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June 26, 2023

How to Keep Your Home Dry and Clean During Rainy Season

After the summer's sweltering bright days, the relentless monsoon downpour brings cooler weather. Now is the perfect time to listen to your favourite song while drinking hot tea or coffee. However, you must be extra careful about your rooms and  home furniture.  You need many  home cleaning tips  to keep your room and  home furniture  safe during this time. Read the article below for helpful  home cleaning tips  for your  home furniture  and  wooden furniture.  If you're looking for high-quality  wooden furniture,  check for various options available online.


Home Cleaning Tips You Need for the Coming Monsoon

Does your recent browser history include questions like -  how to remove moisture from room in rainy season?  How to prevent fungus in room Orhow to keep home dry and clean?  If you want answers to these questions, read the  home cleaning tips  below to tackle the problems during rainy seasons. 


Inside Leakage Can Ruin Your Interior

During monsoons, several bacteria and fungi love to live on wet walls. Numerous breathing and respiratory illnesses, including allergic reactions, sinus and nasal irritation, asthma, and more, are associated with unsanitary homes. Now take quick action, like calling your plumber, to safeguard your closed ones' health and well-being. Wet walls are a sign of clogged gutters and plumbing. Call a plumber to stop water seepage, cracks, leaks, or other wall damage. Your luxurious interior furnishings, such as  wooden furniture,  wardrobes,  cabinet,  etc., can get ruined due to the increased leakages and fractures in your walls, ruining the overall aesthetic of your interior. 


Keep Wooden Furniture Aside From the Walls

During the monsoon season, leaks are frequent. You can avoid significant interior damage to your home by keeping all of the pricey  home furniture,  such as  wooden bookcases,  wooden showcases,  beds,  and especially wardrobes, away from the walls. To safeguard your home's interior, provide a set distance between the furnishings in the  bedroom  and the  living room.


Move Wooden Furniture Away from the Windows

Since water seeping through windows and balconies is prevalent during the rainy season, keeping  home furniture  away from the windows is crucial to prevent any damage to your priceless house interiors. Cleaning wooden window panels can also assist in keeping any  wooden furniture  in your house free of water stains. 


Basic Home Cleaning Tip: Apply Diy Water Absorbents

Every house owner should know  how to keep home dry and clean  in the rainy season. You can always utilise camphor balls if you're concerned about how to safeguard the timber inside of your home during the monsoon. Camphor balls are excellent at absorbing water. Therefore they can be helpful.


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Avoid Slippery Floors at Any Cost

The rainy season's negative aspects include slippery floors around the house, moisture, and dampness. The doorway is the area that gets the most moisture during the rain; thus, one must keep it dry and fresh all day by removing any slick floors that could lead to deadly mishaps. You can purchase  shoe racks  and  multipurpose cabinets  for keeping your shoes dry and clean. Bamboo mats are a sustainable choice and keep your feet and home smelling great all day long because they are damp-proof. Additionally, look at the fashionable and colourful storage boxes and cabinets that perfectly complement your carpets and curtains. Carry a fully dry towel with you all day to keep the foyer dry and fresh.  


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How to Remove Moisture from the Room in the Rainy Season

There are several  home cleaning tips  on  how to remove moisture from room in rainy season.  Here are some of the most common ones: 


  • To keep moisture from entering crawlspaces from the ground, cover the dirt with a plastic sheet. Make sure the ventilation in the crawlspaces is good.
  • Utilise exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom to transport moisture outside rather than into the attic. Your clothes dryer should be vented outside.
  • If you observe moisture on windows and any other surfaces, turn off specific equipment (such as humidifiers or kerosene heaters).
  • Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners to lower the amount of moisture in the air, especially in hot, humid conditions, but watch out that the appliances themselves don't turn into sources of biological pollutants.
  • Warm up any cold surfaces where moisture is condensing. Use storm windows or insulation.


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How to Prevent Fungus in the Room

It is essential to know  how to keep home dry and clean  to avoid fungus in your home. Here are some essential  home cleaning tips  to help you avoid the fungus during the rainy season.


  • Maintain as low a humidity level as you can during the day. You can lower the level with a dehumidifier or air conditioner. In a home improvement store, you can purchase a meter to measure the humidity in your house. You should check the humidity levels more than once a day because it changes throughout the day.
  • In the kitchen and bathroom, you can use outdoor exhaust fans. 
  • If there are any leaks in your home's plumbing, walls, or roof, fix them immediately to prevent mould growth.
  • After a flood, thoroughly clean and immediately (within 24 to 48 hours) dry out your home.
  • Before painting, add mould inhibitors to the paint. 


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With these practical  home cleaning tips  and short ideas, you can master monsoon home care and enjoy your chilly, windy monsoon days worry-free. Get toasty and cuddly with your favourite blanket and a hot beverage. Visit  Nilkamal Furniture  from the comfort of your home to browse and purchase your favourite  wooden furniture.  The website also has some helpful  home cleaning tips  to keep your home and your  home furniture  safe during the rainy season. Before the rains surprise you, move quickly!

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