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July 20, 2022


Nuclear families now want to spend more time with each other; the best place to do that is the dining room. With people starting to live independently, small gatherings at home for festive occasions, anniversaries, and birthdays have made it imperative that  dining room furniture  fits every need. A dining room set needs to reflect the latest trend. From contemporary styled dining sets to casual farmhouse sets, you can choose furniture for your dining room that will match your budget, taste, and need. You can marry functionality and aesthetics perfectly with the perfect dining room set. Explore the options of different  dining room sets you can buy to suit your layout and pick the one that will guarantee to make mealtimes the moments to look forward to.  Check out  the Nilkamal Furniture  website and transform your home into magical heaven. 

A Complete Guide to Dining Table Styles

A dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house. We all saw through the pandemic how most people realised what they were missing and made use of the time when they were confined to their living spaces. Socialising went out of the window but getting closer to the family started gaining importance. Once the lockdown eased, everyone wanted to socialise indoors, and with that, everyone wanted to make sure their dining room was up to scratch. Choosing the right  dining room sets  could build great memories of shared meals and unforgettable conversations. From entertaining or hosting a family celebration to catching up on the day's events,  dining room furniture  offers all possibilities. Whatever your budget or need, you want to make a perfect choice to explore the different types available to transform your dining space. Look at the different  furniture sets  available to decide which will look best in your apartment, bungalow, or villa.  Browse  Nilkamal Furniture  for more options.

Traditional Dining Sets

Timeless classics: these dining room pieces never go out of style. Fashioned with curved corners and carved chairs, they also come with updated features and contemporary construction techniques to ensure your dining room set lasts for years. The traditional designs offer a sense of war of warmth and charm. The blend of beautiful teak wood and designs with intricate detailing is just what you need when you sit for a meal together. Carved cabriole legs, hardware, and delicate styling put together an elegant look.

Contemporary Dining Sets

Well adapted to suit the modern layout of homes, this contemporary dining furniture is ideal for a trendy and updated look. Sleek lines and natural shades put together in natural-looking materials lend this dining room a perfect tone for quick meal times and for meals that have been whipped in a jiffy. Contemporary  dining room sets  come with glass table tops for easy cleaning, metal accents, and wood-like pedestals for an eye-catching finish. Going contemporary is an easy way to give your home a drastic and dramatic transformation.

Casual Dining Sets

Upholstered seats and chair backs make for a casual dining room experience and are perfect for meal times with family and friends. These sets also lend a heritage look with a painted finish in light shades. They also come in rectangular and round shapes, and you can choose the one that will fit perfectly with your dining space.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Dining Set

Size Make Matters a Lot

Right from the start, you need to assess the amount of space you have. This will help you decide on the size and shape of the table and the number of chairs that will fit. If you have room to fit extra bits like a crockery shelf, cutlery holder, and another table décor, you can look at additional shelves to store by the walls. It is essential to allocate space and get the dimensions right to make the best investment.

Choice of chairs

Again the choice of chairs must be directed by functionality and practicality rather than appearance. You would want to choose a fabric that is easy to clean, especially if you have children. You do not have to compromise on style always. You may want to look at the chair's shape so you can be assured of sitting comfortably while eating. You could also choose ergonomically designed chairs for you to use in your office space when needed. With work from home becoming a reality and increasingly popular term, dual functional chairs are essential and come in handy. It livens up your  dining space  and also helps with your work. 


A  dining room furniture  does not mean just a dining table and chairs. To make the dining space livelier, you could add décor accessories like table cloth, cutlery holders, and more. A crockery cabinet or a wine rack can also add a stylish touch to your space. 


Are you re-styling a dining room? A stylish table and chairs are a must. Your lifestyle and needs help determine the exact size, style, and shape you need. So whether you want to use the dining table as a place where you eat or use it as a desk for work, prioritising your needs is key. Children using the dining room also is a huge influence on the choice you make. Once you have an idea of what you need, you can start picking the pieces of furniture. Whether you want to invest in luxury  dining sets  or simple  dining room furniture,  choose a long-lasting one that will wear well and have a story to tell.  Check out  the range of dining furniture  Nilkamal Furniture  has to buy one that will be a great talking point and add a style statement. You could make the perfect choice for your dining room with various options.
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