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February 06, 2023

Trendy TV Cabinets at Nilkamal Furniture For Your Living Room 

Every visitor who enters your home notices the living room, which must look flawless. Even the most basic room designs can be made to stand out with the addition of stylish  living room furniture.  A trendy entertainment unit will help you organise things and look good in your home.

If you stay most of the time in their bedroom, you can also place a trending TV cabinet. Before bed, place your TV on a fashionable  TV cabinet  and binge-watch your favorite program. You can experiment with various styles, hues, and materials and pick the TV cabinet that best compliments your home's interior design. Having the proper TV table furniture is crucial for aesthetic reasons, to ensure the security of your equipment, and to make binge-watching more enjoyable. 

Check the  tv unit online  at Nilkamal Furniture. You will undoubtedly discover something that complements your personality and lifestyle needs among our comprehensive selection of living room and bedroom-appropriate products.

Reasons to Buy TV Cabinets

Organise Things Better

A well-designed  TV unit  provides space for everything you might need and love to enhance your TV-watching pleasure. These cabinets come with open compartments and drawers. While the open compartments can keep and display your impressive collection of movie CDs, periodicals, vintage music records, etc., the drawer can hold items you might want to avoid displaying.

Multipurpose Utility

A TV cabinet decoration works as a display and enhances how you watch movies at home. The cabinet can serve as a place to keep memories and a potted plant, or it can be a nook for your favorite picture frames. Doing this gives the rest of your room more space, which is crucial for a functional home where moving around is simple.

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Aesthetic Elements

The last thing you want is a wire mess in the living room! What's the best approach to prevent that? The door of a TV cabinet might hide the wires behind the television. There will undoubtedly be a lot of cables dangling around if you intend to maintain several devices in your living room, such as a television, stereo, video game console, etc. This issue is resolved by a cabinet cleverly concealing the wiring.

Invest in New Living Room Furnishings

Choosing a stylish TV unit accent may give your  living room furniture  decor the conversation starter it requires. The many hues of wood can give your space a regal appearance if you decide to employ wooden tv units due to their strength and longevity.

Things To Remember While Buying An Entertainment Unit

  • The essential thing to think about is how big your TV is. You should know the television's frame size and overall height and width before attempting to match the television's screen size to the size of the entertainment centre. To ensure a secure fit, consider the unit's depth as well. To accommodate cables, there should be a 2-inch space left around the TV so it can be well-ventilated.
  • Measure the space: Depending on the size of your room and the viewing distance, choose the size of the entertainment unit. A compact TV cabinet or LCD unit is preferable if you want an entertainment unit for yourbedroom.
  • Placement of the entertainment unit: Consider how your room is set up before deciding where to put the entertainment unit and the television. When you are sitting, the television screen should be in your line of sight. Depending on the seating arrangement, the TV size, and viewing height, you can choose a high TV unit or a low TV unit. Additionally, it's essential to consider the accessibility of cable lines and power outlets while deciding where to place them. Keep your entertainment centre away from the windows to prevent backlighting from obscuring your view.

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Different Kinds of Entertainment Units

It's crucial to consider all of your alternatives before purchasing a new entertainment centre for your television or a more complicated piece of entertainment furniture to accommodate all of your linked electronic gadgets. Pick  entertainment units  ideal for your LCD or TV, your lifestyle, and the size of your living space. Here are some examples of various TV entertainment systems.

Nilkamal Iris TV Cabinet

This TV cabinet, made of sturdy engineered wood, features two drawers, two open shelves, and two chambers with shutters, each having two shelves. For simpler transportation, it can be disassembled and put back together.

Nilkamal Sage TV Cabinet (Walnut)

It is constructed from a particle board that is 15 mm thick and has a melamine finish to prevent fungus growth. It includes two shutter compartments with two shelves each, one drawer, one open shelf, and space for a TV. For simpler transportation, it can be disassembled and put back together.

Nilkamal Iris TV Cabinet (Walnut)

It is constructed from a particle board that is 15 mm thick and has a melamine finish to prevent fungus growth. Two shelves are open, there are two drawers, and there are two shutter chambers with two shelves each. It can accommodate a 60-inch TV and can be disassembled and reassembled for simple travelling.

Nilkamal Furniture also has some of the best designs in LCD and wall units. Check the website for more designs. 


A TV unit is essential to any modern house. Televisions should be maintained on a sleek, fashionable, and functional surface. Additionally, it keeps your living space look more organised. We used excellent materials to design our selection of TV units lovingly. TV  entertainment units  come in particle board and engineered wood varieties. So don't procrastinate. Purchase a  TV unit online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  to give your living space a sophisticated feel.

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