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March 10, 2023

Select 6 Seater vs 8 Seater Dining Table Sets Based on the Dining Space

Like any other furniture, dining room tables are available in various sizes and types. But an important question is which dining set is the most appropriate for your dining space. Is it a  six seater dining table  or an 8 seater? Selecting the ideal dining table can utilise your dining space properly.


Read on to learn how to choose between  6 seater vs 8 seater dining table  according to the space available within the dining room. 


How to Choose Between 6 Seater vs 8 Seater Dining Tables?


Below are a few points of  6 seater vs 8 seater dining table  are:

The dining room table's size you need primarily depends on how many people use it. A larger  dining table  is more appropriate if you are the gracious host often and have friends, colleagues or family members over a lot. 

  • To buy the right  dining set,  measure the same space within the dining room. This is necessary to avoid a cramped dining space and allow sufficient mobility. The length and breadth of the dining area have to be measured to calculate the size of the dining room table. About six feet of space has to be subtracted from the total area to make space for the dining set. 


  • The second way to measure the size of the dining set to be kept within the room is to take a bed sheet and place it in the Centre. Spread the bed sheet for about three feet of extra space on every side. The size of the spread bed sheet is the estimated size of the dining set you need to get.Six-seaters  are better suited for families having four to five members. 


  • The number of people using the table must be determined before getting the dining set. If you have guests coming over often, getting an  8 seater dining table  that will be very accommodating is best. If you want flexibility, then there are extendable tables that you can get for more guests. These tables can be adjusted and used as required based on the number of people eating. 


  • The design of the dining room table is another important consideration before investing in it. A conventional style table in carved wooden concepts suits a traditional home. Whilst a contemporary design table is more appropriate for a modern styled home. A smaller space in the room can be accommodated with a pedestal-style six seater table that uses less space. A more spread-out farmhouse-designed eight seater dining room table is more suitable for a larger space in the  dining room

How Much Spacing Must be Kept at the Dining Table?

There must be at least nine inches to twelve inches of spacing between every chair at the table. The spacing to be maintained also varies with the kind of base on the  dining table


The ideal amount of space to be maintained around the  dining table  is about 36 inches on every side, and this is about three feet area once the  chairs  are arranged under the table. The guests sitting at the table must be able to move around without any hindrances or space constraints. The minimum amount of space must be at least 24 inches around the table for minimum movement. 


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Designer Dining Table Sets From Nilkamal Furniture

Some  6 seater dining table  sets from Nilkamal Furniture are listed below.


Nilkamal Hampshire 6 Seater Dining Set (Walnut)

The table legs and frame is crafted from solid rubber wood, while the table top is made using a tempered glass of 10 mm thickness. The six chairs are made with a complementary design with rubber wood frames like the table. The chairs are fitted with fabric upholstery and PU foam within the chair seaters for comfortable seating. The dimensions of the table (cm) are 150 X 90 X 77 (LxBxH). 


Nilkamal Bella 6 Seater Dining Set With Bench (Antique Cherry)

The table base, legs and frame are designed with solid rubber wood. The table top has an engineered wood board of 18 mm thickness, and the bench has an MDF board of 9 mm thickness and a frame made of solid rubber wood. The chair legs and frames are made of rubber wood, whilst the seaters have MDF board material. The bench and chairs have a fabric upholstery of polyester of 210 GSM. The dimensions of the  wooden dining table  (cm) are 150 x 90 x 75 (LxBxH). 


Nilkamal Stratus 6 Seater Dining Room Set (Metal)

The table frames are made of powder-coated steel of 0.8 mm thickness. There is an MDF board on the tabletop of 18 mm thickness and a marble finish on the surface. The PVC lamination provides a durable touch to the marble table top. The chairs have powder-coated steel frames and MDF board seaters with PVC lamination. The dimensions of the table (cm) are 140 X 70 X 75 (LxBxH).


Nilkamal Lopez 6 Seater Dining Set (Walnut)

The glass full table top of 10 mm thick and is seated over the table legs made of solid rubber wood. The table frame has a contemporary look with matching 6 chairs also made of rubber wood. There is PU foam upholstery on the chair seaters for a cosy feel. The dimensions of the table (cm) are 150 X 90 X 73 (LxBxH). 


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Although it looks like a simple task to select a dining room table for your home, it is a challenging task. The dining room's size and the table's purpose are essential before deciding on a  designer dining table.  So whether you choose an  8 seater dining table  or a  six seater dining table,  make sure the dining set compliments the décor of your home and that you have the dimensions right. The material of the dining set must also match the other furniture within your home, as must the other accessories like the carpet or throw used on the table. Whether you choose a  wooden dining table  or a metallic one, measure the space within the dining space to avoid cramping. Select from the many options available online at  Nilkamal Furniture  to create the best dining ambience. 

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