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February 04, 2023

Ideas for Open-Air Dinner Settings to Express Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Although, you should not wait for a specific day to express your love for your valentine, memories do matter, don't they? If you're looking to branch out from the usual and predictable movie and restaurant dinner dates, you've come to the right place. Spending time with each other under a starry sky is a romantic idea that can never go wrong. Nothing is more valuable to your partner than your efforts for him/her, and open-air dining ideas are a perfect combination of both. With brands like Nilkamal Furniture offering a wide range of outdoor furniture at reasonable prices, the concept may be easier to implement than it appears. Browse the website, choose your favourite  outdoor chairs  and tables, and then get to work.

Stunning open-air dinner setup ideas to surprise your valentine

Some interesting dinner setup ideas are:

  • Use Lights to Create magic

When it comes to Valentine's Day, nothing beats fairy lights. They will look equally good whether spread around the table or hung on top of the  dining table.  The intensity of the lights should be considered when selecting them for such occasions. It is always preferable to use dim and soft lighting for such occasions to avoid making the surroundings overly bright. Setting up a  dining table  in your garden with minimal décor, flowers, and favourite food could be the ideal valentine's date for those who want to keep it low-key and spend some quality time with their partners. To make a sorted purchase, you can also look at some  garden chairs.

  • Amid the Snow

As dreamy and complicated as it may sound, trust us when we say it's easier than you think. Nothing is more romantic than a dinner date surrounded by snow-capped mountains and trees. With such a breathtaking view, you don't need to do anything extraordinary to make it a memorable experience. With everything else being white, working with the signature colour of love, red, may be the best choice. It stands out among the whites all around, creating a pleasing visual. All you need for this magical date are  outdoor chairs  and a centre table. Place some red roses, your favourite bottle of wine, and some candles on the table. To complete the look, add some red cushions to the chair.

  • Go With an All-White Theme

With so many trees in our garden, an all-white theme can be a great choice. It helps the décor stand out among the greenery. You can choose simple  garden chairs  and a  dining table set,  which you can cover with a white tablecloth. Create natural aesthetics by incorporating your partner's favourite white flowers, such as white roses, gypsophila (baby's breath), or any other. To complete the look, add candles and your favourite white crockery. String lights can complete your low-effort but highly aesthetic setup. Spend some quality time with your Valentine by ordering your favourite food. If you want to  buy chairs online,  you can browse the extensive collection of  Nilkamal outdoor chairs  and be sure to find what you need.

  • Deck Up Your Balcony

With high-rise buildings all around, not everyone may have access to a garden or a backyard. Does this mean you can't surprise your valentine with outdoor dining arrangements? Obviously not! What are balconies for, then? If done correctly,  balcony décor  can be both aesthetically pleasing and magical. String lights are essential in any  balcony décor.  They can be hung along the railing or placed around the  dining table.  Since lighting is vital to creating an atmosphere, it is always best to turn off the leading light and keep it dim. Balconies typically do not have a lot of space, so the viral white net curtains come in handy. For added effect, hang them with a hook around the dining table. Set the mood by placing plants and décor pieces around the space. You can attach photographs around the curtains with small sticky notes and messages to make them feel even more unique.

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  • Close to the pool

Poolsides, when used wisely, make for an ideal date location. You don't have to put in much effort when planning a dinner date for your valentine because the pool already adds to the aesthetic and creates a scenic view. With such a lovely view, you don't need expensive or fancy furniture. Everything depends on how you put things together. Choose a  dining table set  and some  Nilkamal outdoor chairs  online, add your partner's favourite flowers, food, and wine, and you're ready to gift them with memories to last a lifetime.

  • Get back to basics

You can always go right with a traditional dining setting with candles, flowers, handwritten notes, and food. With the increasing trend of doing unusual things, sometimes the simplest things provide immense peace. And a traditional candlelight dinner can always go right. Use a  glass dining table  for a more luxurious look, and add chairs for a comfortable setting. You can also add a carpet underneath for a more elevated appearance. Put a lot of flowers and plants in the centre, and play some soft music in the background to make it a memorable night.

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Valentine's Day is simply an excuse to take a break from our daily routines and spend time with our loved ones. For some, it may be just another day. Still, for those who value relationships and cannot carve out time from their busy schedules, this day may be the ideal opportunity to unwind and spend quality time with their partner. Browse  Nilkamal Furniture  to find some stunning furniture pieces that will elevate your experience and make it a night to remember for a long time.
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