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August 23, 2023

Simple Tips to Monsoon-Proof Your Dining Table and Chairs

Monsoon brings a gest of freshness to the surroundings. It is the time when dry land welcomes the lush greenery with the enchanting earthy fragrance. It is the time to enjoy warm tea with the drizzling and engulfing in nature's beauty. But before you get lost in the mesmerising rainy season. Your  dining room furniture  is calling for your attention. The rainy season is moisture-rich, posing a water damage threat to your  dining table and chair.  Dining furniture is the core of the eating space. You gather with your family to enjoy warm food. So, the  dining table and chair  are in continuous contact with food and water, which increases the chances of damage. 

Dont worry! This article provides fantastic tips to keep your  dining table and chair  pristine. Incorporating simple tips like wooden polish, wax, semi-annual maintenance and so on in your day-to-day life will be a game changer. To  buy dining room furniture,  and explore the online catalogue to choose your dream home furniture. 

Why Do Dining Tables and Chairs Need Special Care and Maintenance in Monsoon?

The Crazy Humidity

Humidity doesn't only irritate you but also irritates your  dining table.  The wooden  dining table and chair  swell, lose structure and damage the appearance. It also impacts the life span of the furniture. 

Infectious Water

The lovely rains are pleasant and calming, but the same water can cause significant damage if spilt on your  dining table  or dining chair. It can lead to discolouration and rotting of the  dining room furniture

Moulds and Fungus

The slightly warm moist condition is best for the bacteria, fungus and moulds. It ruins the visual aesthetics of the furniture and can cause skin allergies and infections. There are many more such reasons that demand special attention towards furniture in the rainy season. 

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Tips for Monsoon-Proofing Your Dining Table and Chair

Fix the Leakage

Before the first shower of rain hits your home, it is crucial to fix all the possible sources of leakage. The water can easily seep into the house and dining area. The wooden  dining table  can absorb moisture and swell and rote. Similarly, the metal  dining table  can rust and corrode if exposed to water for an extended period. 

Keep the Dining Table and Chair Away From Open Spaces

A  dining table  facing a window or French window is an aesthetically pleasing setup. But the splashing of rainwater can create a nuisance in monsoon. Moving thedining room furniture away from open doors, windows, and balconies is better. It will protect thedining table from unwelcome moisture and dirt. 

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Buy Dining Room Furniture Along With a Table Cover

Lately, we have yet to pay much attention to the  table cover.  They act as a protective shield for the  dining table.  It protects the surface from scratches and doesn't let moisture, dirt and dust come in direct contact with furniture. Moreover,  table cloth  or  table covers  are multipurpose items. They are available in different elegant designs. They not only protect the  dining table  but also elevate the visual appearance of the furniture. 

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Wooden Polish or Paint

The wooden  dining table and chairs  are the popular choice of Indian households. They are elegant and classic. It is essential to prepare them in advance for the monsoon. Exposure to humid and moist air leads to the accumulation of dust and dirt and the development of fungi and moulds. Wooden polish or varnish add shine to the  dining table and chair  and enhances durability. These sealants work as a protective layer on the furniture, so moisture or water is not easily absorbed by  dining chairs  and tables. 

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Invest in Furniture Shoes To Elevate the Furniture

The floor is sustainable to water spillage and dampness. The  dining chairs  and table's legs are directly in touch with the floor. The  dining set  can easily absorb moisture and start the decaying process of the material. The solution to the problem by using furniture elevating blocks or shoes. Slide these blocks beneath the legs of the  dining table and chairs  to create a barrier between the moist floor and furniture, protecting them from monsoon damage. 

Keep Room Airy

The uncirculated humid air adversely impacts furniture and traps a foul smell. This musty order clings to the  dining table and chair  and its upholstery. The accumulated humidity and moist air provide the best environment for bacteria and moulds. It ruins the pleasant-homey environment and also poses a threat to health. Keeping the dining area well-ventilated leads to regulating the humidity and air circulation to ensure fresh air in the room. It keeps the table and dining chair dry and curbs mould and bacteria growth. 

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Regular Cleaning Regime

Maintaining and caring for the  dining chairs  and table doesn't have to be tiresome and intimidating. Following a simple cleaning routine will do wonders. It will keep your  dining room furniture  in excellent condition. For deep cleaning, take warm water and liquid soap to scrub away all accumulated dust and dirt, and then follow it with a sealant. For regular cleaning, take a damp cloth and wipe off the table top and keep it dry. After drying the surface, use a  table cloth  or  table cover  for an extra layer of protection. 

Use Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier is another way of reducing excess moisture and humidity in the room. It can be an effective way of protecting  dining tables  and chairs from damage. If you want to avoid investing in a separate device, your air conditioner can help fight back moisture and humidity.  

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Monsoon is a rejuvenating season for the dry-thirsty land. Taking precautionary steps to protect  dining tables  and chairs from monsoon damage will let you enjoy the season tension-free.  Nilkamal Furniture  is a one-stop solution for your home furnishing.  Buy dining room furniture  this monsoon from the comfort of your home.
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