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December 14, 2022

Extend the Longevity of Wooden Furniture With the Best Methods of Applying Oil This Winter

Expensive  wooden furniture  gets cracks and looks dull during the harsh winter months. One of the ideal ways to avoid this is to apply oil to the  furniture  and save on the cost of replacing the furniture. Learn how to simplify this process by knowing the best ways to apply oil to the furniture pieces in your home. The type of  furniture oil  required and the materials used for the application process are crucial to saving the furniture.  

Why is Oiling Required for Wood-Based Furniture?

The harsh winter months tend to render wooden surfaces dry and cracked like never before. Overlooking the dry texture of the wood may lead to a warped surface that people prefer to see in their expensive  furniture.  Whether it is a  bed,  a  sofa set,  or any other furniture, caring for every single wooden piece in the home will extend its texture on the whole. 

  • Not only will oiling the furniture items produce a shine on them, but it will also imbibe a natural look to the items and make them appear brand new. 
  • The oil rubbed on the wood tends to penetrate within and soak up all the dryness brought on by the harsh weather conditions. 
  • The barrier formed by the oil on the wooden surface blocks out any penetration by moisture during the monsoons or heat during the summer months.
  • The smooth oily surface also protects against the general wear and tear brought on by regular usage of the wooden items. 

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Is Oiling for Wooden Surfaces Required Regularly?

The frequency of the oiling process varies with the kind of wood used in the  best wooden furniture.  The texture of the wood, whether soft or hard, and the thickness used significantly impact the oiling process. Also, the finishing of the wooden surface, whether textured or smooth, will affect the frequency of oiling. How often the  wooden furniture  is used will also dictate how often it must be oiled and maintained. 

Typically, furniture made from wood must be oiled every six months to a year, depending on the above-mentioned factors. Furniture not used very often can be oiled only once a year for better maintenance. Also, if the weather is mid-dry or not very humid, the furniture can be oiled once a year. 

On the other hand, wooden  chairs  or sofa sets used outdoors, such as on balconies or open terrace roofs, must be essentially oiled at least once in six months. Regular and indoor furniture can be oiled anywhere between six months to a year. Even when you  buy wooden furniture online,  you will have to take care of the furniture in winter.

Cleaning Wooden Surfaces before the Oiling Process

 Is it essential to clean wooden surfaces before oiling them? And how this can be done is a crucial step in caring for furniture made from wood. The type of wood influences how it has to be cleaned. Also, the condition of the wood, if clean or dirty, determines the extent of the cleaning process required. 

A dirty wooden surface must be sanded down thoroughly to eliminate any grime or grease collected over time. This can be followed by cleaning with a soap solution and a dry cloth to remove any lingering dust particles. Some wooden surfaces may be cleaned with only a brush to prepare for the oiling process. If the wooden surface is not very dirty, it can be cleaned with only a damp cloth. Making sure the wooden surface is completely dry before oiling is necessary for the oil to be effective and avoid any fungal growth.

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What Kind of Oil Must Be Used?

Different oil varieties may be used, like linseed oil, olive oil, and tung oil. Although the ideal type of oil to be used, tung oil is quite expensive but lends a lasting touch to the wood. Tung oil is also more durable and renders a superior shine. Olive oil is the most costly variety, but it better impacts damaged and dried wood. Linseed oil is the cheapest and best oil for wood polishing since it is readily available. A good quality food-grade oil that will not attract any moisture and allow microbial growth can be used.

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How is The Oiling Process Done?

A lint-free cloth and a food-grade oil like linseed, olive, tung, etc., are the items for the oiling process of wooden surfaces. The following steps are involved in oil furniture made from wood. 

  • Use a clean, lint-free cloth to dust the wooden surface after cleaning. 
  • Dab the clean and dustless lint-free cloth with some oil. 
  • Start rubbing the wooden surface with the oil-soaked cloth in a circular motion. Cover the entire wooden surface with the oil and let it rest. 
  • Let the oil soak into the wood for a minimum of 30 minutes.  
  • After soaking, excess oil can be removed using another clean and dry lint-free cloth. 
  • If extra  furniture oil  is needed, more can be added in circular motions and allowed to soak for additional time in case of over-dried wood.

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Despite regularly oiling wooden surfaces,  online furniture  like dining tables can be cared for uniquely by avoiding contact with hot items. Using coasters or mats is a practical way of doing so. Also, any spills on the wood furniture items should be cleaned immediately. Regular dusting and cleaning can extend the periods between the oiling timings of the wooden surfaces.  Buy wooden furniture online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  and use a  furniture protector  to care for it.
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