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November 17, 2022

Pros and Cons You Must Know Before Getting your First Ottoman

Ottoman furniture has been used for ages and has been adopted in every era. Whether a classic room décor or a fancy colourful living room,  ottomans are known for carving their place no matter how big or small the room is. The cosy vibes of  ottomans make the space feel softer, comfier and more usable. Once it’s in your home, you cannot stop it from getting into your heart; maybe it can be that fireside seat you never thought of.

Pros of Ottomans

Multipurpose to the core

We live in a time of minimalism, and everything that serves more than one purpose is welcomed wholeheartedly. In the furniture world, many modifications are made to make things more usable and flexible as required by the current pace of life.  Ottomans have been used in various ways since always. They could be just anything for you, the comfy corner near the window or can become your make-up companion with the  dressing table. Few uses of the ottoman:

  • Sit down: It’s just the perfect small piece of  living room furniture to sit and relax your tired legs, which you can keep in any corner of your home. Classically it is stereotyped as a living room furniture accessory, but it has more to it than being confined in the boundaries of the  living room.
  • Hold my Coffee: You won’t even realise how long you have used your ottoman as a side table for coffee or casual parties at home. With the support of a tray, it can hold your food, your coffee or drinks, whatever you like.
  • Mini reachable shelf: It has been ages since you have read any of the books decorated on top of those  shelves; you couldn’t reach them just because of some inches. You can keep books on it and can easily pick them up whenever required. 
  • Footrest: Stretching your legs out from the sofa on your movie night is the ritual we all have been performing. We can easily use it as a footrest and provide a comfy feeling. You don’t need a separate  hassock or a  tuffet for days like these. Ottomans, the super furniture, can be that too for you.

Fancy Ottoman

In ancient times, the seat was covered by a carpet on top decorated with various embroidery or beadwork motifs. The online market has a good deal for vintage ottomans. If it goes with your style, you can get one for the bed foot and enjoy the royal vibes every time you get off the bed. 

Now in the modern world, we have experimented enough by covering it with leather or colourful Rexine, experimenting with shapes and sizes depending upon the décor style of the room. You can even find an eye catchy hexagonal ottoman. They can easily blend into a casual or formal setting, and their flexibility makes them more popular than a  tuffet or a  hassock. You can check out different types of ottomans on Nilkamal.

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Ottomans With the Storage Facility

Regarding storage, we can divide ottomans into two categories: one with a storage facility and the other with a non-storage facility.

Internally solid ottomans with no hollow space or with legs resembling a  stool generally don’t have storage spaces. 

Whereas when they are designed hollow with a hinged top, the storage space is created inside that could be used for multiple purposes such as storing some books, toys,  bed sheets or secret storage for your valuables which no one could find. 

Keeps Room Spacious

Compared to other seating arrangements, ottomans occupy the least space and can be used from any direction, unlike  chairs. It doesn’t eat up much air space, and that wallpaper in your bedroom will still be fully visible even if you buy two ottomans. When purchasing a sofa, you must first check if your house can accommodate such colossal furniture; measurements are essential. An inch difference can change a decision, even if you loved that piece and it matched exactly with your home vibe. But that is not the case with ottomans; there is always a little room for this little dude.

Ottomans are amazing, and yes, now you are fueled to get one for yourself but still, just like any other fantastic furniture, it has its fair share of cons too.

So before you put some bucks in it, let’s see the other side of the story.

Cons of Ottomans

Too Short

Not everyone will love that short height; maybe people with long legs won’t be too comfortable choosing this seating.

An Accessory Only

It can only be used as an accessory or support and not as a whole primary object. You cannot skip buying a  table even if you have already purchased an ottoman. It can perform various functions of a table indeed, but it cannot perform all of the functions of a table. You cannot use your Ottoman for a  study table.

No Back Support

That character which makes it unique, cannot always be favourable in all situations. Sitting for long hours without back support could never be liked. So if you plan to sit for long hours to study or watch a movie, make sure your back is happy.

Difficult to Clean

This one will not make you happy because the attached fabric cleaning would be difficult. If you accidentally spill some coffee over it! That’s a nightmare for any person.

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The ottoman, with its entire pros and cons, is an irreplaceable piece of furniture that will always be part of your life. Once it enters your life, it will continue for generations. Ottoman always ends up being more than furniture; they become an emotion. After visiting the  ottoman furniture world, what have you decided? Visit  Nilkamal Furnitureand choose your ottoman.
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