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August 04, 2022

What Should You Know About Coir Mattress in 2022?

The Coir Mattress is one of the favoured mattresses preferred by many customers. These mattresses are made of coconut fibre combined with foam or latex, which results in a comfortable product. These firm mattresses can be an ideal choice for those suffering from back pain due to their firmness and for providing decent back support. These are also available at an affordable price. However, due to the many available options, choosing the right mattress made of coir is arduous. Recognising the correct type of mattress in the market is necessary to get the suitable product by investing once. If you are looking for this mattress, you can visit Nilkamal Furniture.

Types of Coir Mattresses

Coir mattresses can be categorised mainly into two types. These are 

  • Hybrid Coir

Mattresses known as Hybrid coir are developed with coir and foam. It is designed with the unique feature of proper ventilation, improving your sleep quality.

  • Rubberised Coir

It is developed by coir and latex, bringing comfort and great support. 

Any of these coir mattresses do not affect the quality of your sleep. Instead, they help to improve your sleep.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying

It would help if you were careful before buying a mattress of coir. Different coir mattresses have other qualities and features that help you understand the product to pick the right one.

  • Check the Price

The price of coir mattresses varies, and the price also depends on the types of materials used in the bed. There arecoir foam mattress, rubberised coir mattresses and many different designs and properties. The price should conform with the quality of the product. Instead of making a hasty decision, you should check the price well. 

  • Check the Comfortness

Since the quality of your sleep depends on the comfort of themattress, the rubberised coir is considered excellent in providing comfort. It is made of coconut fibre and unprocessed rubber, which help the air to circulate properly through the layers and keep the temperature under control. Its water-resistant capacity prevents it from being drenched quickly if water splits on the mattress.

  • Ensure its Durability

Some mattresses made of coir come with firmness and little softness, allowing them to be vital for a long time. The water resistant capacity also protects it from getting damaged by the water and other liquid. You should also examine the stitch quality and the clothes used to cover the material. If your mattress has all these qualities, you have picked the correct type of mattress.

To have a high-quality mattress made of coir products, you can check at Nilkamal Furniture and pick the mattress of the right choice. 

Some Significant Features of Coir Mattress

To have a sound sleep, only a soft mattress does not fit right. The mattress made of coir is the perfect example of medium firmness with little softness, which is considered better for people with any sleeping position. Some other essential features of acoir mattress are

  • Keep the Temperature Under Control

  • These mattresses keep the temperature under control by allowing the air to circulate correctly. Rubberised coir mattresses serve more by helping your body stay calm. Therefore, always opt for a high-quality rubberisedcoir foam mattress if you want your body in an ideal temperature. Since these mattresses help to keep the body temperature under control, you can use them in any weather. 

    • Support Your Body in the Right Way

    These mattresses are made of high-quality eco-friendly material that combines with foam. The mattress layers provide ample support to your body, and it also helps keep your spine aligned with your sleeping position, which helps relieve back pain. Its firmness, along with little softness, make it an ideal choice for you in case you have back pain.

    • Less Expensive

    Coir mattresses are budget-friendly and available at an affordable price. Even if the product is of excellent quality, it is much costlier than the other mattresses. Therefore this mattress is suitable for people of any economic group.

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    Why are Coir Mattresses More Comfortable?

    Coir mattresses are combined withmemory foam which is suitable for providing excellent support to your body. Once you start using this mattress, you will get relief from back pain or muscle pain. It is also beneficial to keep your body at a suitable temperature as the air passes through the layer of the mattress. Even coir used in the mattress allows you to toss and turn quickly without getting stuck in the bed. 

    Since this mattress is available in different designs and colours, it is accessible to any bed. 

    Its firmness gives the utmost support, and at the same time, softness provides excellent comfort. However, you should also take care of your sleeping position to relieve uneasiness.

    Main Differences Between Coir and Other Foam Mattresses

    Some of the significant differences between coir and foam mattresses have been mentioned below:

    • Natural products are used to develop coir mattresses. At the same time, other foam mattresses are designed with synthetic material.
    • Coir mattresses provide firm support to your body. But, other mattresses offer medium support.
    • Due to the proper air circulation, coir mattresses are suitable to use even in the summer season. But other foam mattresses are not as cold as coir mattresses.


    Since coir mattresses are eco-friendly, they will not harm the environment. Besides, these are the best examples of providing great comfort and support with the promise of allowing you to sleep better. These mattresses are suitable for those suffering from back pain and muscle pain. Since these mattresses are available at an affordable price, people of any economic category can purchase them. Due to their being developed from a natural material, these mattresses are not harmful to health. Their anti-sogging quality resists water and makes the mattress more durable. Tobuy coir mattresses of your choice, you can visitNilkamal Furniture and explore high-quality mattresses.
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