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December 28, 2022

Let Your Wooden Furniture Age With Grace and Elegance

Using furniture oil is key to maintaining  wooden furniture. Oil meant for wooden furniture penetrates into the material and lends a finish that helps it last longer. Compared to finishes, polishes or varnishes that leave a lacquer effect on the surface, wood oil will not sit on top; thus, the oil leaves a translucent and natural look. The wood oil also doubles as a wood protector as it seeps into the wood, offering a layer of protection on the surface and protecting the  wooden furniture set from moisture, scratches and other blemishes. Invest in good wood oil to oil your furniture to keep it as a family heirloom.

Why Is It Essential to Oil Wooden Furniture?

Whether it is your  dining room furniture,  wooden bed,  bedside table orsofa set, it is necessary to oil it. It seems an easier option to polish wooden furniture. However, the polish builds up and has the opposite effect. Wax and dirt build up over time on the furniture, be it your  dining table and chairs,  centre table or cupboard. This leads to a worn-out look over time. Neglect or tardiness in removing the build-up of dirt and wax only wears the furniture making it look lacklustre. Natural wood oils are very effective at removing any built-up dirt and wax. It is essential to use oil when polishing your  dining room furniture or any wooden piece to remove stubborn wax, silicone build-up or dirt. This helps the wood to look fresh and sparkling as when you purchased it.

Revitalise the Appearance of Furniture With Wood Oils

Wood oils are meant to enhance the aesthetics of furniture worn due to time, dirt or wax build-up. Wood oils help restore the grain depth in wooden furnishings apart from the shine and colour. There are different types of oils meant for wooden furniture to support the wooden furniture set looking "forever new". Oiling wooden  furniture has become an essential method in revitalising and prolonging the beauty of a piece of furniture. Natural furniture wood oils are now seen as wood protectors and vital for maintenance and appearance. Wood oils replace the polishing process and cover those scrapes and indentations without making them look unnatural.

Maintain the Furniture in Good Condition

The key to maintaining furniture in top condition is wood oil. The oil penetrates the wooden furniture and does not stay on top of the surface, and the oil slides through the wood and renders it a shiny and natural look. Wood oil also preserves the wood by building a layer of protection and protecting it from scratches, scrapes and moisture build-up.

Removal of Dirt and Wax Built Over the Years

It takes a while, but the slow build-up of dirt and wax takes its toll on  wooden dining set. Initially, you could cover up the blemishes with a polish or varnish. Eventually, it will start to form a layer and make the furniture look dull. With the help of wood oil, you can remove the built-up wax and dirt. Wood oil helps to remove even stubborn wax and dirt, helps to get rid of silicone build-up and keeps the wood looking new and fresh.

What is Wood Oil?

Wood oils are manufactured by extracting and cooking natural oils like linseed, Danish, soya, and more. The main benefit of using wood oils over lacquers and varnishes is that they bring out the full character and effect of the wood. Your dining set, for example, has a lot of dirt and wax build-up with frequent use. The best way to restore the original look of the  dining table and chairs is to oil it rather than opting for a coat of varnish or lacquer. Since they are made of natural products, it is non-toxic and less harmful to other organic and living materials. Different types of wood oil are commonly used to keep wood looking fresh. A few common types of wood oil used are:

  • Teak Oil
  • Danish Oil
  • Tung Oil
  • Linseed Oil

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Advantages of Using Wood Oils to Restore Wooden Furniture

  • Environment Friendly

Most wood oils are environmentally friendly as they are made from natural extracts. When applied to the furniture, they do minimal harm to the environment and are great for families with children.

  • Long Term Solution

Unlike lacquers and varnishes, wood oils help to offer a long-term solution. Once you apply a protective layer of wood oil, the wood stays fresh and new for longer. The effect of lacquers and varnishes wears off sooner or later.

  • Cost Effective

Since wood oils are made of natural extracts, they are cheaper and have no additives or preservatives to make them last longer.

  • Protect From Dirt and Spillages

Wood oil offers a robust protective layer from dirt, spillages and scratches. Wood oil treats the wood from within and not just the surface.

  • Helps to Create Different Effects

With a whole range of pre-treatment and colour ranges available, wood oils help to create a unique effect.

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Wood oils or oiling of wooden furniture as a process penetrate through the timber and are effective in replacing and replenishing the wood's natural oil to add to the protective layer. With exposure to elements of nature, age and wear, wooden furniture tend to lose its sheen. The wooden furniture oiling helps breathe a new lease of life into the furniture. The oiling of wooden furniture is a process that can be used for floors and decking to rejuvenate any high-quality wooden piece. Make sure you invest time and money in oiling wooden furniture to ensure that your furniture stands the test of time. Explore  Nilkamal Furniture to buy the best home furniture.
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