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April 01, 2023

Modular Beds- Get Your Dream Customised Bed With A Few Clicks From Nilkamal Furniture

With space being a luxury, everyone prefers  custom furniture  for their homes.  Custom furniture  suits individual needs and displays the homeowner's unique style. Though a late entrant into the customised modular furniture trend, customised beds are the newest trend in the furniture industry. For ages, Indian homes have employed carpenters to make beds as per their specifications. However, hand-made  custom bed designs  are bulky, occupy a lot of space, and are expensive. Therefore, people started preferring factory-made beds as they were more affordable than hand-made beds. Still, the charm of  customised bedroom furniture  never diminished. 


Everyone wants a  customised bed  that personifies their unique taste and choice and is made per the specification of their individual needs. Nilkamal Furniture understands this launched high-quality  modular bed  collection that is affordable and can be customised per personal preference. So, a  customisable bed  is no longer a dream.


What is a Customised Bed?

A  customised bed  is a tailored bed with personalised specifications and design elements. However, previous custom furniture meant a piece of hand-made furniture. However, nowadays, they are not made per pre-set designs and specifications but are bespoke and customisable. And modern  customised bedroom furniture  is called modular bedroom furniture. Embracing the modularity concept,  custom bed designs  have sub-parts that can be switched to form a unique and personalised bed design to suit individual requirements. In short, a customised bed is one where you choose individual parts as per your preference and need to design your dream bed. And when you customise a  modular bed,  you feel like you have a one-of-a-kind bed that is crafted by you and for you.


Customisation Guide For Your Dream Modular Bed

Finding the perfectbed is hard. Therefore, people who want an ideal bed ask a carpenter to customise it. The real magnetism of customised furniture pieces is the individual's involvement in designing and tailoring them to oneself. A pre-set bed often leaves an individual somewhat dissatisfied. Either they need to get the storage they want in the design they liked or don't get the design with the storage they liked. Therefore, the concept of a  customisable bed  is perfect for people who want something unique and perfect for them. And you don't need to sit with a drawing board or shell out a hefty amount to get your desired bed.  At Nilkamal, you can pick every aspect of your modular bed as per your preferences in the most convenient way. Here is how you can do it:


Step 1 - Choose the Size

The right bed size is the essential aspect of your bed customisation. You wouldn't want a bed that is bigger than your bedroom space, leaves too little space for movement, or is small for your family to sleep in comfortably. All Nilkamal modular beds are available in Queen and king sizes. So, measure your  bedroom  space and choose the best size for you. 


Step 2 - Choose The Headboard Design

Nilkamal modular beds are available in a variety of headboards. So, browse the modular beds and choose the headboard you like. The headboard ranges from simple designs to elaborate wood cut-work patterns. Some headboards come with full or part padding or LED lights embedded in them. And all headboard designs come in both king and queen sizes. So, choose the one that appeals to you and proceed further. The best part about customising modular beds at Nilkamal is at any point, you can swap the sub-parts for something else. So, even if you choose a headboard, you can easily swap it with another design at a later stage. Customising modular beds is super easy with Nilkamal.


Check out modular bed without storage at Nilkamal Furniture


Step 3 – Choose The Storage Type

The modular beds of Nilkamal are available in four types of storage- Box storage, no storage, semi-hydraulic storage and hydraulic storage. The no-storage modular beds have no storage space; instead, they have sturdy metal legs fitted beneath the bed. They are perfect when you don't need storage space and want better access beneath the bed for cleaning. The modular beds with box storage are the conventional storage beds within the modular frame. They have four spacious compartments in the bed box, ample space to store your bedding and other belongings. 


As the name suggests,  semi-hydraulic storage bed  has a ¾ uplifting hydraulic mechanism. So, you can lift the bed base upto ¾ height. The bed has three large compartments under the base; at the back, there are two additional compartments. So, these beds are perfect for people who don't want a full hydraulic mechanism. The  full hydraulic modular beds  from Nilkamal combine the functionality of modern technology and construction. Beneath the bed base are two large compartments operated with a hydraulic lever. In the front of these beds are two drawers to store belongings that you access without lifting the bed base. You can choose whichever storage option you like and customise your modular bed. 


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Step 4 - Choose the Color

The final step of bed customisation is choosing the colour. Nilkamal has two evergreen colour choices for modular beds- Walnut and white. Walnut is the classic colour that goes with all bedroom décor and furniture colours, and white is timeless and elegant, perfect for minimalistic or contemporary bedroom decor. If you feel a white or walnut bed will be too much or overpowering, you can mix and match bed and headboard colours to tone down. 

Now, when you have finalised and chosen every part of your modular bed, you can proceed to payment and purchase your desired bed. Nilkamal offers a free installation on all its modular beds. So, you needn't worry about assembling; our installation team will visit your home after delivery and assemble your bed.  


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With the help of this customisation guide, you can conveniently choose your desired bed at Nilkamal Furniture. The modular bed range helps you customise your bed as you have designed it yourself. Visit the  Nilkamal Furniture  to get your dream bed today!!!

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