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March 31, 2023

10 Ways to Select a Stylish Customised Bed for Your Sleeping Needs

We spend about one-third of the day resting and one-third of our life in bed. Do our bed provide quality sleep? A creaking bed that squeaks every time one shift when sleeping can only lead to a disturbed sleep quality. Add to that a headache, sore back and shoulder pain, and you will be completely unfit to head out to work. Choose a  customised bed  for a rested night and a fresh beginning every morning. 


How to Choose the Perfect Bed to Sleep On?

Getting carried away and focusing on just the design and looks of the bed when choosing  bedroom furniture  is easy.  Below are some points to remember when selecting a  customised bed  for your bedroom. 


 Bedroom Specifics

The size of the bedroom dictates how large a bed you should get. Not only do you need space for easy mobility within the bedroom, but sufficient space around also imbibes a cosy feeling that promotes better relaxation. Knowing the bedroom floor dimensions by measuring will help you determine the exact size of the bed you should get. The bed will then fit easily into the bedroom with enough space for movement. 


Required Bed Size to Sleep On

Buying abed is the same as buying a pair of clothing, as the body must be accommodated into the dress, much like the bed to rest upon. There must be sufficient extra space, too, for a relaxed feel. Being cramped on the bed can be likened to wearing extremely tight clothing. So the bed size must be proportionate to the size of the persons using the bed. 


 Height of the Bed

Although it seems like a trivial point, the height of the bed is essential when it comes to sleeping on it. The bed height also influences the storage area within the room, and this is where a  modular bed with storage  comes in handy. You can have ample space below the bed without having another  chest of drawers  in the bedroom. A bed with a good height will also be helpful for tall individuals to lie upon and get off without much effort. 


Beds with Storage

If you have a bed with storage, you can use a smaller  wardrobe  as the storage can be used to store some clothing essentials. For example, a bed with hydraulic or drawer-type storage can be opened anytime to access the stored items. Whether you have to store bedding essentials, books, stationary or clothing accessories, you can easily do so. 


Position of the Bed

Where you place the bed within the bedroom also impacts sleep quality. Although it does not have to be in keeping with specific cultural regulations, some practical points must be considered. The other customisable bedroom furniture has to be accommodated in a space-saving fashion for easy movement. Check the space within the bedroom amongst factors to place the bed in the best possible manner. 


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Type of Bed

You will find several bed designs to consider while choosing a bed for your bedroom. If your bedroom has ample height, then a large headboard or a four-poster frame bed will create a statement effect.

Other Bedroom Furniture

The quantity of bedroom furniture, such as the wardrobe, chest of drawers,  dressing table,  bedside table,  etc., also impacts the bedroom setting and the space available. One practical suggestion is to get freestanding furniture and not spreading type furniture that will occupy less space. You may also get  custom furniture  that can be made to fit according to the bedroom space available. 


Space Saving Bed

This is a convenient space-saving tip for those who have small bedrooms. A  customisable bed  like a  adjustable bed can be used that may be folded and stacked onto the wall when not in use. Especially if you live in a studio apartment with no separate bedroom, the foldable bed can help in saving an immense quantity of space on the floor.  


Suitable Bed Material

Getting a bed with a suitable material is also essential when choosing a bed. Solid wood or  metallic bed  is ideal if you are looking for a durable bed. The climatic conditions have to be considered before deciding, as the humidity levels, extreme temperatures, and salinity factors can significantly impact the bed material. 


Budget of the Bed

Last but not least is the price of the bed as it has to be pocket friendly. People like to invest with proper consideration of the pros and cons involved. And buying a bed is no different. So decide how much you would like to spend on a bed within your budget for an easy purchase. 


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Explore the Nilkamal Modular Bed Collection


Below are  modular bed with storage:


Nilkamal Galaxy Prime Bed with semi Hydraulic Storage (White) 

The queen size bed is made from engineered wood and has an attractive headboard with a marble design. LED lights are provided within the headboard that may be used for lighting purposes. The storage has five compartments with a hydraulic mechanism for easy access. 


Nilkamal Malcom Max Bed with Box Storage 

The modern bed concept has slider door headboard compartments that may be opened and closed whenever required. There are four compartments for box storage, and the bed has a frosty white look with walnut-coloured panels. 


Nilkamal Plush Premier Bed with Full Hydraulic Storage (Walnut) 

This engineered wood bed is made with PVC upholstery on the headboard. There are LED lights provided for well-lit bedroom aesthetics. The full hydraulic storage offers ample space for two drawers and two compartments. 



Whether you want full hydraulic storage, semi-hydraulic storage, box storage or no storage in your bed, you can select a  modular bed  that can be customised according to your preferences. A  customisable bed  goes a long way if you want to change the space-saving concept in the bedroom for sufficient mobility. So for excellent bedroom aesthetics and a touch of modern ideas, you can choose  customised bedroom furniture.  Explore the various options in  custom furniture  at  Nilkamal Furniture  for a perfect purchase.

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