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June 01, 2022

Which is better between a Double Bed and Full-size Mattress?

Back in the years, there was only one standardised size of mattress available in the market. The 38x75 inches bed could only accompany a single person. It is popularly known as a single bed or as a twin bed. It was suitable for a single person, but what about couples?

There was a fashion of using two twin beds for the couples. In the 1900s, couples sleeping separately was not an issue. Later, when sleeping separate became a bad sign for a relationship, companies came up with the idea of a  double bed  and full-size mattress. Later in the 1950s, Queen Size and King Size were introduced when manufacturers felt double beds and full-size mattresses were not that suitable for two people. 

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Is there any difference between a double bed and a full-size mattress?

If you measure the dimensions of the double bed and full-size mattress, They will turn out to be the same, that is, 54x75 inches. 

What is a double bed?

The Double Bed gives the impression that it is a pair of two twin beds. According to this interpretation, a double bed should be twice a single bed. But in reality, it has the same length as a single bed, is 75 inches but is less wide than two twin beds. It was an ideal option for couples. Later with time, companies realised it was not that comfortable to accommodate two people. 

What is a full-size mattress?

It has the same dimension, but here, there are no two beds but a  single bed  or mattress of 54x75. It is a size that is apt for every room, and especially a small or medium room, because it is neither too small nor too big. 

If someone wants to know the difference, the major difference between the two is flexibility. A double bed can be used as a separate bed, combined, or placed in different corners of the room per one's need. But in a full-size mattress, this kind of flexibility is not possible.

Some major types of sizes available in the market

To explore different sizes of  beds  and  mattresses,  visit the Nilkamal showroom. Nowadays there are lots of options available to us. Unlike decades ago, people had only two options a single or double bed. However, queen and king sizes are now more popular for people for their comfort level. Following are a few sizes that you should keep in mind before purchasing a bed.

A single or twin bed, suitable for a single person, is 38x75 inches. Check out this  Arthur single bed  on Nilkamal. 

A double bed or full-size mattress  of dimension 54x75 is a comfortable size for couples.

 But if you have a big room, you can even go for Queen Size, which is 60x80. Check out this  queen-size bed.

As family increases so, the size bed, the King size bed is apt for couple and their kid. This 76x80 inch gives comfortable space for a small family to rest. There are various beautiful options available in the market. Check out this  Nilkamal Mozart King Bed  and  Tristar New king bed.

Benefits of a Full-size mattress or buying a double bed

There might be big sizes available in the market, but no one can beat these two in a few areas.

More space in the room: Compared to the king and queen size beds, Doublebed and full-size mattress take up less space and thus leaves out lots of space. 

Cost-effective: because it is small compared to other options available, it is comparatively cheaper than the other options, thus saving money.  

Things to keep in mind before making a purchase

Before making your purchase, a few basic and important things are needed to keep in mind. So it will make your bed and mattress hunting easy. At  Nilkamal,  you will get staff assistance that will solve your queries and assist you in making a proper decision.  

Requirement:First and foremost, it is important to know whether the requirement is for a single person or a couple or a family with a kid. As a single bed is too small for a couple and a double bed is too big for a single person. 

Size of the room: The size of the room act as a deciding factor. A small room with a king-size or queen-size bed will be problematic. It will not leave enough space, and sometime it might block cupboards and other furniture in the room. If it is a dorm room, only a single bed can be placed in it. So deciding over which bed to buy, first compare the size of the room and available space in the room after a bed.

Height: many will not take height as an important aspect. But believe me, if your height and your bed's height do not match. You will not have a proper and relaxed sleep. A double Bed and Full-size mattress is a good and comfortable option, but it might not be a good option for the heightened people.   

The material used: Made of iron or wood, which will you prefer, as per your budget and what matches the interior of your room. In the case of the mattress, various materials like coir, memory foam, spring mattresses etc. 

Conclusion - Where to find your next Bed and Mattress

Many shops are available in the market, and you can also shop online. But visiting two shops is a headache; moreover, it may lead to confusion if proper guidance and assistance are not provided.

Nilkamal is a roof for all your house furniture requirements. From different types of beds to mattresses and various kinds of other furniture. You can visit the nearby showrooms or can shop from their online site. Check out their website,  Nilkamal Furniture.  

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