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January 24, 2023

Tips to Enliven Your Bedroom With the Best Bed in This 2023

A delightful  bed  is one in which we can flop after a vexed day. Not only does the body, but the mind can rejuvenate too and get relieved from any stress. The right  bed  has to suit the bedroom furniture besides being super comfortable and warm. Choose the ideal bed based on the size of the room, bedroom design, space available, air circulation and the colour of the bedroom walls. 


Tips to Choose the Perfect Bed


  • The design of the  bed for bedroom  must be suitable to the other furniture, and it must imbibe a welcoming feel to the room every time. Too compact a space will give a stuffy feeling, so go for an elegant design.
  • Other  bedroom furniture  has to be chosen according to the bed design. Matching concepts are essential to add a cosy vibe to the bedroom.
  • The space within the bedroom dictates the size of the bed. Small enough a bed or too large a bed can make the room appear incomplete. Therefore choose the correct dimensions in the bed before you  buy bed online


Different Bed Designs to Choose From

Some of the most popular bed designs have been outlined below:


  • Sofa Cum Bed

If you want to save space in the bedroom and use the bed as a sofa, too, then a  sofa cum bed  is your answer. Not only can you lounge on this bed but pull it out and use it as a complete bed too. There is no need to accommodate another  sofa  in the room due to the dual function of the bed. The intelligent furnishing can also be used in the living room to accommodate any surprise overnight guests. Make the best of the modern and innovative space-saving solution available in different seating capacities. 


  • Floor Bed 

This bed variety can give a Bohemian look to the bedroom. Wooden floor beds can be combined with several styles, like ample lighting, funky colours, eclectic lamps, etc., to accentuate the look. Combine some colourful tassels, wall hangings and layered blankets and add a boho style instantly. The size of the bed, whether  king size bed  or a  queen size bed can be chosen based on the size of the room and the number of people using it. The minimum height from the floor makes the bed even more homely and welcoming. Choose the bedding in a matching concept to the colour of the bedroom walls and other furnishings like the wardrobe type. 


  • Bunk Bed

A  bunk bed  immediately comes to mind when kids are home. Their space is saved, and kids can sleep on their beds. The same room can accommodate more than one kid at a time, and the rest of the room space can store toys, set up a  study table  or add a  wardrobe . The single area for all the kids in the home also lets them bond well with each other. The bed is featured in a layered design, with one bed set atop another in a minimal single size. The top bed has a railing along the edges to protect the person sleeping up. 


  • Box Bed

This bed is highly beneficial as a potential storage compartment. The box storage under the bed provides ample space to accommodate household items such as clothing, cutlery, toys, etc. Those items not currently used and required later can be stacked in the box stores. The space usually for these items can then be used for other immediate purposes. Box beds can be suitably fixed with storage units in the shape of drawers, and these can be conveniently pulled out and used to stack items within. Some box beds are also available with a designer headboard that gives the room elegance and can be used as a rack. 


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  • Platform Bed

Platform beds are one of the oldest  types of bed  designs available. These beds have tiny legs underneath for easy cleaning purposes. They may also be turned into box beds by attaching side drawers. Some of these beds are also available with detachable legs. The beds give a modern look to the room, especially when coupled with a shiny mirrored sliding door wardrobe.


  • Traditional Bed

This bed has curved surroundings and sleek finishings. The footboard has a classic sleigh-curved look which lends a traditional look to the bed. The headboard, if present, also has a matching curved design for a completely vintage look. The beds are typically made with heavy concepts. Couple the beds with a traditional  bedside table  and a heavy wooden carved wardrobe for a solid classic bedroom design. 


  • Foldable Bed

These beds can be folded onto the wall and are immensely space-saving. They are available in  double bed  and  single bed  sizes and must be constructed with solid materials. The wall has to be designed in a way to accommodate the bed. The legs are foldable, too. 


  • Tent Bed

Also known as canopy beds, tent beds are stylish and bring a sense of glamour to the room. With the high drapes and beautiful tassels used to bind the drapes, the canopies are pretty add-ons to traditional beds. The types of drapes used may be changed as needed accordingly. 


  • Roll Bed

This is a bed within a bigger bed and is made with a space-saving idea. The smaller bed within can be pulled out efficiently to accommodate kids or overnight guests. These beds are especially beneficial in smaller bedrooms with restricted space. 


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If you are looking for a suitable  bed for bedroom,  keep in mind that the bed is the main component of the bedroom. The type of bed required must be selected according to the bedroom's aesthetics. The other bedroom furniture must also match the bed, like the wardrobe, bedside tables and room size. A large-sized room can easily accommodate a  king size bed  whilst a  queen size bed  suits a smaller space. Check out the various bed designs according to the desired  bed material  available online atNilkamal Furniture and make your choice. 

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