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January 05, 2023

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Gaming Chair

A  gaming chair is your body's best friend. Whether you are a gamer or a work-from-home person, you spend a great deal of your time at your desk. Long hours of sitting have a substantial negative impact on your posture, and it leads to soreness and stiffness in muscles. The gaming chair adjusts according to the body frame and provides ergonomic benefits. It is crucial to return the love to your  gaming chair that cares for and supports your delicate body and lets you enjoy an uninterrupted game.    

If you are looking for ways to clean your gaming chair, this guide will provide all the necessary information to help you easily maintain your chair. 

Essential Things to Keep In Mind While Cleaning Your Gaming Chair

When you buy a  gaming chair, it comes with a manual that provides all the necessary details about it, from its functionality to how to care about it. Even if you have lost your manual, don't worry. This guide makes cleaning super easy. Let's look into different tips: 

Material Used in Your Gaming Chair

Not all gaming chairs are made from the same materials, other brands use different materials. So you will need to follow different  game chair cleaning techniques that will be suitable for your  chair material. The popular  chair material used in gaming chairs are Faux leather like PVC and PU leather, Fabric and Mesh. Before getting ready with the cleaning armour, it is crucial to know the upholstery and other materials used in your  chair. A wrong cleaning step will do more harm than good. For example, there are better ways to handle them than  office chair cleaning your mesh or fabric chair with water.  

Cleaning Materials You Need

After knowing your chair correctly now, it is time to collect your cleaning items and devices. The essential things are water, and a soft duster or simple cotton cloth will do the job. For more deep cleaning, vacuum cleaners will be beneficial in reaching the problematic corners and joints of the chair. To fight the stubborn stains, a light liquid detergent or rubbing alcohol is a must, and you can't scrub them off with plain water.  

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Cleaning Steps to Follow

These steps are helpful for gaming chairs as well as  office chair cleaning. We are ready with our armour; now, let's get into action mode.

Basic Cleaning of the Surface

The first step of cleaning is getting rid of debris, small chunks of food and dust, which is one of the most accessible parts of the process. At this point, take a simple cloth or microfiber towel to dust your  office chair. The leather chair is easy to clean; wipe off the surface with a cloth, and all dust and debris will be removed from it. 

But in the case of fabric and  mesh chairs, the dust gets caught up in them and will not be quickly dusted off. Using a vacuum cleaner to pull out these small particles would be better.   

Time for Deep Cleaning

After cleaning the surface, it is now the turn to fight the stubborn stains. This will help remove the sauce and coffee you spilt one month back. The old stains take time to leave the surface. You will need a liquid detergent, water and a sponge. Don't scrub the surface. Aggressive scrubbing might leave scratches and spoil the overall look of the gaming chair. Even the chairs that come with the tag of "clean with water only" can resist using a light detergent. 

If you are  chair cleaning for the first time after months of extended use, there might be spots that will not come off with water and detergent. Here rubbing alcohol comes to your rescue. Take a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the cotton and dap it on the affected area. 

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Finish It

Now it is time to clean the rest of the chair. The remaining part of the chair can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. You can use different types of brushes that can reach tricky corners and edges. For cleaning the wheel, take a brush and remove the stuck-up particles. This will smooth the movement of your chair too.  

Tips To Keep Your Chair New for a Long Time and Prolong Its Life Span

Avoid Sunlight

At all costs, protect your chair from direct sunlight. The harsh rays fade the bright colour; if the handle or any other part of your chair has rubber, exposure to sunlight will melt it and become gooey and sticky. The leather upholstery will crack due to prolonged exposure to sun rays. 

Keep Pets Away

Pets have the habit of scratching and nibbling on furniture and soft cushions. It is advisable to keep them at a distance from your gaming chair if you want to keep them scratch free. 

Regular Cleaning

Sweat and moisture accumulate daily on your chair's surface, slowly damaging the quality of your faux leather or the chair's fabric. Wipe clean your chair with a damp cloth daily. 

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A simple cleaning routine will keep your chair dust and dirt free for longer, and this will make  gaming chair cleaning a more manageable task. Just take a microfiber towel, dust off your chair, and use a damp cloth to clean it. Start with baby steps, and these tips will be going to help you in  chair cleaning. If you are planning to change or upgrade your ordinary chair to a gaming chair, you can browse the latest gaming chairs on  Nilkamal Furniture.
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