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May 21, 2022

Design Mistakes That Are Silently Ruining Your Bedroom Interior

For most of us, our bedroom is a safe space that we design carefully, so it represents us. Moreover, your bedroom is the first thing you see when you wake up. Thus, your bedroom's interiors can play a significant role in how your morning goes. Explore the wide range of Nilkamal Furniture to buy your bed online!

If you are someone who is not satisfied with how your room looks, we got you covered. Yes, even if you do not know what is exactly wrong. Below we have made a list of design mistakes that silently ruin your bedroom interiors.

Not measuring

The first mistake that people make is not measuring your bedroom, and this results in a bedroom that is either cluttered up with furniture or empty. You should measure your room with a measuring tape and then decide what will fit and what will not.

If you are still decorating the interiors of your bedroom, measuring your room is the best way to start. After that, measure the decor that you have brought and see if it will fit. If you already have decorated your interiors, you can try figuring out whether the space looks empty or too filled. Then, you can readjust your interiors.

Covering up your window

A common design mistake that people make is covering their windows with furniture. This prevents any natural light from entering your room. There is nothing that can illuminate your room as natural light does. It is indeed the biggest asset you can get for your room. So, avoid placing any furniture that restricts natural light in your room.

Instead, you can go for curtains as you can easily both block out and get natural light. If you are not a fan of natural light, go for black curtains. This way, you get more autonomy in deciding whenever you want natural light.

Avoid heavy headboards

Heavy headboards are quite trendy as they give a luxurious appearance to your room. However, they can end up making your room look too small if you carelessly place them anywhere. The size and proportion of your headboard depend upon your ceiling and room dimensions.

If you have a small room with lower ceilings, you should avoid heavy headboards. Instead, you can go for innovative designs, such as a headboard and side table combo. This will help you transform the little space you have into something pleasing.

Going for a bigger wardrobe than your room

A misconception that most people have is that the only massive storage option is a wardrobe. With the new innovative furniture designs launched, you do not need a bulky wardrobe to fit all your clothes in one place. If your room cannot afford to have a massive wardrobe, do not go for it. This will only make your room smaller or look more like a storage room.

Instead of going for storage in a massive wardrobe, you go for a normal 2-door wardrobe with wall cupboards. Along with that, you can also opt for storage space in your bed. You can explore these now at Nilkamal Furniture; check them out now! If you think about it smartly, you can get storage space in most of your furniture pieces.

No place to move

Whether it is about aesthetics or practicality, a room with no place to move is useless. Therefore, it is recommended that you readjust your furniture or consider removing some of it if you have no place to move around.

Firstly, start by finding our decor items that are not necessary. Then, you can shift them to another room. Problems like this often occur when you do not measure your room and decor before buying it. So, make sure you always measure your room and furniture. For this reason, you can always explore the option of a 2-door wardrobe.

Not dividing space

Your bedroom does not serve only a single purpose; you may use it for studying, watching TV, hanging out with your friends, etc. Since your room serves a different purpose, it also needs to have clear segregation. This gives an organized appearance to your room. Moreover, this makes it easier for you to utilize one place without cluttering up the whole room.

While you are designing your room, keep this in mind and design these different spaces. If you have already designed your room, think about what all you need in your room and then organize it.

Interiors too dark or bright

Lighting plays an important role in the way your room looks. A room that is too dark will end up hiding all the work you have put into it. On the other hand, a room that is too bright will eliminate shadows and contrasts. Therefore, appropriate lighting is necessary.

Since lighting is a bit tricky, it is recommended that you go for different types of lights. This will allow you to easily meditate on how you want your room to look. Moreover, different light sources will allow you to choose the best lights for your work.

Too many wires hanging around

Any place that has a bunch of wires hanging around looks messy. Thus, you should organize the wires in your room for a clean appearance. You can lay your wires out cleanly against your wall or hide them beside furniture pieces.


With all the mistakes mentioned above, you will be able to find out what you are doing wrong. If you are looking to buy bed online, check out the amazing range of beds offered by Nilkamal Furniture.

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