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August 05, 2022

To cushion our astronaut's right and deflect most of the g-force during take-off and landing, NASA originally developed memory foam in 1966. It was created to advance humanity, and we must admit it was a huge success. When a private business acquired it in the 1990s after discovering its potential in the medical and consumer sectors, memory foammattress were ultimately offered.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattress is made of a thick polyurethane foam that returns to its original size and shape after being stressed, thanks to its elasticity. Memory materials often respond to pressure and heat together, which explains their distinctive feel. 

Due to their closely constrained nature, memory materials relieve pressure by equally distributing the weight over the surface. The fabric has been engineered to fit the contours of the sleepers, giving them a snuggle feeling. Companies quickly came to appreciate the benefits of this comfort level, and it quickly entered the market. Classic memory foam has undergone several adjustments to ensure the highest quality.

Sales of memory foammattresses and other items make up 20 per cent of the total bedding market. In terms of comfort, it is far more evolved than spring mattresses; it is much less expensive. Memory foam's miraculous properties have not only aided our astronauts on testing flights, but they are also assisting civilians in achieving the coveted 8 hours of deep sleep. Here are a handful of memory foam enchantments:

  • Stress Reduction: Memory foam relieves pain and stress by applying pressure to your pressure spots. It keeps the body aligned and in good posture for sound sleep. It can accept various poses and recall your body form to provide sound sleep.
  • Anti-Allergic: Dust accumulation causes several problems for modern mattresses. Many people can get coughing fits, watery eyes, and other symptoms if they are allergic to various types of mites. As opposed tospring mattresses, memory foam ensures no such dust enters the bed.
  • Climate Sensitive: As was already said, memory foam mattresses are clever because they can control body temperature to promote restful sleep. They may occasionally be used with cool gel technology to maintain temperatures between 2 and 3 degrees.
  • Durability: Memory foam mattresses typically have a lifespan of 7 years. As a result of its scientific foundation, it is a sturdy substance, and it can withstand a lot of hardship without suffering significant damage. No fifth pointer is available for your request. It's commonly acknowledged that memory foam has exceptional quality. Visit the Nilkamal home page for additional info.

Types of Memory Foam

There are many kinds of memory foam mattresses on the market. To buy a memory foam mattress, you need to weigh the pros and cons of the various available types; each has unique advantages. Here is a brief description of the three primary varieties of memory foam mattresses:

  • Latex foam: Even if it is pleasant and feathery, it is not exactly a type of memory foam and does not conform to a sleeper's body the way memory foam does. Due to its antibiotic and non-allergenic properties, latex foam is beneficial for those who have allergies to dust.
  • Regular memory foam: This foam conforms to your body and ultimately eases the pressure. Due to its superior ability to dissipate heat, memory foam is better suited for side sleepers and people with chronic pain. Open-cell memory foam reacts to your body temperature to maintain a consistent body temperature for sound sleep.
  • Gel memory foam: This foam has the same gel substance typically used in padding and added to shoes to relieve pressure. The gel absorbs heat from the sleeping individual by increasing the air moving through the mattress. If you tend to get hot when you sleep, gel memory foam is a good alternative. You can check out the ways ofkeeping your mattress fresh in monsoons here

Reasons to Buy a Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Extraordinary pressure relief: Many people struggle to obtain a good night's sleep because their backs are under such intense tension that they frequently wake up in the middle of their sleep. Viscose textiles remove the annoying stress that keeps individuals awake at night. The soft foam fits over the shoulders and hips to keep them from sinking into the ground. The capacity to release pressure is more significant when the memory foam is thicker. However, selecting a foam that is too dense for your needs could have the opposite effect, as you would lose the support for your back, which could result in developing new pressure spots. You can try theNilkamal McKenzie Ortho 6" Coir Medium High Firm Mattress to get perfect body support. Therefore, staying with memory foam with layers between 1 and 4 inches is best.
  • Reduces pain: People who experience regular body aches in their muscles and joints will find the soft viscoelastic foam ideal. Because of this, memory foam is used to create mattresses intended to aid those experiencing severe discomfort. You can use memory foam and other materials to treat excessive pressure accumulation and back discomfort. Foams with different densities that help spinal alignment are used to achieve this. Additionally, doing so will guarantee that your weight is dispersed uniformly across the mattress' surface.
  • Unique support abilities: Memory foam with a high density are firm and support sleepers well. Temper ingredients are utilised to increase a mattress' overall support.

Wrapping up

The search for the cosiestmattress to bring home ends right now.Nilkamal offers both comfort and convenience. Right now, you can easily buy beds online or at amattress shop near me and have them delivered right to your door with just a few clicks. With our extensive selection of single mattresses and double bed mattresses. Size does matter. Because of this, families, couples, and kids love our king and queen-size mattresses. Unbox comfortable sleep today by placing your online order with India's most popular and reliable company.
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