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January 02, 2023

Revamp Your Living Area With These Stylish Centre Table Designs

You love to entertain a lot at your home. Friends and family gatherings on every special occasion or weekend are the highlights of your home. And your living room plays a pivotal role in all these gatherings. You loved when your friends complimented your living room décor or praised you on your choice of  living room furniture.  After all, you did spend a lot of time designing your living room. But, the praise for your living room décor has trickled with the years. And now you are planning to do a  living room renovation.  An essential piece of  living room furniture  is the center table. Let’s know why.


Importance Of Centre Table For Your Living Room 

A  Center table for living room  is not just a functional furniture piece but also the focal point of the  living room décor.  A center table is a place everything in your living area happens. Here are some points on why a center table is essential for you:

  • A center table brings symmetry to your living room décor. Without a center table, your living room would feel incomplete with just sofas and chairs. 
  • You can liven up your living room with a beautifully decorated center table.
  • When you have guests, and you serve refreshments to them, then those eatable drinks are kept on the center table. With a center table, your guests would be able to hold their plates/glasses, or you need to place a small  table  infront of them to keep their refreshments. 
  • A center table helps store your magazines, newspapers, or other stuff.
  • You can keep your drink and food on the centre table when you are watching TV or relaxing with your family in your living room. 
  • Your kids can sit with you in the living room and do their homework at the centre table.
  • You can keep your office files or laptop on the centre table while working from home.
  • A centre table can relax your feet as you watch television. 


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Centre Table Designs

Your  living room remodel  dream is to have a perfect centre table that exudes style and is functional. But the big question is, out of numerous  center table designs,  which one to choose, and whether your choice of the center table will be aesthetically suitable? So, selecting a stylish  Center table for living room is the critical aspect of your  living room renovation. We have the best  modern living room center table  designs that will enhance your living room décor without compromising functionality. For your convenience, we have listed the centre table designs as per material and shape so that you can choose the best  modern living room center table  as per your choice and your living room aesthetics.


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Different Material Centre Tables Designs

The most critical aspect of choosing a center table is the material.  Center tables  of different materials are suitable for different living room aesthetics and furniture. Here we have the list of  center table designs  as per the material for the best  living room remodel.

  • Wooden Centre Table  – A wood center table is the most famous center table design that is never out of style. Made from different types and finishes of wood, its warm and rich texture is suitable for all décor aesthetics from the traditional living room to contemporary décor. Wooden  centre tables  are timeless as they are durable and robust. Choose a  wooden center table glass top  for your modern living room to bolster your décor.
  • Glass Centre Table - A Glass center table is perfect for modern and contemporary living room décor. This center table has a clear or tinted or frosted glass top. Available with shiny metal or wooden bases or stands, they are classy and sophisticated, making your small living area look spacious. Choose a glass center table with a base or bottom shelf to attractively display your coffee table books. 
  • Metal center Table  – A metal center table is contemporary, sleek, and easy to maintain. Their clear lines and lightweight structure have been solid and durable for many years. 
  • Marble Centre Table - A Marble center table is made from a natural or artificial marble. The whole table is made of marble, or it can have a marble top. They are durable, sturdy, and exquisite. Their stunning designs make them the focal point of any living room. Add glamour to your minimalistic living room with a beautiful marble centre table. 


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Different Centre Tables Shapes

When choosing the material for the centre table, you can decide what shape will be perfect for your living room. The shape of your centre table will depend on your space, sofa type, and living room décor. Here are the popular centre table shapes :

  • Square Centre Table  – A square center table is perfect for small living spaces or with a sectional sofa. Depending on the available area, you can opt for a small or large square center table.  
  • Rectangle Centre Table -The most common and popular center table shape, the rectangle center table goes well with both contemporary and traditional sofa designs. It offers the maximum surface space for serving snacks or keeping your books and other stuff. 
  • Round Centre Table -A round center table leaves you enough space for movement with a large surface area. They are perfect for homes with kids or pets, as there are no corners to hurt them accidentally. 
  • Oval Centre Table - An Oval center table gives enough movement space with no sharp corners. 
  • Irregular Shape Centre Table - Irregular or unusual shapes of the center table are also becoming popular in modern home decor. With no fixed shape, they provide a unique style to your living room. 


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The above guide lets you know which center table design to go for. But I don’t know where you will get your dream center table in quality material and at an affordable price. Choose a stylish center table from our collection of curated designs available online at  Nilkamal Furniture  from the comfort of your couch with doorstep delivery

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