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January 05, 2023

Stylish Center Table Designs To Enhance Your Living Room Decor

A  center tabl may seem like just a piece of furniture, but your living room décor is incomplete without it.  Center table for living room  is similar to lipstick for models. In short, your living room décor is undone without a  center table. Just like the correct shade of lipstick enhances the model's looks, similarly, the  center table design  can enhance or disrupt your living room aesthetic. Your  center table design  should be cohesive with your other living room furniture and complement the overall décor. However, which design of the center table will suit your living room can be confusing. Below are different types of  center table for living room  designs that will help you to choose the perfect center table for your living room.


Different Designs OF Center Tables

Center Tables are a crucial piece of furniture in your  living room,  serving the dual purpose of being decorative and functional. They elevate your living room aesthetic appeal by bringing balance to your living room. They are also available furniture pieces that serve many purposes, from keeping your books to using them for keeping eatables or drinks, relaxing your feet when sitting on the couch, keeping your laptop when working, or just storing your kid's toys. That's why choosing the perfect center table is a tough decision. It has to be aesthetically pleasing and functional to fulfil your needs. Explore the  vast variety of designs of center tables to choose the best center table for your home. 


Here are the popular center table designs:


Wooden Center Table

A  wooden center table for living room  is the most popular type. This classic design is timeless and always goes in fashion. The warm texture of wood adds richness to your living room and enhances the overall style quotient. Cohesive with any interior décor, you can choose your  wooden center table for living room  in various finishes, colours and designs. You will be spoilt for choice with multiple designs ranging from all-wood center tables to wooden center tables with glass tops, from simple rectangle shapes to round shapes. The wooden center tables also are available in basic designs with simple and sleek lines and elegant designs with storage options. You can choose the wooden center table with storage as per your taste. They are available in shelf storage, drawer storage, and a combination of shelf-drawer storage.


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Glass Center Table

A glass center table is a perfect fit for your modern and contemporary living room interiors. It adds sophistication to your living room and makes it look more prominent in space. Therefore, if your living room is small or you have space-constraint, then a glass center table will create an illusion of openness, making your living room look airy and spacious. Their sleek and stylish designs come with a variety of bases. You can opt for all glass top center tables with metal bases or go for the glass top center tables with wooden legs or in a combination of metal and wood. However, in recent times the  wooden center table glass top  design has become the most popular choice of homeowners. Its modern style with the timeless appeal of wood and sheen of glass makes it an irresistible center table perfect for a stylish home. Also popular are  glass top center tables  with a glass shelf underneath for storage. The double glass center tables look more regal and come with elegant metal or wooden bases for enhanced sophistication. Choose an oval or round glass table to give an edgy look to your living room. 


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Metal Center Table

Metal center tables are today's most popular  modern living room center table  designs. The tensile strength of metal, combined with contemporary designs, make metal center tables sleek and chic, perfect for a modern aesthetic. Their compact and trendy designs make them versatile and suitable for any room size, and their vintage texture and chic looks are cohesive with all interiors. Stylish metal center tables with ceramic tops go well with any sofa or couch. 


Plastic Center Table

Plastic center tables  are in trend these days. Their simple and streamlined designs are perfect for no-fuss people. Plastic center tables are lightweight, colourful, intelligent, and available in various textures and shapes. Their ultra-sleep designs make them compact, and as they don't take up much space, they can be arranged with any seating capacity. Get a stylish  plastic center table  with a glass top to give your living room a bold and contemporary look. Modern and trendy plastic center tables are suitable for people on a budget or who keep moving from city to city, and they go well with wooden or fabric sofas. You can also create a beautiful outdoor seating space on your balcony or garden by adding plastic chairs to any  plastic center table


Marble Center Table

Nothing can get more sophisticated than a marble center table. With streamlined and eye-catching designs, marble center tables are perfect for modern and spacious living rooms. Storage options make storing your magazines, books or other knick-knacks practical and convenient. These center tables are stylish and sturdy to last many years. To render an upscale appeal to your living room, pair your leather couch with an elegant marble top center table. 


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With a stylish center table, you can instantly uplift your living room décor.  Nilkamal Furniture  offers different center table designs in multiple materials, patterns, and styles. Choose the perfect center table for your home to complete your living room décor.  Also, explore a variety of furnitures for  bedroom,   dining room  and more.

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