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May 23, 2022

A Guide to Designing Outdoor Dining Space

Some suitable words for outdoor  dining spaces are exquisite and captivating. Right after the pandemic hit, additional  dining chairs and spacing have become an important addition. An improvisation has taken place in restaurants and hotels to accept the concept of outdoor dining. The business goes on after introducing such a concept, and guests receive safe dining.

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The concept is owned by homemakers as well, which requires a good amount of thought. Here are some things to keep in mind while designing the perfect outdoor dining space:

  • Select a Fine Location

If there is something that can make and break the aesthetic and functionality of a space, it has to be the location. The amount of space in the location should be as per the foot traffic. Covid-19 fears need to be considered to strategise in outdoor dining spaces for placements with more space. Safety is ensured, and the location accommodates the design and is comfortable in terms of exposure to the weather.      

  • Flooring Adds to Ambience

A dining space with an ambience and functionality requires proper flooring. As the floor gets exposed to the weather and climate changes, it is durable and unreactive to extreme conditions. A popular pick, Mixed Wooden Decks, has a wooden floor look, but it comes with a durable package. A stone floor or a colourful tile gives the required comfort, not too slippery as moisture settles on the floor.      

  • Randomise on Smart Dining Set

The picking of a smart dining set should match and be evident with the theme. A restaurateur and his vision should go hand in hand with the set and the demands of space. A person can opt for a rustic stained wooden set or well-crafted wicker set as suitable options. A priority is with the functionality, and the set should be resistant to outdoor climate changes. Some of its features should be lightweight and easier to carry to pack up before shutting a restaurant. It should be flexible enough to go well with smaller or bigger parties. The furniture needs to be practical as well as welcoming for positive vibes.     

  • Space Needs Strategy

In order to utilise space properly, the space requires an effective strategy. While going for an outdoor concept, a person can implement a  seating plan and alter capacity. A person needs to chalk out and create a layout. It is significant to strike a balance between various seating settings and the space for movement. The walkways are well thought out in the outdoor space to avoid cramming or clashes in the outdoor space. Accommodation in one  table during frequenting of larger groups with the right spacing can also be arranged.    

  • Creation of Privacy

Dining outdoors comes with its own disturbances. Guest can be given their own space for enjoyment by creating partitions between seating for a quiet meal or by enjoying conversations and laughter. A tinted glass partition has a look if implemented on the outdoor  dining table. Privacy can be there through screens and placed at strategic distances. Plants and décor pieces can be appropriately used to part the space with ease.    

  • Concern for Weather

The challenge of weather and climatic changes has to be dealt with. A canvas sheet, Awnings, blends well with the spaces that give shade. The scorching heat of the sun or rainfall is bid goodbye, and guests dine comfortably. They are resistant to water, and another option for a person is table umbrellas. Such umbrellas fit into the furniture or are quite portable to be installed.   

  • Nature Connection

At times, guests can have an immersive experience in outdoor spaces to connect with nature. Flowers and potted plants are just the correct additions for the creation of an effect of being around nature. Check out for the atmosphere in a hotel, restaurant or home gets an improvement assuring soothing quality. A smaller indoor fountain or a waterfall fall introduces water elements to connect with nature.   

  • Softer or Trickling Lights

If a person prefers a bold theme in the outdoor dining space, then coloured, neon or trickling lights match the space adding a lot of fun. Warmer and softer lights are recommended and suitable for a simple and dreamy ambience. A focal light can be a part of the outdoor space that focuses on a particular portion of an area. This light becomes convenient in the walkways for guests to navigate, making the space impressive.   

  • Backyard

The backyard can be a good place for outdoor dining and particularly by building a corner terrace. The spot can be turned majestic by a pergola for breakfast, lunch and afternoon parties. If a brick wall is beside it, a rustic look will be associated with it blending well with modern design.    

  • Romanticism

Spending time with family for a weekend fun by turning the backyard into a picnic spot with a table and a few  chairs. The setting can be made romantic with shabby chic pieces, comfy pillows and a vintage iron candlestick holder.  

  • Enjoyment without Being Rained On

A person will be right if he guesses about designing a veranda as an outdoor dining space. It turns out to be an impressive backdrop to a delightful  Nilkamal Furniture dining set comprising wooden benches, a wood slab table and rattan seats. The look appears exhilarating with a rattan pendant light. Check out more of Nilkamal’s exclusive collection of outdoor furniture today. 

  • Cooking beside Dining Areas

Cooking can be done beside dining areas indoors, but cooking can happen outdoors as well. A big window can be installed that will function as a service bar and make a kitchen into a fascinating outdoor kitchen. It becomes an efficient design for a wonderful time in the outdoor dining space.  

  • Festive Mood

Hibiscus, known for its bright colour, can enliven outdoor space and serves as a shade and screen from the sun. The dining area is transformed into an exquisite spot and can be complete with a set of rattan chairs, a rustic wooden table and pots of flowers.   

  • Surprise with Gushing Water

Having quality time with friends can be made special with a gushing table. The guests will definitely be surprised with a table with gushing water. Dining beside a pool is common, and dining beside such a table will be splendid.  

  • Bucolic Dining 

The experience of dining can be taken to another level in a space if it’s turned into a bucolic dining hub. The space gets idyllic, and a coastal look makes guests put their feet up and be in relaxed moments. A sturdy wooden  dining table and light blue, string-backed  outdoor chairs add glitter to the space. 

Impact of Outdoor Dining Space

An outdoor dining space is not just meant for guests. A restaurant operator can be keen on people who are family or a group of friends who turn up to spend time for mental and emotional health. A restaurant, particularly, can increase its capacity and bottom line, such as sidewalk seating. 

Table turnover can be increased when dining furniture is well-spaced in order to serve more people. A restaurateur can stand out from the crowd by adding outdoor lighting to continue to trade into the evening. A summertime business looks far more positive with  dining chairs in an outdoor dining space.   


Buy a dining set that is the right combination with light encasings for a lively outdoor dining space. You can convert the space into a cosy spot with shelter, privacy and lights. Buy exquisite outdoor dining and patio furniture from  Nilkamaltoday. 

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