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March 30, 2023

Modular Bed Purchase - Online Reputed Brand Or Your Local Furniture Shop

The modern era, the advent of technology, and hectic lifestyles have contributed to the escalation of online shopping. Online shopping nowadays is not just convenient but essential too. First, one gets whatever they need online; then, it saves them the time to go to physical markets. After long hours of toiling in the office, people are often tired mentally and physically to combat traffic jams on the road, finding parking, rushing in the markets and haggling with the shopkeeper. Then online shopping comes to their rescue, with the convenience of shopping from anywhere at any time. Along with groceries, clothes, and household items, people have started to  buy furniture online


Another trendy thing these days is a  modular bed.  Modular beds are stylish, sleek and comfortable. Their compact frame occupies less space and can be customised as per individual preference. However, getting a ready-made  modular bed  that fits your requirement is challenging. 


You will get your perfect  customisable bed  at a high-quality and affordable price. Though you may wonder, you can get a  customisable bed  as per your specific requirements at your local furniture shop too. So, whybuy bed online? After all, you can see your  modular bed with storage  at your local furniture shop and then purchase it. But online, you will see pictures of amodular bed  with storage.  In this post, we will compare  online shopping vs offline shopping  advantages and disadvantages for you to make a wise purchase choice. 


Online Shopping Vs Offline Shopping Of Modular Beds

Online shopping has become immensely popular. However, some people still debate between  online shopping vs offline shopping,  when it comes to purchasing modular beds. Let's know the pros and cons of buying modular beds online and from a local furniture shop. 


1). Convenience

The utmost advantage of buying a modular bed through online shopping is convenience. You can scroll the designs of modular beds on your laptop, phone or pc sitting in your office, home or car or anywhere, and you can do it anytime. There is no restriction on shop timings or holidays. Just browse the collection, choose your bed and place the order. You don't need to take time from your busy schedule to go to the market, browse many shops or haggle with shopkeepers to make them understand your requirements and show beds as per those. On Nilkamal, you see all designs in one place; no need to go anywhere else. So, the whole process is easy and time-saving.


2). Wide Selection & Customisation 

Another critical aspect of purchasing  modular beds online,  the comprehensive collection of designs compared to a local furniture shop. Your local furniture shop will carry a few designs of modular beds, whereas a big online brand such as Nilkamal Furniture will have numerous options to cater to different customer choices. So, when you shop offline, you need to either have many shops or compromise with the few designs ofbeds you see. 


3). Competitive Prices 

Nilkamal Furniture believes in providing products with the best value for your money. Your transaction on Nilkamal is transparent, with no hidden costs or additional charges. Everything is mentioned on the product page. You are done when you select the bed that fits your requirements and budget. And there are time-to-time discount offers running that makes your purchase more lucrative. So, you choose a modular bed after considering the cost and save money on your investment by taking advantage of the discount offer. The discount or saving offers are mentioned on the payment page. You need to select the offer you like and don't need to haggle for price or discount with the shopkeeper. 


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4). Delivery & Installation 

One concern that makes people hesitant about online purchasing is delivery and installation. They think their bed might get damaged during transit, or they have to pay a hefty sum to deliver it as it is coming from a far-off location. Or the installation has to be done by them. But when you shop online, you don't need to worry about how to bring your bed home or its installation. There is no extra charge for delivery and installation from Nilkamal. 


Your bed is packed and delivered safely to your address. And once delivered, you put in an installation request, and our team will come and install your bed for you without any charge. And in rare cases, if there is some damage during transit, there is an option for easy return. Whereas your local furniture store will charge you for delivery and installation, and if there is any damage during transit, he will not be responsible for it. 


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5). Touch & Feel 

The only aspect where offline furniture shop triumph over online Nilkamal is the physical aspect of shopping. You can see and touch the bed at an offline furniture store to inspect it, which gives you the satisfaction that you have seen your bed physically and inspected it personally. Whereas, when you shop online, you see pictures of modular beds and read the description and dimensions. Though to make your shopping experience convenient, like an offline shop, Nilkamal provides accurate information about every aspect of modular beds, from materials to dimensions. And the pictures available are taken from every angle to give you a clear view of the modular beds. Still, some people may miss sitting on or touching the modular bed to feel the material. 


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In conclusion, technology has helped Nilkamal Furniture to do online shopping for modular beds more conveniently than offline purchases. Moreover, for easy customisation with high-quality materials and construction, modular beds at Nilkamal are everything you desire in your bed. Check out the stylish modular bed range at  Nilkamal Furniture  to bring your dream bed home!!!!

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