you have a big family with several pets or children, choose a recliner with fabric upholstery. 


Leather Upholstery

Premium recliner  and leather upholstery are synonymous with comfort and a sophisticated look. Modern homeowners prefer leather upholstered recliner, as it is easy to maintain and clean. Leather materials, when used on a  comfortable recliner  can last long and can be a durable choice for families having kids and pets. This recliner for back pain is a comfortable choice for families having people with different age groups, as it can cater to their relaxing and sleeping needs. 


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Which Recliner Colours Should You Opt for? 

  1. If planning to introduce a pop of colour to your living area, choose a  premium recliner  in bright colours. 
  2. If you have a subdued interior theme, complement it with alight brown  3 seater recliner.  You can also choose a recliner in dark brown upholstery to blend in with the furniture. 
  3. Create a neutral look with  recliners in beige, white or tan. Make a statement with a  recliner  in navy blue, grey and black shades. 
  4. Show off your love for updated furniture by selecting  recliners  in mild grey, blue and green to upgrade your living room.


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Concluding Thoughts 

The  premium recliner  you choose must convey a lot about your personal preferences and an eye for beautiful things. To choose the  best comfortable recliner,  visit the website of  Nilkamal Furniture  to choose from manual recliners with  2 seater recliner  or 3-seater  recliner  options to cater to your seating demands.

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