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December 13, 2022

Keep Your Wooden Garden Sofa in Impeccable Condition

In the spring and summer months, you put your  wooden garden sofa  to good use. From hosting those barbecues to outdoor picnics, your wooden garden sofa will serve you well. But what about winter? How does one keep the  wooden sofa  in good condition, perfect for use come next spring? There are many ways to look after a garden sofa without letting it fall apart. A few tips and tricks of the trade could leave you with a brand new-looking  sofa  to enjoy your outdoor parties and barbecues. Learn more about the finer aspects of looking after your outdoor sofa when you decide to  buy garden sofa  or if you already have one.

How to Care For Outdoor Garden Wooden Furniture?

The primary question is how you want your  wooden garden sofa  to look- do you want it to remain pristine and in the same colour as when you bought it, or do you like the slightly weathered look? When you  buy garden sofa,  what matters is whether it is made of hardwood or softwood. Hardwoods are durable and last longer, while softwoods don’t last long and need to be painted and treated from time to time. Irrespective of the wood your sofa is made of, or if you  buy sofa online,  the below trade secrets will help you make a good investment.

  • Clean it
  • All wooden furniture, whether a  recliner sofa,  l shape sofa  or  chairs,  needs a good cleaning at least once a year. An excellent clean helps eliminate algae, lichens, bird droppings and dirt. If you tend to leave your  sofa  out in the winter, you might think it does not need any cleaning during the colder months. Contrary to popular belief, dirt holds onto additional moisture. Dirty furniture will stay damp all season and become more susceptible to decay and rot than cleaner furniture, which will dry out in the summer. Even if you have a garage or a shed to store your furniture, cleaning it and drying it entirely is essential as it prevents dirt from drying on the wood. Wash the wooden furniture with warm, soapy water and a gentle brush. Let it dry completely before rubbing it with some sandpaper.

  • Treat it
  • Hardwood like oak, teak, eucalyptus, and acacia does not need any treatment and only require a good cleaning. Over time it will weather into a silvery shade and if you want to retain the original colour, treat the sofa with teal oil once a year. Softwoods like pine need a preservative, oil or wood paint to protect the wood from weathering. Use a clean brush to paint your wooden garden sofa. Tilt the couch to treat it beneath the legs and the areas in contact with the ground. The spots connected under the ground are prone to moisture absorption and decay. Let the first coat of paint dry thoroughly before giving it another coat.

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  • Fix it
  • Over time and with constant use, your wooden garden sofa may come loose around the edges, especially where screws and bolts have joined it. Make sure to look through your entire set for loose or missing screws. If any screws need to be replaced, get them fixed immediately and opt for brass ones to prevent rusting. Once your garden furniture is clean and dry, it is time to think about storing it during the winter. Keeping it in a dry space will help your  wooden sofa  last longer, and you will enjoy it for a long time. 

  • Store garden furniture in a shed or garage
  • Almost all garden furniture will be best stored indoors. Pieces like folding tables, sun loungers and folding sofas make storage easier. The other can be stacked over each other to take less space. If you have a dedicated space to put your clean and dry furniture away, it is best to store it there. Alternatively, you could invest in a plastic shed designed explicitly for this purpose. Cushions and soft furnishings must also be cleaned and stored. Make sure to check the furniture regularly to avoid any shocks when you are ready to bring them out to enjoy the summer.

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  • Invest in special covers
  • If you need a dedicated space to put your furniture away, invest in unique covers that help protect furniture during the winter. Covers with excellent fit help to prolong the life of the furniture. You can invest in waterproof covers that will not let any rainwater or moisture protect the furniture. Make sure to remove any soft coverings, furnishing and cushions before covering the sofa. Ensure that the furniture is completely dry to ensure adequate ventilation for air circulation.

  • Move furniture to a sheltered space
  • Whether you have space to store your garden furniture away or the means to cover it, it is ideal for moving the furniture to a sheltered spot in your garden to protect it from harsh wind and torrential rain. Ideally, you must move your wooden garden sofa to a flat, concrete, paved surface than leaving it on the grass. This will reduce the exposure to moisture from underneath. If it has to stay on the lawn, treat the legs with preservatives and raise it over a flat stone to keep it away from the wet grass. If your furniture is light, it will help to move it to a sheltered spot, as a strong gust of wind could blow it away and cause further damage to your garden.

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    Gardens are meant to be enjoyed in spring and summer. Warm, sunny days with sangria, barbecues and more are the perfect recipe to bond with family and friends. If you have a garden and some tremendous wooden furniture that adorns it, you should be the ideal host every summer. With these tips to protect your garden furniture to last longer, you could be the most awaited host in town. Invest time, money, tender love, and care into your garden furniture and reap huge benefits. Explore  Nilkamal Furniture  to find the best furniture for your home.
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