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September 28, 2023

Importance of Ergonomic Office Chairs Improve Posture and Well-being


In the modern-day sedentary work environment, people spend long hours sitting at desks and working on computers. Consequently, pain in the back, shoulders and joints is a common experience for everyone who sits for 10 more hours in the same place. The ergonomic  office chair  has gained tremendous popularity recently because of the need for comfort and healthy working conditions. The benefits of using ergonomic  recliner chair go beyond just physical health, as they influence people’s mental and emotional health. 


In this article, we take a look at what  ergonomic chairs  are, how they benefit health and productivity and why you should  buy office chairs  that are ergonomic. 

What Is an Ergonomic Chair and Why Do You Need One?

Chairs  we are familiar with daily are designed for essential comfort and utility. However, they are meant for only a short sitting time, especially while working with computers. People need to be aware of the health implications of sitting for long periods as they do at work. While it seems like a relaxed activity, sitting stresses the body, especially the spine, when people do not sit in the right posture. Poor posture for 10 hours a day over a long period can lead to people developing pain in the back, neck and joints. 


Normal  chairs,  including  chair with arm,  are not designed to support a proper posture that applies less stress on the body. Ergonomic  office chair  are explicitly intended to support the body at different points to minimise stress and support sitting for extended periods comfortably. 


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How Do Ergonomic Chairs Help Your Well-Being?

Besides comfort, ergonomic  office chair  have health benefits that translate into productivity. 


It Helps Maintain Good Posture

A  recliner chair  feels comfortable because of the full support it offers to the body’s natural curve. The same is true for ergonomic  chairs  as they: 


  • Help with sitting straight and avoiding slouching
  • Keep the neck in a relaxed and neutral position
  • Help sit with both feet flat on the floor for optimal blood circulation
  • Keep the body at arm’s length away from the computer screen
  • Keep the monitor leveled with the eyes
  • Offer lower back (lumbar) support


These are posture benefits that regular plastic or  wooden chairs  cannot offer for extended periods. 


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It Improves Health and Mental Well Being

Bad posture over a long period increases stress on the body and leads to pain. Although aligning the torso, back, arms, neck and legs now and then relieves pressure, fatigue can start to set in without proper posture. People who sit with poor posture can develop musculoskeletal disorders such as muscle strains, carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back injuries. These disorders can make working harder, which leads to poor performance and mental stress that exacerbates over time. Being in constant physical pain compounded with the stress of work can severely affect people's mental and emotional well-being. 


An ergonomic  office chair  provides comfort, prevents physical pain and disease, and boosts morale, which all factor into a good work life.  


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It Can Increase Productivity

Decreasing the stress associated with prolonged sitting can translate into productivity at work. Several studies have demonstrated that people who  buy office chairs  at work have better focus, fewer errors, fewer absenteeism, and improved timelines. 


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Features of a Good Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic  chairs online  should all have the following features: 


  • Adjustable seat height:  Adjustable seats should allow people of different stature to adjust the size to place their feet on the floor. Since  office tables  have fixed height-adjustable seats ranging from 16 to 21 inches, they suit most people. 
  • Seat width and depth: A good seat depth of 2 to 4 inches to the back of the knee is crucial to keep it comfortable. 
  • Seat tilt:  Ergonomic  office chairs  allow for a seat tilt that helps individuals sit at an 80-degree angle at the hips. This tilt is essential to keep the pelvis in a neutral position. 
  • Lumbar Support:  Adjustable lumbar supports in ergonomic  chairs  ensure the lower back maintains its natural curve, reducing the risk of slouching and lower back pain. The ergonomic  office chair  should support the spine's natural “S” shape. 
  • Recline:  Adjustable backrests allow different people to adjust the  recliner chair  to their height and comfort. This ensures their back is naturally supported in its “S” contour. 


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  • Dynamic Seating:  synchronised tilt mechanisms in great ergonomic  office chairs  allow active sitting. As the individual moves or shifts their weight, the  chairs  adapt to support their posture, minimising the strain on the spine.
  • Armrests:  Adjustable armrests encourage people to keep their arms and shoulders in a relaxed, supported position, preventing hunching and shoulder strain. This is different from regular  chair with arm  that are fixed and cannot be adjusted.
  • Headrests:  Chairs  with headrests support the neck and upper spine, encouraging people to maintain an upright head position.
  • Swivel and wheels:  Good ergonomic chairs  allow people to move effortlessly to reach items on their desks. 
  • Improved Blood Circulation:  Ergonomic  office chair  features seat pans design with a waterfall edge. It reduces pressure on the thighs, preventing numbness and discomfort while promoting proper circulation.


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Ergonomic  office chairs  are designed to enhance posture and overall well-being in the workplace. They can also be considered a combination that gives the utility of  wooden chairs  and the comfort of a  recliner chair!  The  chair with arm  has carefully engineered features, including seat and backrest design, adjustability options, and lumbar support, working in tandem to help users maintain a healthy posture and minimise physical strain.

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