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November 01, 2022

Unique Pros and Cons of 6 Seater Dining Table

Meta Description:If you want to buy a  6 seater dining table, read this article to know the pros and cons of a 6 seater dining table. It will help you to decide whether you should go for the six-seater or not.

A  dining table is the heart and soul of a dining room.  6 seater dining table is one of the most coveted tables among customers. But most people are ignorant of the advantages and disadvantages accompanying a six-seater table. If you are aware of the pros and cons of these tables, you can easily figure out whether your dining room decor is suitable for six-seater tables or not. You should buy a table that fulfils the needs of your dining space. 

Pros of 6 Seater Dining Table

  • Suitable for any Setting

A  6 seater dining table is suitable for both formal and casual settings. Thisdining table is ideal for dining with family and serving guests for dining at the same time. The only thing you should notice is the shape of the  table. You will have to decide earlier whether you want the table oval or rectangular shape. 

The shape also affects the ambience of your  dining room. An oval shape table reflects the modern vibes. To save space, you should go for a rectangular shape. Amodern 6 seater dining table is available both in rectangular and oval shapes.

  • Good Presentation

A six-seater table often offers an ideal size for the presentation in the space of your dining room. It will also reflect a fantastic personality in your dining area. Whether you want a festive vibe or want to enjoy a simple family meal, a six-seater can fulfil all your needs. It is an ideal companion for a small to medium-sized family of 4 to 6.

Good presentation is associated with the overall quality of the meal. The six-seater table is perfect if you often receive 2 to 4 guests on normal days and want to have your special meal together. Your lunch or dinner becomes more presentable when your dining room offers you enough space to dine with your guests.

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  • Versatile

A 6 seater table is suitable for placing it in any space. Whether you have a small or large dining area, a six-seater fits anywhere. If you stay in a rented house and often change your home, you can take this  dining table set anywhere. Whether you want it to place in the corner or the middle of the room, it sets well in any surroundings. Due to their versatility and ability to fits any surroundings, people find them suitable for their dining space.

  • Appearance

Appearance is an essential factor in the dining space. To have an appealing dining space, carefully choose your dining table. A six-seater table is a suitable size to make a dignified and pleasant dining room. A  wooden dining table will add more beauty to the dining space as the wood is the perfect material that allows your dining space to emanate a pleasant vibe. A  solid wood 6 seater dining table is more beneficial as it will be durable, and you need not invest in dining tables frequently.

  • A Unique Choice

People prefer  small dining tablefor small areas and large dining tables for big spaces. A six-seater table is a unique choice as most choose an 8-seater or4-seater. Those with smaller space in the dining room often prefer 4 seaters and those with large dining space have 8 seaters. But  dining table set 6 seater comes in between 4 and 8 seaters. Therefore, a six-seater can be considered a unique choice.

Cons of 6 Seater Dining Table

Like pros, a  modern 6 seater dining table also has some cons. By going through the following demerits, you can compare them with the pros, which will help you to make the right choice regarding whether you should buy a six-seater or not.

  • Costly

A six-seater table is costlier than a four-seater table. If you have a limited budget, a six-seater may be more expensive. When you buy a  solid wood 6 seater dining table, the number of chairs will also increase, leading to a costly budget. If you want a dining table of the best quality at a lower price, you may not be able to buy a six-seater. 

  • Heavy

A six-seater is heavier than a four-seater dining table. If you often have to change your house, you may face difficulty carrying it. If you need to take it out of your home for any reason, including repair, you may not be able to move it alone. You may need the help of at least three to four persons to move it from one place to another. A  wooden dining table is heavier to carry; if it is a six-seater, more weight will be added.

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  • Not Suitable to Dine Along with Guests

If you have a bigger family or you have to serve more guests, you may not be able to dine together. When you invite a family instead of a single person, your six-seater table may not be sufficient to allow all the guests to dine together if there will be more than six guests. It may lower your self-esteem, or you may feel ashamed infront of the guests. 

  • Not Suitable for a Large Room

A  dining table set 6 seater is not suitable for a large dining room. A six-seater dining table will allow much space in a large dining room, and it may spoil the appearance of your dining room. If you place a six-seater in a large room, you may have to add one more dining table to fill the space, which will be an additional investment.


After knowing all the pros and cons of a  6 seater dining table,you can choose as per the need of your dining room. If the cons of these dining tables have no impact on your dining room, then you can decide based on the abovementioned pros. But you should calculate both pros and cons well to reach the right decision. To explore a six-seater dining table, you can visitNilkamal Furniture.
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