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December 05, 2022

Practical Tips to Take Care of Wooden Furniture in the Winter

Your wooden furniture requires additional care during the winter season. Although wood lasts long, it is also prone to damage in extreme weather conditions. Whether it is  wooden bedroom furniture  or any other wooden  furniture,  you must follow specific steps to keep them safe. Wood is affected in the winter due to the cold and dry weather, and the wood gets bent or twisted due to the contractions in the cold. Exposure to heat can also make the wood discoloured or bent. But extra care can save your furniture from getting damaged due to the extreme cold. This guide can help you take the necessary steps to keep your furniture safe. 

Tips to Keep Wooden Furniture Safe in the Winter

A heavy investment is involved in your wooden furniture. Therefore, you should try to keep the  furniture  safe in any weather condition. Following some simple steps, you can keep your wooden furniture intact in winter.

  • Guard Against Heat

  • In the winter season, heat-releasing sources remain around our house. The heat released from these sources may affect your expensive wood furniture, whether a heater or a furnace, exposure to heat can cause the wood dry and twist. If you prefer a fireplace inside your home, keep the furniture away to prevent fire hazards. A heating system can also bring dust into the house, damaging the  table  and other wooden pieces and leaving scratches.

  • Save Against Dryness

  • Winter leads everything to dry due to the absence of moisture in the air. Extreme weather causes damage, and excessive dryness also damages the furniture. Dry furniture may get cracked easily, and extreme dryness can also damage the outer appearance of the furniture. To prevent extreme dryness, maintain the humidity level up to 40 to 45%. If you find it challenging to keep the humidity of your house at this level, you may buy a humidifier. To protect it from dryness, polish the  bedroom furniture  with oil and keep it away from direct sunlight. Furniture like  wooden dressers wooden wardrobes,  and tables should be wiped after every few days.

  • Prevent Excess Exposure to Sunlight

  • Excess exposure to sunlight can also cause possible damage to your wooden furniture. Keep your  outdoor wooden furniture  out of direct exposure to sunlight. Although the temperature in the winter is low, direct exposure of the furniture to the sunlight can have a harmful impact. If you keep the furniture directly under the sunlight, your furniture may become discoloured due to the harmful UV ray. Therefore, protect your outdoor furniture by keeping it under a roof.

  • Keep the Furniture Clean

  • Keep your furniture free from dust. Due to the dry weather in the winter, your furniture is susceptible to dust that causes harm to your furniture. To preserve the original appearance of the  bedroom furniture,  you can clean the dust by using a damp cloth after every few days. You should find time to clean your furniture to keep the original appearance impaired. If you have  wooden wardrobes you should clean them both outside and inside.

  • Use Lemon Oil to Polish the Furniture

  • If you want your furniture to shine, wipe it with lemon oil. It will help to add moisture to the wood and keep the furniture new. With the help of lemon oil, you can prevent the loss of natural moisturiser. Lemon oil can also protect the furniture against the sun's UV rays. Therefore, you must apply this oil to your  outdoor wooden furniture.  By polishing the outdoor furniture with lemon oil, you can protect them from direct sunlight. 

  • Avoid Putting Hot Things

  • If you consume tea or coffee frequently in winter, you should also remember to protect your furniture against hot drinks. Avoid keeping a scorching cup of drinks on your  wooden bedside table  to protect it against damage. Putting a hot object on the table directly may leave a stain that may be irremovable. Instead, keep the hot cup on a tray to protect your wooden table.

    Provide Protection to Your Outdoor Furniture

    Since outdoor furniture is prone to more damage in the winter, you should take additional care of your outdoor furniture. If your outdoor furniture is made of wood, apply oil and sealant. You can also use the coating of paint to prevent damage. Take the outdoor furniture inside a store room as you will spend significantly less time outdoors in the winter. You can take other steps to protect your outdoor furniture in the winter.

  • Use Patio Furniture Cover

  • You can use high-quality patio covers to protect your  patio furniture  in the winter, and this cover will enable the furniture to withstand any weather conditions. Before using the patio cover, you should clean the dust from your furniture, and you can use oil and seal them to prevent moisture.

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  • Apply Sealant

  • Apply sealant and polish with oil to protect the wood furniture from dryness. If the material of your furniture is plastic andaluminium, you should regularly clean the furniture. Sealing helps to protect the wood furniture from snow or dew drops. Seal the whole part of the furniture, including joints, to prevent water penetration. 

  • Paint the Furniture

  • If the wood furniture is painted, you can apply a fresh coat to keep it new and shiny. It will also keep the furniture ready for the summer. Paint protects the furniture from the sun's UV rays and prevents tarnish. Therefore, painting helps keep your furniture undamaged.

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    It would help if you prepared early for the additional care of your furniture in the winter, and it would help if you waited until the time. Instead, it would help if you started early to prepare for the maintenance of your wood furniture. The way of care depends on the quality of the wood. You can save time if the wood quality is very high because high-quality timber can withstand any weather condition without much care. You can provide easy maintenance to the furniture made of high-quality wood. If you are looking for high-quality  wooden bedroom furniture,  you should visit  Nilkamal Furniture.

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