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June 01, 2023

Make Your Home Cosy and Stylish With Nilkamal Recliners 

Imagine relaxing on a puffy leather seat after a tiring day at work or on weekends to binge-watch your favourite TV shows! A  recliner  can rock you back and forth while uncompromising your room's aesthetics. Reclining chairs are essential upholstered armchairs with the functionality to tilt back, rock back and forth, swivel, massage, extend a footrest, etc. If you want to buy a reclining chair but need aid in figuring out where to start, this  recliner  buying guide will unveil everything from types, features, and benefits.  Buy recliner  and indulge in their comfort and stylishness. Whether you want a personal lounging style reclining chair, a snuggle-worthy reclining chair for a family night, a buttery-soft reclining chair for a video game night, or an easy-to-work lounge chair to boost productivity while working from home. 


Pointers to Consider Before You Buy Recliner Chairs for Your Home

Consider the below factors before buying reclining chairs for your home. These factors are essential to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the reclining experience.


Types of Recliners

Explore many stylish and comfy  recliner  types, from manual to power lift options, and  buy recliner  to align comfortably and relieve bodily pains. 


Manual Recliner

Manual  recliner  sofas use a lever on the side for uprighting with or without gliding, rocking, or swivel capabilities. There are many manual reclining chair options for single, double or family occupancy.


Power Recliner

Power reclining sofas are also electric chairs that function on electricity, ideal for homes with a power supply point. Electricity makes your sofa recline, and you can enjoy hassle-free lounging by pushing the button and extending it at any angle of your choice.  Buy recliner  with myriad electric  recliner sofa  options at an affordable price range.


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Swivel Recliner

Reclining chairs with a circular base that encourages circular motion is a swivel  recliner sofa.  It is perfect for people wanting to enter and exit the chair from any direction.


Rocker Recliner

If you want a rocking motion to lull you into sleep, rocker reclining sofas are best that can gently rock back and forth in addition to the reclining feature.


1 Seater Recliner 

For single occupancy,  1 seater recliner  works offer a comfortable reclining lounge with an adjustable headrest during work-at-home sessions. Buy  Nilkamal Skelton 1 Seater, Nilkamal Rosia 1 Seater,  or  Nilkamal Sierra 1 Seater Manual  reclining sofas to sit back and relax.


2 Seater Recliner

2 seater recliner are couple-friendly, ideal to binge-watch favourite movie time with your partners. They are cuddle worthy and offer a comfortable experience. Choose from  Nilkamal Woodbridge 2 Seater Manual Reclining Sofa (Grey),  Nilkamal Delp 2-Seater Electric Reclining Sofa (Choco Brown),  or  Nilkamal Rosia 2 Seater Manual Reclining Sofa (Light Brown),  according to your room's aesthetic and enjoy a breezy evening with your partner. 


3 Seater Recliner

3 seater recliners  are family reclining sofas that add a layer of comfort for a night of movies, games, or hearty conversations. Choose from  Nilkamal Rosia 3 Seater Manual Reclining Sofa (Light Brown),  Nilkamal Woodbridge 3 Seater Manual Reclining Sofa (Grey),  or Nilkamal Delp 3 Seater Electric Reclining Sofa (Choco Brown)  and pair it with comfy  pillows  and soft blankets to leisure in style.



Whether you need a luxurious or more comfortable recliner sofa depends on the type of upholstery material. Reclining chairs have a myriad of fabric options. Choose from natural fabrics, synthetic/ microfibers, leather or cotton, depending on your style, body type, allergies, and preference. The thumb rule is to pick your fabric depending on comfort, appearance, maintenance, durability and budget.  Buy recliner  with many choices like Nappa Aire Leather fabric, polyester, nylon, etc.


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Measure how much physical space your  living room  has to accommodate your reclining sofas. Take actual measurements, evaluate the sofa size and check if it can be a perfect fit for your body type. Small reclining chairs work best for children or petite people and fit in a living room with little/no space. Standard reclining sofas accommodate average body size. 



Look for the feature offerings in your reclining chair and see what extra features are present to benefit you. Do they have a rocker or a glider base, adjustable foot/headrest, a massage button, wall-hugging capability or an in-built USB port for charging, allow you to lay flat, and have power buttons instead of lever/handles? Among the feature offerings, look for what is pertinent and narrow down to a particular chair with attractive and beneficial features.  Buy recliner online  that offers side clippers perfect for a movie night ranging from manual to electric sofas for added comfort. Check out  side tables  to amp up the aesthetics and functionality in your living room alongside your reclining sofas.


Buy recliner  after considering the types, preferences, features, sizes and materials to relax on a weekend.


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What Are the Benefits of Reclining Sofas?

Living room reclining sofas are an absolute necessity to reap the following benefits:

  • With a button, you can experience increased mobility without putting undue pressure on your back or joints.
  • Reclining sofas improve blood circulation and increase blood flow to your joints and legs, evenly distributing your body weight and reducing unwanted stress.
  • They offer lumbar support, align your spine, reduce injury risk, and promote good body posture.
  • Reclining chairs are best for relieving pain in the neck and back regions. Some reclining chairs offer massaging features for an enhanced experience.
  • Reclining chairs enhances good quality sleep, and people struggling with insomnia can sleep through the night in a reclining position due to gentle rocking motion.


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You can drastically enhance comfort and beauty in your living room by shopping for the best  recliner.  Buy recliner online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  and benefit from amazing offers and doorstep delivery. Choose from  1 seater recliner,  2 seater recliner  and  3 seater recliner  according to your family's needs and explore exquisite collections.

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