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May 31, 2022

Suitable material to be used for building Outdoor pieces of Furniture 

Outdoor furniture: Which material is the best

While checking for outdoor furniture, apart from the usual characteristics which we evaluate in indoor furniture like quality, design, comfort, and price, we also need to check the tolerance level to the varying outdoor weather conditions. Though outdoor furniture does not promise to be 100 percent safe from damage caused due to weather variation, there are certain materials that can be used to safeguard outdoor furniture to a certain extent. The  outdoor chairs, tabletops, and  chair for balcony need to be maintained throughout the year both in structure as well as appearance. Below, we also analyse the various environmental factors that are responsible for causing damage to  outdoor furniture.

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Environmental factors to be kept in mind while shopping for outdoor furniture

With a good outside setup and warm weather, it is nice to have a good seating area on your lawn or garden. However, the below factors must be considered. 

  • Wind –It is necessary to consider the thunderstorm and wind while buying outdoor furniture. Materials like wrought iron, cast aluminium, and wood will be a good option as they can withstand the heavy wind and will not fly off. It will not be preferable to use furniture made of vinyl or plastic as they are lighter and will not remain sturdy during the wind. 
  • Extreme temperature –Considering the temperature extremes when buying outdoor furniture can be a real challenge as this has to be dealt with year after year. Depending on the place you live and its weather condition, the furniture material must be selected. Materials with a high-quality powder coating must be selected. In the case of metal furniture, you must see how the joints are put together and the welding part. They should be completely sealed to not let water in. If water seeps inside, it can lead to the weakening of the joints and rusting. 
  • Sun –Wood will be a great material for furniture placed under the sun as it won’t absorb the heat. Cast aluminium and wrought iron are also good as they deflect the heat of the sun. Apart from the outer frames, it is also necessary to select the right cushion. Dyed acrylic, though expensive, is known to be good at withstanding the fading rays of the sun. 

The sun, wind, and temperature extremities are the three most important environmental factors to be considered while purchasing outdoor furniture. Other factors include rain, snow, hailstones, humidity, and animals too.  

Types of material used for making most of the preferred outdoor furniture

  • Wood –Woods like teak, cedar, and eucalyptus are preferred. Teak is a popular choice as it is superior in withstanding all kinds of weather apart from giving an aesthetic and royal look. Having high oil and natural resin, teak is more resistant to attacks from insects and termites and is impermeable to water. The oil protects the wood from getting dry rot. New teak is golden honey brown in colour and tends to fade with age though the strength of the wood remains the same. A teak sealant can be applied every year to seal the colour. Thus, teak is a strong option for long-lasting outdoor furniture. 
  • Synthetics Resin –Synthetic Resins are low maintenance, lightweight, low cost, and can tolerate harsh weather. They are woven in a wicker style to give a traditional as well as classic outdoor look for  swings and other furniture. The common Synthetic Resin materials used are nylon, PVC, and polyethene. It is essential to ensure the wicker is made of HDPE (High-density polyethene). HDPE is a high-grade thermoplastic and is strong, durable and has a high endurance to heat compared to PVC, and is also easy to clean. 
  • Metals –Though wrought iron was common in the past, it is more prone to rust, high maintenance, and heavyweight. Aluminium and steel are preferred. Aluminium can withstand dry weather and does not crack, unlike wood though it is not suitable in places with high winds. They can be cast into desired shape and design. Steel is the strongest material though heavy and expensive. It is suitable in windy locations. Galvanised steel or stainless steel is preferred over normal steel to prevent rust and corrosion.   
  • Synthetic fabrics –Synthetic fabrics give the ultimate lounging experience. They are made of water-resistant materials like polyester, acrylic, vinyl, etc. These materials are resistant to moisture, sun fade, and other kinds of outdoor damage.


Good outdoor furniture is highly important as it depicts your style statement and comfort. If you are looking for a warm look for your modern patio and prefer wood, then you can go for teak. For a sleek look, metal furniture made of aluminium and steel can be a good choice. Synthetic resin can be preferred if you need lightweight, low cost, and low maintenance. You can also try mix and match for a multi-textural effect. You can prolong the life of outdoor furniture by regularly cleaning and maintaining them as it needs to be protected from all kinds of weather conditions. Each material comes with specific cleaning instructions to protect them from damage, spills, rain, and sun.

The best outdoor furniture, includingoutdoor chairs, coffee tables, andchair for balcony, depends on your outside space, style sense, and budget. Please visit  Nilkamal Furniture to check for the wide range of outdoor furniture ideas and choose the one that suits your style, space, and budget.

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