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December 12, 2021

How to choose bedroom furniture?

The bedroom is an important place in everyone’s lives. Afterall, we spend one third of our life sleeping or attempting to sleep. Now you know how important it is to get your bedroom decor right so as to create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere that allows you to sleep well.

So, here’s how you should choose your bedroom furniture.


Size matters! When choosing furniture for your bedroom, often, the size of your bedroom is what will guide your furniture choice. If you have a large bedroom, you can go for a king size bed, a dressing table, a lounge chair, a TV unit, a large wardrobe, a table, bookshelf, an ottoman, etc. But if you have a small bedroom, you’d have to skip a few of these furniture items that aren’t essentials.

The size of your room will help you determine whether you have space for a king size bed, a queen size bed or just a single bed. The size of your bed will then determine the mattress size. There are variations of sizes within king and queen size beds as well.


We want our bedroom to not just feel cozy but also to look good. Bedroom furniture is available in different styles and designs. The good thing with bedroom furniture is that you can have individual rooms decorated in unique styles. It doesn’t have to match your home decor exactly.

Say for instance, your living room, dining space and kitchen lean towards modern and contemporary. But you want your bedroom to follow a mid-century, transitional style. You can easily do so as your bedroom is a separate space, almost hidden from your common areas.


The material of your bedroom furniture will depend on your individual taste, budget, and requirements. Most people prefer wooden beds. Within wood, there are different types such as MDF, engineered wood, mild steel, stainless steel, sheesham wood, etc. The material you choose will affect the price, durability, and style of your furniture.

Explore beds made of different materials.


Here’s a double bed with storage made of 15 mm pre-laminated particle board. The bed has compartmentalized storage space and a headboard with storage space.


Check out this mild-steel bed made of MS tubes that are pre-treated and powder coated. This design is easy to dismantle and transport anywhere you’d like.

Cleaning & maintenance needs

Cleaning and maintenance of furniture is easier said than done. And it’s an important factor to consider while you’re buying your furniture. Some of the must-consider factors are the weather conditions, exposure to dust and pollution, sunlight, dampness and moisture, etc.

For example, if you stay in a humid place which can get damp and moist during monsoon or winter, you should avoid cane and wood. This goes especially for the wardrobe because you don’t want dampness and moisture to spoil your clothes. In these weather conditions, engineered wood and metal would be more suitable, as it would be easier to maintain them.

Dust and pollution are other factors. If you’re looking for a sofa for a room that is exposed to dust and pollution, you should go for leather or cotton upholstery. You should avoid velvet and any textured material that is difficult to clean.

Wondering what kind of mattress would be easy to clean and maintain? Mattresses come in various materials and designs. Choose one that is easy to clean and maintain. For example, a heavy mattress or one that has a textured top would gather dust and won’t be easy to clean.

Requirement and need

Of course we want everything in our home and bedroom - from a lounge chair to study table to wardrobe. But do we really need them in the bedroom? The choice of our bedroom furniture should depend on our needs.

For example, if you’re an avid reader and prefer to have books within reach in your bedroom, a bookshelf would be a good idea. But that doesn’t mean you need a chair as well. You might be comfortable reading in bed and hence you can ignore the chair. Similarly, if you prefer working in your bedroom, a study table is a must-have.


Check out this compact study table that can sit snugly in any bedroom. It even has a drawer with a lock to keep your important files and documents.

Wrap up

If you’re looking for bedroom furniture, you’re in luck -- Nilkamal online furniture store has something for every taste and preference. With all the above tips, you’re sure to select the right kind of furniture for your bedroom.

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