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January 18, 2023

Tips from Nilkamal Furniture to Extend Mattress Durability With Expert Care in 2023

Finding the best  mattress  is beneficial for a good night's rest every day. The mattress will provide comfortable rest for you and your family for the next decade. So it is vital to care for the mattress in a way that will make it last longer. Not caring for the mattress will decrease its life span and make it unfit to get good quality sleep. Find out how to care for the mattress you have invested in by reading the below points. 

Ten Tips to Extend Mattress Durability

Most of us spend a third of our life spans sleeping, and the  mattress  is our favourite spot at the end of every day. How we care for this mattress determines how long it will last. There are simple ways that we can extend the longevity of the mattress that has been outlined below. 

1) Cover With a Mattress Protector

Using a protector for the mattress, we sleep on is one of the best ways to care for it. The protector is required to prevent spillages from being absorbed into the mattress. Regardless of the  mattress type, whether  spring mattress,  coir mattress  or  foam mattress,  they all need to be covered and protected. There are bound to be accidents like spills of food and drinks or body fluids that can lead to microbial growth within the mattress. The growth of microbes like fungi can progressively destroy the mattress without the knowledge of the sleeper. Mould growth is one of the most common causes of why a mattress gets destroyed from within. Allergies to the mould are another consequence of not using a mattress covering. The presence of insects like bed bugs, ants, or others on the bedsheets will also protect the mattress underneath if there is a protector over it. 

Mattress protectors are available in different sizes and materials. Check out  online mattress shopping  and choose according to your mattress size. 

There are two varieties of protectors to choose from

  • Adjustable protectors that are made to fit onto the mattress are one type of protector. They protect the mattress on the top surface and the sides comfortably. These types are easier to remove whenever required, laundered and re-inserted. Waterproof varieties of such protectors are also available amongst complete fabric varieties. 

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2) Flipping the Mattress

Rotating the mattress every once in a while can be highly beneficial as the sleeping spot changes. This allows the entire mattress to be used evenly on either side. The wear and tear created by resting on the same area on the mattress daily can be effectively avoided. Common mattress varieties like  spring mattress,  coir mattress  or  foam mattress  can usually be flipped now and again. 

3) Vacuum and Clean the Mattress

Whilst dusting the mattress is extremely helpful in cleaning it up, vacuum-cleaning will also ensure the removal of the tiniest specks. This will protect it thoroughly and remove any insects or mould too. Vacuuming the mattress at least twice a year is suggested for a spick and span cleaning procedure. To do this, eliminating the bedsheets is better to thoroughly  clean mattress  below. 

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4) Remove Stains Immediately

If any spillages occur on the mattress, it is essential to  clean mattress  up immediately to prevent further damage from within. Cleaning the surface of the mattress will take out the stain efficiently sooner rather than later. When sprayed and cleaned up after a few minutes, a mixture of soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will get rid of the stain. A Lemon and salt combination mixture on lighter-coloured surfaces will also get the job done efficiently. 

5) Freshen the Mattress

Deodorising the mattress can be done every once in a while to extend its longevity. A layer of baking soda may be spread onto the mattress and left on for a day, and this will absorb any foul smell, if any, present on the mattress. 

6) Avoid Carrying Any Insects

Care must be taken to not transport any bed bugs or other insects onto the mattress. This may be done by wearing different clothes; one wears out the home directly onto the mattress. The clothes may be either laundered first, or one may change into home clothing before getting inbed

7) Apply the No Pets Rule

Pets like dogs or cats should not be allowed in bed as the germs, bugs, hair, etc., from the pets' bodies can easily get transferred onto the mattress. Blood-sucking organisms from pets like hookworms and roundworms can lay their eggs on the mattress, which may multiply and get transferred onto humans. 

8) No Eating in Bed

Eating on the mattress can prove to be a bad habit as food attracts every insect or microbial growth. Food crumbs will encourage these organisms to multiply on the bed. Moulds and other microbes can prove to be allergens to some individuals. 

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9) No Jumping Rule for Kids

Apply the no jumping rule in bed for kids, which will harm the mattress interiors. Especially if the mattress is of the spring type, bouncing on it will only destroy the spring system within. The unnecessary exertion on the mattress will decrease its longevity in the long run. 

10) Proper Base for the Mattress

A sound support system for the mattress will ensure that it is used evenly all over. An uneven support system will only exert more pressure on certain mattress parts, decreasing its durability. 

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Whilst most mattresses wear out evenly all over after prolonged usage, certain varieties ought to be well laid out. Avoiding an uneven base on the bed and flipping the mattress now and again are the top essential practices to increase its lifespan. Avoiding spillages, eating in bed, not bouncing, not having pets, etc., are some more ideal practices to be followed. Explore and pick a mattress fromNilkamal Furniture with  online mattress shopping
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