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July 19, 2022

Who doesn't like sipping hot coffee or chai in the cold rain showers? The cloudy and beautiful skies and petrichor full of earthy mud and rain perfumes give a fresh refreshment from within. With the cold weather and chilly rains, you know it's officially the rainy season and snuggling time. With the start of monsoon season, blazing hot summers are gone, and the daunting task of  monsoon home care  arrives. For complete monsoon home and furniture maintenance, check out these simple tips and keep your indoor/outdoor spaces crisp and fresh all monsoon. To  shop for  a durable, ergonomic, and diverse range of home and office furniture, visit  Nilkamal Furniture  today!

Avoid Slippery Floors at any Cost 

The monsoon season's unpleasant side includes dampness, moisture, and slippery floors all over the house. The entryway or lobby will be filled with shoes, footwear, damp umbrellas, wet coats, etc. Since the entryway is the dampest place during the monsoon, one must keep it dry and fresh all day by eliminating slippery floors, which can cause dangerous calamities. You can buy multipurpose  shoe racks and cabinets  and store all your footwear to keep them dry and free from dirt. Try to use bamboo and acrylic mats instead of heavy carpets for any other damp areas near indoor/outdoor spaces like the pool and washroom area. Bamboo mats are a sustainable option, and they also keep your feet and home fresh all day as they are also damp-proof. Also, check out the stylish and vibrant  cabinetry and storage units  that will perfectly match your carpets and drapes.  

Our Tip:  To get a dry and fresh foyer all day, carry a completely dry towel as it can come in handy for guests, friends, and family to dry the moisture before entering the house. Also, ensure you place a huge moisture-absorbing doormat that scrubs away all the dirt, water, and mud from daily monsoon showers. 

Check the Leakages, Cracks, and Damp Patches

Don't wait until the monsoon arrives to fix the leaks or cracks in the walls. Be cautious and repair all the damp patches on your ceiling on time to avoid spoiling your living room furniture and preventing hefty repair prices in the rainy season. Make sure your house is thoroughly checked for any repairs and ensure it is leak-proof by following simple tips like painting the house with water-proof paint and making timely repairs and maintenance. 

Our Tip:  It's better to be safe than sorry. Avoid hassles by contacting your plumber beforehand to check repairs as the regular check-up, even if there are no potential repairs. This simple tip can save you money, effort, and time. 

Bookshelves To the Rescue – Book Lovers Top Priority

Bookcases and shelves  are not only for storing your special book collections and antique pieces, but this creatively designed single furniture piece can elevate the look of your living room, lounge room, or balcony. These bookcases will store and protect your books from absorbing moisture. It will be a nightmare for bibliophiles to see their precious books and pages damaged due to moisture. Now avoid those nightmares by simply exploring and picking your favourite modern bookshelf that attracts you the most. 

Our Tip:  Avoid getting your books wet by placing naphthalene balls and also protect them from foul smells. If you own a wooden bookshelf, polish it before the monsoon arrives. 

Care for your Wooden Furniture 

These are famous home interior trends, from wooden doors and flooring to wooden furniture and accents. During monsoon, the wooden furniture absorbs moisture in the air and swells up, which can ruin the purpose of that wooden furniture and your interior home look. Now take care of your wooden furniture like  wardrobes,  doors, floors, chairs,  sectional sofas,  and many more with a simple polish of waxing or oiling the wooden surface. This simple polish coat or wax sealant acts as a protective shield for your wooden furniture and helps them to prevent absorbing moisture from the damp air. 

Our Tip:  Never mistake ignoring damp wooden surfaces as they might spoil the whole unit of your precious furniture. Take action quickly by giving a quick polish and new look to your wooden interior spaces. 

Repair Faulty Electrical Appliances and Wires

Moisture and electricity are never associated with each other in any season. Do not delay in repairing your damaged electrical appliances and exposed wires to prevent any hazards for the safety of your family and surroundings. Ensure double insulation and be careful with the heavy appliances during thunderstorms. 

Our Tip: Wires in any way are messy and hard to store. Now store all your exposed wires and other electrical accessories in the dedicated wire ducts and storage units in a safe and mess-free way. Buy modern home furniture like  entertainment TV units  equipped with wire slots arrangement and spacious storage space for many others like home décor and household items. 

Keep Any Bad Odours in Check

The increased moisture levels and the dampness of monsoon showers will end up accumulating bad smells and funky foul odours in the closed interior areas. So, ensure ventilation to the closed interiors by opening your windows daily and letting the fresh air replace the unpleasant smell. You can also make your interiors feel and look fresh all day by vacuuming, using diffusers, placing fresh flowers, etc. Make sure to sanitise your floors with fragrant floor cleaning liquids. 

Our Tip:  For pleasant odour throughout the interior spaces, use essential oils, camphor balls, incense sticks, scented candles, etc., and successfully never let those bad odours into your house. 


Now that you have perfected  monsoon home maintenance,  with these helpful tricks and quick tips, enjoy your chilly and breezy monsoon days without worrying about anything. Get cosy and snuggly with your favourite blanket and a hot drink by fulfilling your  monsoon home care  needs with our exquisite furniture and wishing you and your loved ones a happy and comfy monsoon with this strong and elegant lifetime furniture collection. Now  browse  and buy your favourite furniture from the comfort of your home by visiting the  Nilkamal Furniture  website. Hurry before the rains make a sudden surprise!

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